my before

This was me in June. Happy, loved, but screaming  for help on the inside. I'm  the blonde with two chins in case you had doubts.  Lost and defeated I allowed myself to gain 60+ pounds between  my two pregnancies. I never lost the weight and had honestly GIVEN UP on enjoying the reflection I saw every day. I made excuses. I lied to myself. I divulged in self hate and eating to solve my everyday stresses and worries. I got a large Dr. Pepper everyday as a "treat" and ate fast food at least 4 times a week. I did NOT exercise. I was dying on the inside while trying to create the "everything is wonderful" image among my family and friends.

Mid June of 2012 I had a melt down on my back porch while thinking about who I had allowed myself to be. See that guy holding the littlest baby? That's my brother---the athletic trainer. The marathon runner. And in June---the complete opposite of me. I called my brother nearing hysterics and asked for his help. Could I lose weight? Could this happen? Could he help me?

My brother recently had collaborated with his Pastor and created a lifestyle program called GODFIT. The basis of this program is recommitting your DEVOTION to the Lord while changing your lifestyle in a way that is pleasing to HIM. Workouts are expertly written and precisely planned and they coincide with great daily devotions to keep your mind focused and heart filled with peace and comfort that only the Lord can provide.

GodFIT #fitforChristfitforLife helped jumpstart my weight loss climb and I'm so grateful to have such a supportive family willing to hold my hand and cheer me on throughout this process.

I joined Weight Watchers online in late June 2013 with the  mindset that I would try it for three months (I signed up for a 3 mo free trial) and go from there. I could walk away or stick with it. I have been following the program religiously ever since. IT WORKS. I'm a big fan of everything Weight Watchers and am happy to talk Points Plus or Tracking techniques at any time. The convenience of having everything I need at my fingertips is so helpful and just what I need. I encourage you to give it a try if you're on the fence.

As of October 2013 I have lost 33 pounds. I feel proud of myself and it is TOTALLY OKAY to say that. I have worked HARD. I am transforming my body to better serve the Lord and my family.

In August I decided to try jogging---two long months later I started to enjoy it. I'm a work in progress. Let's support each other along the way!

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