Wednesday, April 30, 2014

S T I T C H F I X // april

Monday was a bit gloomy around our house. Kids were cranky. Mom was cranky. We were running low on food and it was lunch time. Noah and Lilly fought over the same dang green train all morning and I was ready to light the thing on fire. No one in our family was the best version of themselves. and then the doorbell wrang.


with my April Stitch fix. RAISE THE EVER LOVING ROOF.

a bright spot in a gloomy Monday friends!
Tops this month were two tab sleeved blouses and a striped tank.

  • While I think the tab sleeved blouses are adorable I already own one from my last fix. I do think the polka dot one is quite precious.
  • White blouse is cute---but not workable into my current wardrobe. That means it will probably hang a lot and that means I should not keep it
  • The tank is versatile, cute, unlike anything I already own, and different --I also have a love affair with stripes. It hung oddly on me though. And that made me super sad---I was going to keep it--but decided that I didn't need another adorable tank that fit weird. I would WANT to wear it but know that it would probably end up in a frustrated pile during a rushed morning because it just felt weird on me.
This month they sent me two bottom pieces:
  • Shorts were adorable.
  • Jeans were boot cut. I KNOW that it's making a comeback. However I cannot get back on the boot leg jean wagon. Too many bad memories of wet pant legs, fraying hems, and hiding of my shoes. #toomanyjncosinmiddleschool To be honest slipping on a flared jean makes to slingshot back to 1997---thanks but no thanks #longlivetheskinnies
This month I kept one item, the shorts.

This fix didn't knock it out of the park for me. I was expecting puppies, rainbows, and fireworks like the MARCH fix.  This might happen and I understand that. Someone who doesn't know me personally is picking out items for me---it will happen. I had to ask myself some questions..
  • did I have fun? yeppppppp
  • was this easier than dragging preschoolers to the mall? yeeeppppppppp
  • did I find something i loved? yeppppppppp
  • did I spend crazy amounts of money? nooppppppeeeeee $33 for the shorts.

Stitch fix still has my shopping heart. I'm already looking forward to next month. I requested some fun vacation attire for my excursion to the beach. I can't wait to see what they pick!

Check out my three month review  HERE!

Would you like to give Stitch Fix a try? Use my referral link  below if you want. I'll be honest, if you sign up through me I get $25 to spend on my next fix. and that's awesome. the end. :)

Stitch Fix

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inspired by real women // now is your time

Keeping myself inspired is the name of the game in weight loss. I'm sure of it.

You're either inspired by chips, ice cream, bread, and mounds of chocolate several times a day....

or you're inspired by other's weight loss journey, healthy food choices, and activities.

Only one set of inspirations will aid in your weight loss. My college education tells me that being inspired by other strong women is the one that will finally allow you to kick the flub to the curb.

When I reflect on my own struggle and journey I can see how I was inspired by the wrong set for a long time. I turned to food as comfort. I chose to celebrate with "treats" that turned into binges. I selected to wish away the pounds rather than to do the hard work. It got me no where---well exept overweight and unhappy.

So choosing to find inspiration in another form was really the only way I was going to be able to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.  The first place I turned for inspiration was to my relationship with God.  Ashamedly I had never made that connection that my relationship with God could fuel the inpiration to get healthy. Once I successfully aligned myself to the mindset of being devoted and committing my weight loss to  Him the other parts of losing weight fell into place. And before you think it---IT HAS NEVER BEEN EASY. However knowing that the reason for getting healthy was for God to better use me rather than to just look good did make the task ahead of me more manageable. If you're looking for help to allign your spiritual and physical transformation I highly reccoment GODFIT. It's a 6 week devotional complete with workout and fitness routines that WILL help you begin your journey.

Staying inspired is something I constantly need to do. I must look around me to other mothers, different types of food, and varying ways to challenge myself physically in order to LOSE the initial weight and maintain this lifestyle that I've come to love.

I decided that it might be beneficial to others reading to see where I pull inspiration from . Perhaps this can help you KICK YOUR OWN REAR IN GEAR. Have you been waiting for a better time?  NOW IS THE TIME. Some of you stumbled onto this blog JUST TO READ THAT.  Your time is now sister.


Here are some inpiring blogs that I recommend. None of these ladies know I'm about to name drop---there is nothing in this for me. These are the gals that I began following back in June. Some of them I have internet relationships with-- others I don't.  Their own journeys inspire me and I enjoy following their story oh-so-much


MARY GRAHAM //Trusty Chucks

These ladies are mothers. These ladies aren't professionals....and they inspire me. Let their journey inspire yours.

I also have a secret board (love those!) on pinterest that I use to pin images that inspire me to keep going. At least twice a week I scroll through and remind myself WHY.

You can also stay inspired on your weight loss journey by finding fun and exciting ways to enjoy eating. When you're losing weight you're saying NO to a lot of things that you used to indulge in. It can be a huge bummer ---oh who am I kidding it's a MAJOR WAHHHHH BUMMER to say no. So in order to stay inspired in the kitchen and not allow yourself to quit because the FUN of eating is gone---find new ways to have fun!

Here are some of my favorite food inspirations that I make frequently. Delicious and not a diet derailer! WIN.

and I love EVERYTHING from
Hearing others tell me that they are inspired by my adventures in getting healthy makes me happy. I write about all this as a way to keep myself accountable and to help others. The ladies above inspired me one day to a pointt where I thought to myself---DUDE IF THEY CAN DO THAT----SO CAN I!  It's attainable girls. Don't quit this time---you're worth it.

xoxox ladies. have a great butt kicking weekend.

Laura Beth

Thursday, April 10, 2014

You Can't Fake Running

You can't fake running----so I'm not sure why I've thought of myself as a fake runner for the last 5 months. Running is the least fake thing you can do. You can't pretend to love it if you don't. You can't walk and pretend it's running. You can't fake a faster time. You can't fake a sweat. You can't fake the pain. You can't fake the release of tension. You can't hide behind anything when you run.

The multiple plates I spin on a daily basis stop spinning when I run. When I leave my house laced up with headphones in I escape from the busyness of my life. The toddlers can't demand anything from me.   The housework doesn't scream. The emails don't get read. I don't have to have the answers. I escape from the crazy.

The first few steps of my run always ache a little. My knees remember the miles from the other day and my lungs fill the familiar burn of quickened breath. The beginning strides of my run are always freeing---I am literally running away from my day. I don't need to tell you how much I adore my family because I know you understand those moments where you  need escape from your blessings for a few moments.

Once I flee from my day the routine sets in and I find my rhythm of my strides. I work through the pain of the first mile and fight off the insecurities that always creep in. The self doubts I have about myself in all aspects of my life line up before me and that first mile is always spent knocking down and assassinating each one. You're a mess of a mother and it's harder for you than it is for others. You are weak. You will fail. You are failing. Each aching stride crumbles those insecurities under my feet.

I love that feeling.

The feeling of conquering an insecurity and running all over it and proving it WRONG is what keeps me lacing up my shoes. Every time I run I'm reminded that I'm doing something that I COULD NOT do a short time ago.  Every time I run  I remind myself that I'm stronger than I thought I was. Every time I run I'm encouraged that my fears don't own me.

In a world where it's easy to fake a lot of things---I love being reminded that you can't fake running.