Friday, December 30, 2011

1. i need a case 2. it has to be cute

In the past week my phone has found itself in some interesting places. I have a daughter who
1. loves my phone and
2. loves to put things "awayya" for me.

While finding my phone in a doll house, under bitty baby blankets, in a Fischer price car, under the Christmas tree, and in a high chair is semi-adorable it also got me thinking....
1. I should really keep my phone out of her reach..duh and
2. I should REALLY get a protective case for it.

So I began browsing pinterest and etsy to find a cute case that would
 1. protect my phone and
 2. satisfy my need for everything to be "adorable".

An otter box just won't do. My creative taste simply says ABSOLUTELY NOT. I ordered one this afternoon. I'll show you some of my faves and see if you can guess my choice!

All  cases via Society6
Ladies, seriously 1,546 pages of artistic cases and covers. SWOON.

uncommon cases featuring Katie Daisy

Completely customizable too! Score!

I know, I want to buy more than one too. I could definitely justify  purchasing a  daily case, evening case , or an i'm feeling funky case.

Can you guess which one I bought?! 
To make this fun--the first correct answer will get a 50% coupon code to use in my shop.
Answer will be announced on my Facebook page ---so be sure to check!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

two year old thoughts on Christmas

What a wonderful holiday. I hope you had a relaxing and joy-filled one as well. It's funny that I posted last week about joy because my little love filled me with it this week. It was on Christmas Eve with tears in my eyes that I decided to start making notes of the  "Two year old Christmas*isms of Lilly". I'll surely want to remember them and hopefully they will make you chuckle as well.

"ah mommay?  i eat cheese on Chri chis!"

"ah santa brind illy suckerzz! I yike dat! I yike HIM!"

" eye wanda sang jindal balls!!!!!!" -very loudly during our christmas eve service

" Oh no! Comed Back, Santas! Cookies all gone!!" "yes, santa ate them lilly" " Ind santas bootdie?"

"Hapty Cake for Jesssusss birdday? I lovd Jejessss. I help blowed the cantles fer him."

Lilly did you have a good Christmas? "Ah yesss I havt SUCKERRRRSS!!! and ponies"

I love you lilly. " I go poopy potty now."

"mommy daddy illy go swleeep, watch mickey, play toys, eat cookies morrow too?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finding My Joy

 When Scott and I were first dating he told me that one of the qualities that attracted him to me was my joy. He told me that I made everything joyful.   I remember being a young college kid thinking "awwwwww he's cuuuute and thinks  I'm joyful, that's like the sweetttessstttt thing everrrr!"  Yes, at 19 I spoke just like Taylor Swift.

At 28? Does he still think I'm a joyful person?  I'm scared to ask.

You see, growing older and becoming a mother has brought out this really crazy quality in me called WORRY. Oh I worry. I disguise the worry in conversations by sprinkling in words like concerned, thinking about, what if, i just don't understand, and scared. 

If I'm being honest with you, I flat out hide my joy because I'm WORRIED that the bottom is about to fall out. I'm worried that when I celebrate my joy the rug will be pulled out from under me and I'll be lying flat on my face, facing my worries.


Pain is everywhere and I'm struggling with the fact that it's okay to be happy and joyful despite pain and suffering in the world.  It just feels wrong.

I'm revealing this part of my heart with you because I want to be joyful.  Celebrating the birth of my savior this week is a JOYFUL event. Sharing the story of Jesus' birth with my two year old and listening to her say "I like jeejee!" is amazing.  My family is blessed. My heart is FULL with excitement for our next adventure. I am full of JOY today--and it is the WORRY that it will all be taken from me that prevents me from sharing my joy.

On the back of our Christmas card this year I wrote a verse from Romans that really inspired me this season. Each year I choose a life verse. I choose a verse that will be a verse that I memorize and strive to live by.

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

I want to be different. I want to give my worry away. I want to be joyful.

Riding on a carousel with my mommy kind of joy.

How do you share your joy? Do you have similar struggles?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

family pictures

Wanted to share with you some of our family pictures that we had taken back in mid November.  Sarah-Beth Photography took them and I adore them all. I love the way that she captures the family essence in her shots. I also love how she makes you feel like a super model for a hot second. Enjoy!

Here are my thoughts on family portraits...

Yes, they are expensive. However, if you find a photographer that you love and admire then the investment is totally worth it.  I personally would rather give my money to a woman pursuing her passion than the disgruntled JCPenny teenager who does not care about me or my family. I know your rebuttal--Yes, a professional photographers cost is still quite a bit more than the click and shoot studios.  Think of it this way---

You buy a shirt-on clearance-you  don't love it,but it's ONLY $5!!! I can totally find a way to rock this shirt that is basically free. You try it is OKAY. BUT IT IS ONLY FIVE DOLLARS! You buy it--PROUD of the massive deal you got. It hangs in your closet in all it's  IWASDIRTCHEAP glory. You wear it once---and after that day there it hangs. for all eternity-- or until you toss it in a goodwill pile. It wasn't you. It was cheap. It was "good enough" for right now. spend your hard earned dollars on a researched piece. You saw the boots online.  You went to the store. You tried them on.  You love them.  You leave the store because No.....I CAN"T SPEND THAT KIND OF MONEY on BOOOOTTTSSS!!  The next day you think about those boots.  The following week you're carving out ways to pay for those boots. That next weekend you BUY the boots. You practically wear them to bed you love them so much. You get compliments on your killer boots. YOu feel great.Yea, they were more expensive--but they are a statement piece--something that oozes your personality and style.

Family portraits done by a professional are my fabulous boots. They encompass my family, personality, and style. Yes, they are quite a bit more expensive--but these pictures will not be hanging in my closet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cold Hands Warm Hearts Swap

A while back before my life twisted upside down ( more on that at a later date) I signed up for Sandy and Illene's Cold Hands Warm Hearts fun swap.  I was partnered up with Somer .Somer has a cute blog here and an a realllllly cute shop.  I would love to know how to knit and admire anyone that can!

Anyway---fast forward a month and a pretty little package showed up on my doorstep from Miss Somer.
What's better than getting a package of handmade goodies just for you before Christmas? I know, nothing!
The first package I opened happened to be a gorgeous pair of mustard fingerless gloves knit by Somer.  I've worn them every day since the package arrived. They are darling!

Then I got to open other fun gifts. Lots of practical and fun items handpicked by a total stranger. Yet the gifts were totally me from start to finish. How fun  and  exciting this little community of handmade women  is!
She wrapped up some pajamas, cranberry lip gloss, cotton gloves, homemade laundry detergent that smells like CHRISTMAS, bath salts, loaf pan, lantern, magnet from HOLLYROCKS,  a journal, and some handmade dryer balls ( which I didn't snap a picture of because they are currently removing static from miss lily's clothes!)

I already started filling up the journal with lillypie notes about my adorable winter program. The first batch of goodies will be sent out this week!

It was wonderful meeting Somer and I look forward to getting to know her more over the next few months. She's an expecting mommy and I can just tell my reading her posts that she will be a compassionate and loving mother. The way she talks about her baby just oozes sweetness and new mommy bliss. I'm sure she'll blog about it and I look forward to following her journey!