Friday, December 30, 2011

1. i need a case 2. it has to be cute

In the past week my phone has found itself in some interesting places. I have a daughter who
1. loves my phone and
2. loves to put things "awayya" for me.

While finding my phone in a doll house, under bitty baby blankets, in a Fischer price car, under the Christmas tree, and in a high chair is semi-adorable it also got me thinking....
1. I should really keep my phone out of her reach..duh and
2. I should REALLY get a protective case for it.

So I began browsing pinterest and etsy to find a cute case that would
 1. protect my phone and
 2. satisfy my need for everything to be "adorable".

An otter box just won't do. My creative taste simply says ABSOLUTELY NOT. I ordered one this afternoon. I'll show you some of my faves and see if you can guess my choice!

All  cases via Society6
Ladies, seriously 1,546 pages of artistic cases and covers. SWOON.

uncommon cases featuring Katie Daisy

Completely customizable too! Score!

I know, I want to buy more than one too. I could definitely justify  purchasing a  daily case, evening case , or an i'm feeling funky case.

Can you guess which one I bought?! 
To make this fun--the first correct answer will get a 50% coupon code to use in my shop.
Answer will be announced on my Facebook page ---so be sure to check!


  1. I saw all your choices on Pintrest...wondered about the background story! Oh Lilly! I like them all....But I'll go with #4 the all white one!

  2. Maybe 1?? You seem to be such a positive person!

  3. These are so cute!! I need a new case... I think I may have to grab one of these :)