Thursday, April 28, 2011

coral eye candy

Wasted Spent over an hour on pinterest and began noticing a trend with my pins. CORAL.  Here are some fun pics  from my pinsession.

It's always the color of my toes.

It's my favorite fabric that I have in stock this spring.

coral rose double posie headband via

It pairs with lots of different hues very well!
coral and khaki
and grey
and turquoise
and fuchsia
and peach
and black
and white
and, and, and!!

Coral is kinda the baddest color on the block in my opinion.

Probably my favorite coral combo--greys and turquoise
I want to live in that crib.

all images from pinterest.

UN: lauralillypie

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cute. Pregnant. and giving things away!

 No no no, not me! :) yet...

Do you know E?
I hope you do, because---
Well, she's darling and GLOWING.

and check out that  coral rose lillypie brooch! ;)

She's hosting a great lillypie giveaway this week! Go see!

Monday, April 25, 2011

my new studio ::photo story::

I have my kitchen table back.

Lillypie moved out of my kitchen and into my new studio/sunroom this past weekend.  It's amazing what some organization and details can do for my spirit. I feel refreshed and excited rather than overwhelmed by a mess of fabric scraps and floss. I love the way it turned out.  I also love, and please don't tell my husband, that I didn't spend hardly any money on this room. I did  lots of restyling of current furniture and decor.

Come on in, come see where I play!

I'm OBSESSED with hoop art. I made all of these in one night. boom. boom. boom. obsessed.  

mason jars for  accessory findings and bright happy embroidery floss

I plucked my favorite hues from Lowes and places them in an inspiration board. This is right at eye level while I'm working. I enjoy looking at pretty colors.
 indie biz project two--inspiration web.This will soon be filled with lillypie trappings.
This white shelving unit and banana leaf bins are the only items  I purchased for my space. oohhyea!
thrifty. like a fox.
bins for chiffon, satin, baby silk, headbands, magazines, and my biz binder--essentials.
from left to right
space heater--sun room gets chillayyyy, old chest of drawers for shipping supplies, works in progress board (sooo happy it's full!!), and shipping station--where all the lovelies get wrapped, twined, packed, and bagged.

and my business. :)

thanks for visiting!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

amen. what a gift my pal Carrie has. WHAT. A. GIFT.

happy easter, friends.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bad Wife Confession

 Confession: I’m a bad wife.

I read his text messages the other day.

I know. GASP!

I found this..

Thanks, Jen. You’re right she is wonderful. She’s the perfect girl for me.


It’s the things he says when he knows I’m not listening (or in this case looking) that melt my heart.

I love him. He’s the man of my dreams, the answer to my prayers, the daddy to my Lilly and the love of my life.

I was going to post a lovely dovey picture---but this is the REAL us.  Lilly get's her ornery-ness from her father obviously.

Five years today. FIVE!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Giveaway!! with Meg! excitement!

 I'm excited! and when I'm excited--I type fast. Here we go!

I became obsessed with Megan Lane's ruffles this fall. I stumbled upon  her etsy shop , Pretty Things By Meg and immediately 'hearted' it. I soon became a follower of her blog and have a huge style crush on her, her outfits, her shop, and her personality.  You will too--trust.

We've been in contact and she is graciously featuring my shop and blog today! She's helping a girl out with some exposure and a fun little interview.  Super nice, right?  I love making new friends!

Pop on over to her blog and check it out! I'm giving away $30 shop credit and I have a coupon code available to her followers for 15% off.

I told you, EXCITEMENT!!

Giveaway ends Thursday, April 28th! Tell your friends! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

lessons in time out

This little girl? Is ornery.

who me?

and adorable at the same time--which makes parenting firmly-- difficult.

she reads. and sticks her tongue out while doing so...COME ON. adorbs.

She's entered the pre-terrible twos-- which as a parent I'm going to say is worse than the actual terrible twos only because this is where I am. pre-ish.  She's adorable. She knows what she wants. When she doesn't get it she does one of two things.
1.) Is okay with it, walks away pleasantly and goes on being the little sweetheart that she is.
2.) Becomes she-preterrible-two-devil and throws a tantrum. Silent screams, croc tears, red face, she pulls out  all the "mahmmmmeeee,  feeellll sorrrrie fur me and let me duh wat eye wannnnnnnttttttt" tricks .

While cooking dinner last week Lilly tried to do something illegal. I don't remember now what it was, but it was most def illegal little girl behavior. I told her no. She stamped her foot and THREW her sippy cup at the floor splattering milk ( ILLEGAL!).  Before I could turn around to tell her no and take her Carters covered booty to time out, I heard little toddler steps fleeing the scene (ILLEGAL).

I had a classic mother "OH NO SHE DI'INT"  moment and went chasing after my monster.  I turned the corner expecting to see my  girl  running arms flailing  to her  "mahm kant see me in hur" place--the ball pit. INSTEAD? I find my little fugitive  sitting on her time out rug in the entry way. 
see? invisible. 


What more was there to do? The girl got mad. She weighed her options for reaction. She chose number 2.  Lill was okay with the consequences and dealt them-- TO  herself.  Parenting done. So I turned around and TRIED not to pee my pants while saying " That's right Lilly, that's a no no, you're in TIME OUT."


There was nothing more to do except laugh. Silently.

Friday, April 15, 2011

meet the name series--delaney

It's meet the name time! I just love introducing you to the adorable littles that I'm blessed to know. I hope you enjoy it too. I started this series earlier this month and I am having the most wonderful time talking with these mothers about their babies and sharing their name stories and personalities with you! Click HERE to see where it all started and what it's all about.

Each of my designs has a name. It's been that way since the beginning of lillypie, and I love that I started with it.  These names are little girls that I know. They are my neighbors, daughters of life long friends, relatives, college friend's little ones, co-workers darlings....they are named after little girls that I adore.

These girls are MORE than a name, and I'd like you to meet them!

Today's Design is  the Delaney.

Delaney is the adorable daughter of my good friend Kelsey. She also happens to have a wonderful shop called Tag...You're It Personalized Jewelry. She blogs here! and you're going to love her!  I have small silver disc and freshwater pearl necklace from her and I wear it EVERY. DAY.

Now for the little one. :)

What is your daughter’s name --Delaney Ellen

How did you decide on her name?
Hmmm.. Well, her first name took a while. I had been writing down possible baby names since high school, but none of them seemed right. I had a mile long list of boy names and nothing that I truly loved for a little girl. I bought a book of 100,000 baby names from Meijer one night and read the entire book. I found just a few that I liked. I wrote down my list and showed it to Mark. He narrowed it down to 1 or 2 and Delaney made the cut. What is funny is that my sister had a little girl 8 months earlier and had mentioned the name Delaney to me as a possibility for her daughter, and I told her I didn't like the name! I guess 8 months was enough for me to change my mind and fall in love with it. I think it is an Irish name, but to me it sounded Southern, which I liked. We decided that for a nickname, we would call her "Del" because we thought it was unique. (Okay, I'm almost done)- Her middle name came much easier. Mark's mom's name is Mary Ellen and my mom's middle name is Ellen, so we knew that Ellen would be a perfect fit!

One word that describes your daughter--Giggly (is that a word?) 

Okay, now tell me a bit more about your wittle punkin.
Delaney is so much fun. When I get her out of her crib in the morning she has a huge smile on her face and anytime throughout the day I look at her and smile she always smiles back. She is a serious cuddler- anytime someone else holds her, they immediately say, "oh...she's a cuddler!" She will wrap both arms around you immediately and give you an intense bear hug. She has just started sitting up on her own and her favorite toy is the popper thing that has a button on the top and when you push on it these balls start flying around (I obviously have no idea what it is called). Her favorite show is Sesame Street, which she likes to watch everyday and I'm pretty sure that Abby's Flying Fairy School is her favorite part. She LOVES to sing and since I sing around the house so often, I'm sometimes worried that she won't learn how to talk because she thinks we all go through life singing. She "chews" on her thumb, rather than sucking it. She LOVES her Johnny-Jump-Up and will jump for hours if I let her. I wish I could say that she loves being outside, but it has been a long winter, so she hasn't been able to be out very much yet. She is an excellent roller, and will make her way from one side of the living room to the other in a matter of seconds just by rolling. She is fascinated by the family dog, Sirius. Whenever she remembers he is in the room, she looks at him and cracks up laughing. She loves her pacifier and if she is ever without it, I am in trouble. She really is a great baby and daughter and has filled my life and heart with joy!


Thanks Kelsey!!

The mommy and me deals are still going on until Satruday. Each deal has SIGNIFICANT savings!

Please vote me for me? 

One click and you're done.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Embroidery Hoop Art {a new obsession}

 I really enjoy different types of wall art. My walls at home don't reflect that statement--but they soon will. Lately, I have really been inspired by embroidery hoop art. 

I love the circular shape and raw wood frame. The possibilities are endless and I really love the idea of a cluster of different sized hoops. What a fun and wonderful way to decorate any wall.

Merriweather Council has some darling hoops. I love her color combinations. Turquoise and Mustard--yes.

The time has come for Lillypie to move out of my kitchen and into it's own studio. Exciting news for me. Even MORE exciting for my husband who has been ever-so-patient with my creative "mess".  Lillypie will soon be housed in our sun room--full of windows, brick walls, a ping pong table (that will be lovingly relocated to the shed ((hopefully)) ) and some new hoop art to inspire creativity.

from left to right--

I plan on picking up a few of these hoops. Perhaps I'll even create my own. I need one that says "let it be". That seems to be a statement I find myself repeating often----that and "lilly, do you need a time out?"


I received a fantastic and exciting little email today from Circle of Moms. I've been chosen as one of the top 25 mom blogs with a shop. I know. This is a GREAT oppotunity for lillypie to get some fun exposure. You can vote once a day. The top blogs with the most votes will get featured. Help a small biz  girl out? You don't have to register, sign up, or anything...literally just click the button below--vote for lillypie and go bout your day. Thanks, friends!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mommy and Me DEALS for Easter/Spring-----

When I found out that lilly was really a girl ( I always sorta 'knew') I made a list of all my promises to her. You can go back and read them HERE.  One of my promises was to buy her a beautiful Easter dress every year. I still enjoy picking out Easter dresses for myself and picking one out for a little toddler with  a love of twirly whirly and sparkly things? EVEN MORE FUN. This year I bought semi-coordinating outfits for lilly and I. I know, I'm THAT mom....and I'm okay with it. Please know that  they are not matching...but coordinating. I bought them from the same store. Lilly and I will both be rocking some adorable Matilda Jane ( sorry if I just started a new obsession).  When the package arrived last Wednesday we both put our outfits on immediately and pranced around the house like the princesses we are ( in our minds).

To celebrate Easter and pretty dresses everywhere I'm hosting a MOMMY and ME deal!  This is your chance to get coordinating ( if you're into me) Easter/Spring accessories for you and the little ones in your life. 

From April 8th (TODAY!) until April 17th( Next Saturday) you can purchase one of the following bundles!
All bundles are listed in my shop!

Bundle 1- Any necklace, any headband of your choice, and a set of hair pins of your choice for  $35. That's a savings of $10! 

Bundle 2- Any TWO necklaces and any TWO headbands for $55. That's a savings of $15!

Take advantage of these deals to get yourself ready for spring! You need some ruffle flowers and posies in your life. You know it. I know it. :) Have fun shopping!!

more details about the deals---
--all  domestic orders will be mailed by April 18th to ensure delivery before Easter.

--YOU pick the color and design. Let me know what style and color you'd like for your items in the 'notes to seller' at checkout. I can use any of the fabric show in any listing.  For example--I'm making lilly a coral rose double posie headband for Easter--I'd like a ruffle flower ribbon necklace in coral rose to coordinate. I don't have coral rose listed...but I have the fabric-- so it would work.  Does that make sense? :)  Contact me if you have questions.  

--Shipping rates still apply. :)

Thanks and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Lilly and I are hitting up the outlet mall's gonna be a goooooooooooooooood day! What are you up to?

New! Business! Cards! Excitement! --shop update

My first business cards will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart--right next to my childhood tackle box of crayons and yellow taffeta  jr. prom dress. They were  the first official documentation that what I was doing was a business and not just a hobby. I was proud of them --but I quickly outgrew them.

The cards were beautiful but they weren't the real lillypie to me. They weren't right. So.... when they began to run low I decided not to order more, but rather look for something that was a bit more ME. bit more LILLYPIE.

These miniMOO cards are just perfect!   The MOO brand allows you to upload your own images and customize the back. You can use up to 100 images and the designs will repeat themselves giving you an equal amount of each. I love the tiny size. Everything that is tiny is adorable, no? I love that I get excited to pick out which card each customer will get.  You, my deary-- get the ruffly flowery card! I decided to use images of designs from my {pocket} full of posies line because I'm a proud little designer. You can't get much more lillypie than this! :)

Tags for my necklaces. Business cards to hand out at art fairs. "You want to see a picture of my presh lilly? Oh here, take a business card!" Clever me. :)  Pretty confetti to celebrating doing  something that I love! HOORAY!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Emotions--they get are the BEST of me.

I'm an emotional girl. You knew that...

Some call it sensitive, heart led, hot mess, a cluster, emotional furball.


I feel happy when I'm "put together"  --hair, shoes, make up, outfit, lips, ACCESSORIES the whole bit.
I feel blessed when I look at my life's journey over the past 10 years. ---and that the people who mean the most  to me are still. here.
I feel confused  when I try and give a definition to the word NUCLEAR. No clue what it is...
I feel joy when I look in my little girl's eyes. and see that we share the same color.

I feel pain when I stub my NAM toe on my bed frame!  again!
I feel content when I see a pretty ruffled necklace that I MADE ready to go make someone else happy.
I feel frustration when I think about what I want to be when I grow up. I still don't know.
I feel carefree when I'm singing in my car...LOUD.
I feel loved when I'm sitting on the couch with Scott watching Lilly dance to her favorite song.
I feel hurt when someone criticises my work.
I feel dumb when I realize that I had a spelling mistake on my blog, facebook, email, letter to a parent... HATE THOSE!!

I feel HOPEFUL when I think about the Lord's plan for me and my family. He has a plan for me...and the hot mess of emotions that I sometimes am.

All my feelings make ME.  Just like your feelings  make YOU.  Don't be ashamed of them.

Emotions DON'T get the best of me. THEY ARE THE BEST OF ME.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

deep thoughts for the wee hours of the morning....

I'm a pop music top forty junky
....and this makes me laugh. more than a 28 year old teacher and mother should.

hilarity {via}