Saturday, September 25, 2010

dear lilly,

you're amazing. i love you. you've made my life. you're hilarious. you're spunky. you're friendly. you're dramatic. you're awesome. YOU'RE ONE!

happy birthday, darlin!

love, mommy

{party post to come soon!}

p.s. birthday parties are super fun
p.p.s. i have a one year old
p.p.s.s. i thought we took a lot of pictures the day she was born.  pssssha! today took the prize.
p.p.s.s.s. i'd like to cover lilly with cake once a week...girlfriend was adorable.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

flag banner {DIY}

I know she won't remember it. Our guests won't even remember it. But I will. And I'll remember the fun I had creating details for my little miss Diva's first birthday.

All the decorations for Lilly's party were made out of a box of scrapbook paper, ribbon, and tissue paper.

I paid $10 for a box ( thanks to 50% off  @ Michaels)  of trendy paper that coordinated in the party colors and was able to create an entire scheme for Lilly's party.BAM!

My favorite detail so far? Her flag banners. Super easy to make. I've made 5. eeeks.
hope you can come to the flag party guyzzz!!!

1. Chose the colors of paper you'd like and a coordinating ribbon

2. Trace the size flag you want on your banner to make a template. I eyeballed it.

3. Fold your paper in half so that when you cut it your flag triangles have two sides. Trace your template on all of your folded paper.

4. Cut out your triangles and arrange them on your *NEW* wood floors ;) how you'd like them displayed. I'm a big fan of NON-patterns. When arranging, and this is really weird, I cross my eyes and see how the colors mesh. If it looks good with crossed eyes...I'm good to go.

::pausing for laughter and mockery::
Try it. Haterz.

All you right-handed left brained people will probably need a pattern. That's ok too --if my cross eyed method doesn't work for you.

5. Roll out your ribbon and knot the end leaving room for you to tie your banner onto curtain rods, deck posts, people's necks.
I'm sure there is a fancier way to do this, but I just rolled tape balls and placed the creased side of the flag over the ribbon and placed the tape  on the paper and ribbon to make sure there is no slidage. Slidage=overlapping flags=party foul.

6. I made 5 banners for Lilly's party . I only put letters on the "happy birthday" one. I typed the letters using a circular label template.  I googled it and found one from Avery. I used a scrap booking circle maker  and cut out my letters.  At first, I just taped them on using my little tape balls. That didn't quite look 'finished' so I used raised glue dots to make them raised a squinch.

I can't WAIT for Saturday!

:) :) :)

Super easy. Super cheap.

Monday, September 13, 2010

seals are the devil

no carpet+dust.+nails+saws of various kinds+men+power tools+12 boxes of wood flooring= Laura getting outta dodge with lilly and traveling to the GREAT ONEs house. The great one? grandma hayden. Lils and I hightailed down to my parents and WE hightailed it to my grandmothers house while the manly saw wielding men laid down our new flooring.

{it's amazing.} {i love it}  { and I can't wait until those manly men finish the job.....;)}

My grandma is not able to make it up for Lilly's party so we had a little mini-celebration down there. She bought lilly a stuffed seal {why yes, she's always this random}. The seal is just a little puff ball with eyes. Not scary. Not big. Just your typical Hallmark  fluffy and cuddly beady eyed baby seal.....the right combo for a little girlie girl such as lillypants. OH NO.

She hates the thing. No, I'm not being dramatic. She is. She Haaaaaattttteeeeesssss it. More than green beans. More than diaper changes. MORE than when I take my big beady beeeyoutifuuulll necklaces from her. MOREEEEEE than when I get her out of her car seat and "lightly" graze her head on the top of the SUV {whoopsies}. I've never seen her act this way with a toy.

She looks at it.

Picks it up.

Gives it a look of "iz hayts dis ting"


Every time. Did you hear me? every time. Who does that?

My poor grandmother. Devastated.

Was she a fish in a previous life? That is my only explanation. I always new that Lilly knew how to fly the DIVA flag, but good Lord.

cute. lovable. seal-hating. diva. i heart you. and the "ahm upset nd will lic mah snot"face.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

it's a coming.'s lilly's berffday month!!!!!

so i'm taking a break from lillypie for a hot second to focus on the grand event of holymothergoodnessmydaughterwillbeonesoonandahmavinapartaaaaaaayyyy! the other night my "i have so much to do insomnia" set in and i started to make a little video of only my favorite pictures of lillypants and a few videos of her through the months. i stopped after i got to six months because i looked at the timer of the "short" video and it said 35:00. holy crap. i have a problem.

it'll be me in my pjs nomming on rice crispie treats watching the 1:35:00 video on her birthday. everyone else will be in a food coma while i'm dabbing at my eyes with a tissue.

halloween 2009

state fair 2010
 "fried grnn beenz is gud mah!"