Monday, September 13, 2010

seals are the devil

no carpet+dust.+nails+saws of various kinds+men+power tools+12 boxes of wood flooring= Laura getting outta dodge with lilly and traveling to the GREAT ONEs house. The great one? grandma hayden. Lils and I hightailed down to my parents and WE hightailed it to my grandmothers house while the manly saw wielding men laid down our new flooring.

{it's amazing.} {i love it}  { and I can't wait until those manly men finish the job.....;)}

My grandma is not able to make it up for Lilly's party so we had a little mini-celebration down there. She bought lilly a stuffed seal {why yes, she's always this random}. The seal is just a little puff ball with eyes. Not scary. Not big. Just your typical Hallmark  fluffy and cuddly beady eyed baby seal.....the right combo for a little girlie girl such as lillypants. OH NO.

She hates the thing. No, I'm not being dramatic. She is. She Haaaaaattttteeeeesssss it. More than green beans. More than diaper changes. MORE than when I take my big beady beeeyoutifuuulll necklaces from her. MOREEEEEE than when I get her out of her car seat and "lightly" graze her head on the top of the SUV {whoopsies}. I've never seen her act this way with a toy.

She looks at it.

Picks it up.

Gives it a look of "iz hayts dis ting"


Every time. Did you hear me? every time. Who does that?

My poor grandmother. Devastated.

Was she a fish in a previous life? That is my only explanation. I always new that Lilly knew how to fly the DIVA flag, but good Lord.

cute. lovable. seal-hating. diva. i heart you. and the "ahm upset nd will lic mah snot"face.


  1. that's hilarous! She is a little Diva :)

  2. Hahahaha! A little seal hating diva...who knew?? :)

  3. that is freaking hysterical!! loved the snotty face pic!

    and ps...lily's (lilly's) born in sept rock!

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