Tuesday, February 1, 2011



i'm 28.

birthday truths about laura.

1.  Earlier this year I had a senior in HS work in my classroom with me. I didn't consider myself that much older than her. I felt like I was not THAT far removed from HS. FALSE. I'm old and I know I'm old because I thought that.

2.  I still shop at American Eagle, mostly the jewelry section...but still. I've been wearing their clothes for 13 years. HOLY CRAP.

3. I watched Beauty and the Beast with Lilly on Sunday and cried during the song when they are dancing in the ballroom and she was wearing her yellow dress because I started to think of Lilly falling in love one day.

4. I don't want to give up the nighttime milk. It's bad enough I gave up the nighttime bottle (it's now in a sippy) but I crave that last cuddle before bed. CRAVE.

5. I put lilly to bed early on Monday nights so I can be on the couch. in pjs. with a snack before the bachelor starts. ;)

6. my craft room? is my kitchen. and it looks horrendous. like a bomb went off. a bomb filled with satin and embroidery floss. BOMB.

7. my daughter is dramatic. she's. just. like. me.  

8. If I had to eat the same meal everyday for every meal it would be.... Chic-fil-a Number 1 extra pickles with Polynesian sauce and a Dr. pepper.

9. I love coffee creamer more than the coffee.

10. E! news is the only news I watch and I'm ok with that.

Happy 1st of February! :)
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  1. Happy Birthday girl. LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW!

  2. Happy, happy birthday pretty girl! Hope your day is wonderful, you deserve every bit of it!

  3. happy happy birthday!!!! and you even get a snow day to celebrate. :-)

  4. I pretty much agree with you on all that. I love that you put lily to bed early for the bachelor! Happy Birthday sweet Laura! You deserve a fabulous day :)

  5. I LOVE THE PICTURE!! You deserve the best day, hopefully the power stays on for you and Lilly!

  6. Let's see...first up? Happy Birthday!!! :) I'll be 29 this summer. You feel old? I had this convo with my little 12 y/o cuz:

    Me (to my hubby when he put a rubber band on his head being dumb): You look like Richard Simmons.

    Hubby: *laughs*

    Cuz: Um...who is Richard Simmons? Does he wear rubber bands?


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it's a great one!! That is the cutest pic of you and your little!!

  8. Eek! Happy belated birthday! #3 made me laugh out loud and then go, "Aww!" sympathetically. Hope your birthday was spectacular!

  9. I'm new to the blogging world and LOVE your blog!

    1. i have an obsession with the Bachelor too and have a girls night at my house each week with some friends and wine!
    2. my craft room is in my dining room and looks awful too :)
    3. i LOVE just a little coffee with my coffee creamer too!

    Do you have any tips for a newbie?

  10. Happy Birthday to you (a bit late)! I love the Bachelor too, what self-respecting woman doesn't!? Hehe...just kidding, but it is my guilty pleasure much to the Hubs dismay!

  11. I know this is late Laura but Happy Birthday!!! I am officially not going away anymore because I missed you all tooo much!! I also wanted you to know my bday is also in February which makes sense because awesome people's bday's are in Feb, right?? lol :) P.S. I'm sooo guilty about the Bachelor thing too...and I put a poll on my site about it...I'm afriad I'm obsessed :)

  12. Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you enjoyed your special day!