Think about your friends. There are two types, right? The kind you have to pull details and feelings from and the ones who share all their details and all their feelings to everyone. all the time.

I tend to be of the sharing type.
There really aren't any expectations here.   I'll talk to pretty much anyone  and that now includes you.  I enjoy writing and have been writing  a blog since 2008. Ack! That's a long time!
I have a pretty rad family. I married a man who is both completely my opposite and  compliment. Some days I'm pretty sure the only things we have in common is that we love each other and that we both are left handed. We have two small children and most days are a mix of feeling blessed and like we are under attack.

My daughter is introverted and shy. I'm learning to speak her love language. I'm striving to parent her in a way that will allow her to soar with confidence and security in who she is. She probably won't write a blog. ever.
My son is wild and I adore him. He is brave and excitable. He hasn't mastered the endings of words and currently trots around the house saying HO(ld). His speech patterns can make for some awkward situations---especially when talking about his HOR(se).

I've been a 4th grade teacher, ice cream scooper, pool chemistry expert, summer camp director, blogger, jimmy john's sandwich maker, and handmade business owner. Currently I'm working in Children's Ministry at a church that is doing unstoppable things for our community and world.  
My life is messy and I won't hide that. It's also full of joy, crazy stories, painful seasons, Truth &
Grace,  and moments where all I can think of is WOAAAHHHH this is really stinkin' hard.  My spelling sucks and I was told, by a professor, that I have, comma, splicing issues. BUT! I  have Jesus in my life----and that's pretty great.

Love, Laura Beth

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  1. Just found your blog from the Stitch Fix Reviews page (I love SF too!) - excited to follow along!