Friday, July 30, 2010


Want a Fa-REE Lilly Band??

Little Lydia's mommy has just survived her FIRST WEEK BACK TO WORK. I know, I'll wait.


To celebrate, this little cutie is giving away a FREE LILLY BAND! It's a pink band with a magenta flower. Perfect for these hot summer days! and humid sticky buggy nights. :) or just hangin indoors being fab.

You wanna know where to go?

Oh hi!!! Those of you finding me through miss Lydia and Allison!!! Welcome to lillypie. :) Look around! Want to order something?  Email me @ mention Life with Lydia in your email and receive and get free shipping. Holla. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

branches of the family tree

My grandpa died a few years ago. He died of cancer and was in hospice during his final days. I wish SO MUCH that he could have met Lilly. Hewas a man of integrity and love.  He kept my grandmother {somewhat} sane...she's a kooky nut and  he could create and fix anything with his hands. He's who I inherited my left handedness and artsy side from. I loved the way he said my name. No one said it like him.  I can't describe it, but there was just a way that he pronounced it. Maybe it was the Evansville drawl. I don't know. Anyway... I wish he could have met Lilly.

Scott has a great uncle, Uncle Ron. Uncle Ron has an UNCANNY resemblance to my grandpa. Like a brother from another mother...for real. I've always thought so and in the years after my grandfathers passing, it's been a melancholy feeling seeing him. He reminds me of him in so many ways.

Uncle Ron fell in love with Lilly last weekend. As you might have inferred, Lilly is a mover and a shaker-- not much of a cuddler these days. She has other places she'd rather be than cozying up on a lap. But not with Uncle Ron. He scooped her up and she nuzzled right into him. The weirdest thing. She won't do that to me unless I have her bottle and she's pulling the 'ahm pitiful. gimme wat I want' card. Seeing him hold her and love on her was like seeing her with my grandpa. It pulled at ALL my heart strings.

All weekend he held her. Uncle Ron is the oldest living member of the family able to make the trek to the reunion and  thus held the trump card. If Uncle Ron had one would dare take her away. Oldest cutest old man card. Works every time. 

I love moments when everything seems to connect. This weekend while making memories with a newer branch of my family I was able to connect to a lifelong branch. A branch that came to an end. A man I called grandpa. Who I'm sure held me like great Uncle Ron held Lilly.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I can't contain this excitement. Jewelry by Laura. Ahhh!!!! Anyone that is familiar with me knows that I do love a good accessory. I've added four new designs up in the jewel-ry tab. You know, lillypie was never intended to be JUST for the littles. The biggs need stuff too. I would not recommend putting this jewelry on littles because if your little is anything like my little the jewelry will end up eaten. and ruined. and you'll have to wait 3-4 days to get it back. Ewww...too far?

Anyway, I hope you like the new stuff. Here are some pictures to get you excited.
the alissa

the holly

the lacey

My heart beats faster when I see I weird?


The past few days have been a blast in more ways than one....

Lilly has a stomach bug. The kind that blows out with anger. :( She has been drinking pedialyte for 48 hours now. Have you ever tasted that gunk? It's about 25% WORSE than the orange crap you drink when you're pregnant.

nooo...she didn't get the hot fudge and carmel! do you honestly think I'd fork that over? psh.

{I wonder what made her stomach hate her and her pampers be a mere target to be blasted through? eee. }

Anyway...this weekend we were at Scott's mom side family reunion. No! Don't feel sorry for me. It is not THAT kind of family reunion. It's a blast. There are no strange casseroles with unidentified ingredients. No older than dirt people who are critizing the way thingz r dun these days. There is puppy chow in BIG! bins. Chicken fights in the pool. A crazy- ruckus-inducing-table breaking spoons game {that is not actually played with spoons but rather match books because of injuries}. and lots of laughter.
prolly my new fave

our little chapter of the reunion group.
NOTE: LAURA! NEXT YEAR GET PICTURES OF OTHER PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT IN YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY. dork! get pics of people you only see at the reunion. Seriously.... der.

Yes, this is the plaque. Yes, he won this year. No, I have no idea where to put it. No, it's not going on the mantle Scott.

Back to diaper duty and pedialyte my friends. Hopin this ends soon.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ready to fly

All done and ready to go to new and loving homes tomorrow!

Look cute my little lillypies, look cute!

Have I mentioned that I loooooooove doing this?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

cheetahs! and animal look alikes.

My husband has had the past three days off. It's been so nice. Little family time. Yesterday we decided to pack up the 122,432,567,908 things required to take a baby anywhere and go to the zoo. So. much. fun.

I really wanted to see the new cheetah exhibit. cheetahs! amazing!

I was also looking forward to seeing the dolphin show.

I couldn't wait to  touch the "touch a real, live, da dun, shark" exhibit...I mean let lilly touch it 

I also couldn't wait to be entertained by the penguins. Proof that God has an amazing sense of humor. I know! I'll make their torso go down THIS far...buahahaha. silly animals. waddle penguins, waddle!! wings? just for decoration this time. :) the zoo. We went there for lilly!! eeehhhhh....I mean me. :)

Anyway, cheetahs? They. just. sit. there. I guess I was expecting cheetahs! running fast! chasing each other! woah, was that a cheetah blurrrrr????!!! P.S.Very beautiful animals, very boring animals in a zoo. 

We had a great time. Lillly loved the dolphin show the most. She loved when everyone clapped. She loved the music. She loved that she got to eat cheerios! and see things jump in the air. She loved the air conditioning (smart girl).

Oh!! and you know how sometimes people look like animals? Sometimes people look like their dogs. Lilly? We found her animal look alike. Poor girl. :)

One day you're hair will lay flat darlin', one day.

Look! We even found my animal look alike. Arg.

Take me home pleeeease to my puffs and chewable duck momma. Iv ad enuff of dis. Dese seals r swimmun in serculs. Less go. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 :)

Lillypie.accessories is now being sold at Diversity Consignment in Brownsburg!! If you're from the burg or are in the vincinity check it out. Diversity Consignment is a cute little boutique full of fabulous finds. There is currently an old vintage turquoise ring I'm eyeing there. You can also find gently used clothing, furniture, china, collectibles, and of course adorable little lillypies. I. mean. really. I am beyond excited that I have some of my designs in an actual store. I know I've said this before but I am having so much fun doing this. Like rollercoaster with ice cream and getting a killer tan fun.  Here are a few pictures of my display.

Oh what's that? You have a store? and you want to carry lillypie? Perfect!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Did someone say to spend money?

{Top Two Things I Want to Purchase}

Oh Lordy, this list could easily turn go from two to 59 in two seconds. I promise I won't though. Basically, I love spending money. It doesn't matter what it is clothes, jewelry, trash bags, milk, screwdrivers. Seriously, I enjoy grocery shopping because I get to buy stuff. I don't mind going out a picking out the odds and ends we need, because I get to spend money. I believe this classifies me as having a "money problem." I love Dave Ramsey and all. and TRULY admire those that are sticking it out. and AM EXTREMELY jealous of those that are debt free.....but really? I'm married to a financial analyst with an accounting and finance degree. The dude budgets for his job. How did this happen. I manage to blow every budget I'm put on. WITH LEGITIMATE REASONS!!! In a budget....what happens when you have a baby shower or a birthday party? Where does that money come from? What do you do in your budget when the shirt YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING FOR WEEKS IS ON SALE AND ONLY FOR TWO DAYS? I mean, how can that work?

Anyway, sorry. I get rather worked up. We save. I just love spending. So.....rambling aside. Here are my top two.

1. New school clothes. Yep, I still get to do it! A bonus to being a teacher. HOLLA! I do enjoy picking out a few new outfits to start the year. I'm looking to purchase these lovelies from The Loft.

2. A DSLR. One day....ahh.. I'm saving up lillypie to hopefully buy one before christmas. I want this one: with a wide angle lens....and a polarizing filter...and a shey b camera strap.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

new stuff! new stuff!

I've uploaded a bunch of new stuff and screwed up my entire blog design in the process. Problem-- Blogger demands that  you can only have 10 floating pages at the top of your blog. Bigger Problem--I have more than 10 designs and I'd ideally like a page to be devoted to each design. SOLUTION--After pouting, stamping my foot, and threatening to hold my breath....and realizing that it would do no good, I reconfigured everything. I KNOW...annoying, Laura. So I've tried to combine designs into easy to navigate categories. Feedback is always welcome. If you have an idea or know more about bliggity blogs than I do...HALP. :)

I added a new BIGGO flower, new tuxedo bow headbands and clippies, and DOG COLLARS. I knoooow. Awesome, right?!

Thanks for reading. You should become a follower. That way I feel like I have people who care about lillypie, and YOU get updates of new things, freebies, and sales. Win. Win.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

flippin nuts.

Twins. Oh my. Still recovering.

My neighbor has a daughter the same age as Lilly. They are best friends. She's the one with the  gobs of hair. I look at her with envy. :) Unfortunately, there was a family emergency in their house that required my neighbor to be at the hospital all day from Wednesday-Friday. I was luckily able to watch their little nugget so that they were free to take care of family without worrying about Brooke.

The three days I watched were so much fun and so overwhelming at the same time. Since pictures are more fun anyway, and sometimes when I get to a blog post which is rather long winded, I tend to move along, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. {waaay, too, many, commas, in, that, sentence,sorry,} Praise the Lord for the Lexapro. I needed it this week just to stay sane. Mommies with twins? GOD BLESS YOUR WONDERFUL TIRED AMAZING TUCKERED CRAZY SOULS!!!!!!!! Octomom? You're flippin nuts.

DISCLAIMER--- I'm not one of those moms that keep my house tidy. Tidy definitely does not describe me. Please don't judge. Kthanks. :)

First tweedle dee and tweedle daredevil tried to climb the bright colored boxes next  the GLOWING thingy

"Hey! I's haves one uv dems too!" Paci War Uno. Yes, this ended in tears.
The only time they were both completely still for THREE. WHOLE. DAYS.

"Wouldn't the WHOLE room look better wif more wipes? TOTALLY. "
" I luuuuuvvvveee wipessss!!!"

new game? biting butts!!
first one to slobber on all the clothes winnzzzzz!

lilly got really jealous of the hair and tried to borrow some. brooke did not like this plan.


I think I'll lay off the sweet potatoes for a while. My mom said she was looking orange and I though" Pssssh mom you have NO idea what you're talking about she's not ORANGE! Der." Looking at the above picure? Well....maybe she kinda is.

Brooke and Lilly live in living color....