Friday, July 2, 2010

lillypie giveaway! omgsh!

Few Things....

1. There is a random fly buzzing around my kitchen and it is seriously driving me insane. I have a fly swatter with me at all times so I can catch this sucker and smash the s out of it.

2. I'm going to a pool pool for the first time today when Lilly wakes up. Seriously, it's JULY and I haven't been to a REAL pool yet? What has my life turned into? Oh yea, baby pools and trying to get lillly to not stand up and knock herself out in the cute wittle baby giraffe.

3. I've been CRAZY busy with lillypie.accessories!! I've had tons of orders and I'm having SO MUCH FUN!

This is going to sound crazy, but I kinda feel like I'm doing what I was supposed to do. Nope, teaching is fun and gives me crazy funny stories, but making hair bands and clippies? COMPLETES ME. ha. No really. Creating fun designs with beads. Hot gluing my fingers together. Picking apart flowers. Finding the best and most comfortable headbands. Yep, gives me a new sense of creativity and artsy-fartsyness. I looove it. And because I'm having so much fun...and I love ya'll so much. I'm gonna give some away! :) eeeeeks!

Here are the designs that are up for grabs......

This is the beckett. thick nylon band. fits eerrrrybody.  three poppy flowers. pearl and beaded center. named after my bff's baby who will be ONE in july. holy mother.

this is the ella. partially lined alligator clip. heat sealed ends. good for those babies with hair {poor lill} . cute coraly-red flower. pearl and beaded center. named after my bff's 2 year old daughter who loooooooves clippies. and looking fab.
Mandatory Entry:
Become a public follower of my blog and leave me a comment
Extra Entries:
Go to my facebook page ( on the left side) and leave me a comment  on this post about what your favorite style is
Become a fan of lillypie.accessories on facebook
Blog about lillypie and link back to my blog

That's it I think! Leave a separate comment for each entry. I'll draw two winners  on Monday. I hope people enter. I'll feel so dumb if noone does!

happy fourth of july!
 time for mexican beer and chinese fireworks :)
and apple pie.

ooh! you'd like to order some? email me.
awww. bffs. this is brooke. my neighbor. same age. jealous of the hair.


  1. Ok, so I've been a follower from the beginning :) and I love love my headbands I have already I NEED more!

  2. I am already a fan of lillypie on facebook. If nobody else enters then I am a guaranteed winner, loove that!

    so I'm totally sitting here pool ready waiting for these guys to finish up my floor, impatient muhc, that is me. Thanks for giving me something to do!

    Happy 4th Lilly and Laura :)

  3. Okeedokee, I followed you when your main occupation was laying upside down on an ironing board and slurping cherry limeade. :)

    And I lovey love baby headbands. :)
    Darnit, you may make me join facebook for this. Urgh.

  4. I already follow your lovely blog!

  5. have fun at the pool! and love love love the accessories!

  6. I am a new follower and I LOVE the Beckett! So adorable.

  7. I'm a facebook fan! Love the Lilly and the Beckett

  8. I pretty much stalk you (on facebook and your blog) AND you've seen how desperately my daughter needs something to make her mullet look fem. :) I love the Beckett but we all know Coco would never leave it on which means I'd LOOOOOOOVE an Ella. Or two. Or five. ;)
    And PS - I'm TOTALLY jealous of 9 month old, Brooke's hair. Lucky!

  9. Yes...i stalk you and lily..I mean follow. :) These comment sections need those little cross out line dealeo's.

  10. I totally need to win one to give to my niece!!! i am already a fan on facebook and already a follower. :-)

  11. Follower here!! I love the Beckett...actually I love them both but my Lilly-Belle will need a bit more hair before she can do the clippie. Fingers crossed I win!

  12. I follow you on here Laura. Love to get my dose of Lilly stories. I would love to win so that I can send either one out to my cousin's daughter in California. Get your accessories know west of Indiana! ;-)

  13. Oh yeah ANNNND I am already a fan on facebook!

  14. I already follow! Love them both!

  15. And finally, I just blogged about ya! :) Woah, I feel like a creepy psycho. But I do love your cute stuff!

  16. I am a fan on fb, of course!

  17. I am public follower #76! I've been following for a long time, but not through the public follower google thing. :)

    You go, girl!

  18. i'd say the Lilly is my fav...but the beckett hits first in my book!

  19. Congrats on the success- that is great to hear! I am already a follower of your facebook page, but since I do not have a little one I figured I would leave the entries to those that do :)