Monday, June 28, 2010

all I ever wanted...

was a decent 9 month picture.

Is that too much to ask? Apparently, to lillydivaextroardinaire, yes.

She about gave me a heart attack.

9 month lilly-- what is this maniac up to?


Wt: 18lbs
Ht: 27 in.

Loves: Pulling up on everything! pretending she's a big girl! drinking from a water bottle! sippy cups! crawling! crawling faster when mom or dad comes after her! hearing the sound of her own voice! swings! baby giraffe blow up pools! puffs! yogurt melts! trying to eat trash! tearing magazines apart! taking diapers out of packages! shopping with mom! being mommy's hairband model.

Hates: Falling down because she thinks she's a big girl! Being prevented from falling off of things! Lying on her back and being held still to get diaper changed! Getting her boogies wiped and .....that's about it.

She makes me laugh everyday. She is fun to be around and loves to grab onto hair and lips. She's channeling her inner chimp. She will smile at anyone who looks her way and loooooooooooooooves to be the center of attention. This picture gives me fits of laughter. I mean really....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I {heart} DJ Lance Rock

Not little naps. LOOOOONNNGGG naps. No fussing. No screaming. Just napping. Nice naparoos. I loooove me some naps. :)

And it's all thanks to my amazing perseverance and lexapro that I didn't pull out every flippin strand of hair in the process. She's 9 months old  and  proud momma has FINALLY learned how to put the sista down for a nappy nap.

My secret weapon?

These guys.

No really, they put my child to sleep.

Yes. Their cracked out songs about " no no no don't bite your friend "  are like soft lullabyes to my darlings ears. The rave inspired doped up spinning colors. Ahhhhhh....relaxing. Any other child would be on sensory overload. Not lillypants. She's soothed.

My nap routine--I'm sharing it. Only because it took me 9 months to perfect.
Diaper change
Lights out in room
Let lillers press play on her nap cd
Grab Pink Blanket
Cuddle on Couch
Press play on SLEEP Yo Gabba Gabba episode forever saved and gold starred on the DVR
Kisses on forehead while the weirdos "get their wiggles out"
Watch 5 minutes. Seriously, that's all it takes. Just enough DJ Lance Rock to wet the palette really....
Place in pack and play. Princess Diva prefers the pack and play for naps and the crib for bedtime.. (trial and error ladies)
Cover with pink blanket and give her the stuffed bear
Close door
Do the I hope she sleeeeeppppppssss dance
Take a deep breath.
Watch ELLEN!!! :) :) :) 

We're going on TWO FULL weeks of successful morning and afternoon naps. HOLLA!!--LLUJIAH!

Just thought I'd share the outrageous news, my friends.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


ahhh.....i'm excited about this. hope you are too........

waaaayyy back when. like forever ago. i told ya about a few of my life goals. swim with dolphins. open an etsy shop. meet carrie underwood. wait....i can cross that one off! holla!

well i'm nowhere near having my amazing. billionaire making. etsy site but.....i do have a facebook fan page now! Wanna check it out? It's on the left side. Somewhere's in that region over there

what is it?
my stab at making the insanely popular flowered hairbands that mommies with nohaired babies lurve. right now I only have a few styles but I got mad ideazzz brewin in my brain.

check it out. become a fan. ::pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeesseee?:: make me feel loved. anyone wanna host a giveaway? maybe I should just host my own? ohhh goodness gracious. how do I do that? i'm not a cool enough blogger to know the ins and outs of that stuff. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

poison control

The Grand Idea.

Lilly will give her father on his FIRST father's day her very FIRST painting.

ready? one. two. three. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
My thoughts EXACTLY as I was wandering the aisle's of JoAnn's with my gal pal Alissa.  ::hi alissa! started yo blog yet?::

So I gathered my supplies at home while basically pinning the I'm the best mother in the world with the most thoughtful father's day gift button on my shirt. and taking pictures of it. No really, I took pictures because I thought "Oh! Blogworld will most def wanna see this!". Here you go.

canvas? check.

brushes? bingo.

paint with text in german? richtig

color mixed to match bedroom paint color? newborn artwork art wall? BRILLIANT!

Revelling in my crafty awesomeness yet? Questioning why ON EARTH I WOULD LET MY 8.75 MONTH OLD HANDLE ACRYLIC PAINT? good.

Well,  excited mommy got Lilly up from her nap and stripped. her. down. At least I had the common sense to do that...right? Plopped her on the kitchen floor handed her the canvas and with a moment of artistic glee allowed My Little Miss Picasso go to town. Seconds 1-4 of paint covered nugget fingers? Wait...I better help her and hold on a little before this gets outta control. real fast. Smart mom--held her fingers, until the maniac decided to kick the canvas.

Clearly still in the  "oooh bloggy world needs to see an action shot" moment.
I was at a crossroads.
Save the painting and risk catastrophe?
 Let thebestideaever get ruined and allow lilly to cover my kitchen floor with yellow paint in the process?
I chose to save the painting.
In the split second that I let go of one hand to grab the canvas as it spun to the ground, of course lilly decided to discover this yellow goop on her fingers with her 11th finger (her tongue).
after an all time freakout and waves of water from the faucet forced upon dear old yellow mouth-- poison control was called.
NON-TOXIC. whew HUGE crisis averted.
lesson learned. poison control number on the fridge. laura must now sleep on all "genius" ideas before implementing them with 8.75 month old.
Lilly Picasso Paint Licker's Father's Day Masterpiece

Father's Day 2K10 was fabulous. Scott didn't call CPS on me. He looooooooved the painting. Lilly looooooooooved spoiling him all day. You know it's times like this....where I tell my husband about something that he had every right to start world war III over. My rash impulsive thinking  really coulda ended with a trip to the ER and my daughter's stomach being pumped. He didn't get mad, he was concerned. and then he laughed. and told me that's why he loves me.
and they all lived happily ever after
.....until craft christmas present ideas start tinkering around in mah brain.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

type twoer for sure.

This morning in church i had a light bulb/lightning bolt moment. you know the one? the oooooooooh shooooooooooot moment and it clicks? this one bout knocked me outta the pew. good thing it didn't cause i was wearing a dress that was a tad on the short side. someone in our house doesn't know how to do laundry and likes to shrink things. ::ahem::

our minister said that when people enter a room, there are two types of people. there are the "heeeyyyllooooo I'm here!!" people and there are the "Oh! You're here people". lemme break this down a sec. it took me a while for it to sink in.

type one
the first type of people enter the room and are announcing they have arrived. i'm here and now the party can start type of people. they aren't bad people. it's just how they view a room. think the  snookie, jessica simp., lady gaga type :).

type two
the second type of people enter a room and are all about another person. they are the its-so-glad-to-see-you-people. the ones that enter a room being glad to see someone else.

since lilly-i've definitely been the "AHM! HERE! and so is mah precious baybeeee" person.  mostly because everyone is excited to see her. and selfishly i think "shouldn't they be?" she's a wee one...she demands all attention. but ya know what? if i'm honest with myself and to you, i've always been a type one person. occasionally i'm the type two, but not often. that makes me selfish. and i am. i'm selfish, vain, and a control freak. gulp....please still be my friend?!

my dad--is a type twoer for sure. he always has been. never one to command the attention of a room, but more excited to see someone else's presence. he's always greeted me with a big hug. the kind that make you warm and fuzzy. not the surface two pats on the back kind. the embrace with the extra squeeze that let's you know you're loved. that kind.

my dad is strong.
My dad is  gentle.
My dad is firm, courageous, honorable, and wise.
he's a wonderful father and even better grandfather. right now, lilly loves him for his oh-so-tuggable beard. but i'm sure in the future when she's not so "ahhh! uh beard wif tuggy thangs!!" she'll see him like I see him. a man of God with a type two entrance personality.
love you daddy.

::something to ponder--can you guess what father's day presents, lilly, yellow paint, and poison control all have in common?::

Monday, June 14, 2010

Imma Imma Big Diva

Fact: I've been blogging A LOT lately.

Opinion: You love it.

Top Two Guilty Pleasures
1 and 2.{because they are THAT huge}


Ooooh give me  sequins, a catchy hook, syncopated rhythms, and a glam squad and I'm yours!. I don't like slow songs. I despise them really. I love all my ladies.
oooh yea, Lillaroo is  a diva. Today, during nap breakdown, I  was able to view lilly's 8 month pictures. {God said, Laura...calm your freak down! Here, look at your gorg baybee!} 
 My gal pal from college is UBER talented and I. love. everything.
Check out miss lilly pants in her 8 month glory
Look at them pictures and tell me she's NOT a diva. She's gonna be huge.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Oh Puffs.

Why on earth did gerber decide to make them look like cat nip?

Lilly loves her some sweet potato cat nip!! She loves them in her hair. She loves them on her face. She loves them in her mouth. She loves them melted in her fat wrist rolls. She loves them mashed between her fingers. She loves them mixed with daddy's lovely orange foods.

Mommy loves them stuck on her head with squash covered eyebrows.

Lilly HATES getting them wiped off. She wants them to stay stuck to her she can snack all dayyzzz.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

taste the rainbow she will NOT

 Two snaps if you can guess what my husband's favorite color is!!


Scott did the grocery shopping this week.
So much for lilly "eating the rainbow".
Soooo grateful that he did the shopping. Soooooo sad that Lilly will experience nothing but the orange family this week.

I found this comical. Hope you do too, at my husband's expense.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Boom. Chicka Lit Time.

Top Two Favorite Books

Hi, I'm L and I'm a Chicklitaholic
{Hiiiii, L}

When did I start reading chick lit excessively? 4 years ago. It was my first summer after my first year of teaching. I found myself married, home all day by myself, BORED, and occupying a deserted apartment complex pool on a daily basis. During the second week of June, I came to the realization that GLAMOUR and US WEEKLY just. weren't. going. to cut it. At the time I lived across the street from Target {a dangerous and fatal mistake by a newly-wedded couple} and meandered into the book section one scorching June day. I totally judged the books by the cover (still do...sorry) and bought a certain SHOPAHOLIC book and was hooooooooooookkkkeeeed!!

I read the entire series that summer. (If you haven't read them, please don't judge the books by the movie, totally different, totally better...)

After that series?Sadly, it was all downhill from there. I only read chick lit. I love it. I eat them for lunch. I think it's the fluff. I like the bright colorful covers. I like reading silly stories that don't end up making me cry (boo, you, Nicky Sparks for making my cry so many times).

I just finished The Last Song. Tear Fest.

I like laughing and getting wrapped up in the drama all. at. once. {Errrrr.....This is probably also why I can't seem to stop watching The Hills even though I'm a teacher, with a husband, a house, a 401K, a kid, and a mommy blog.....}

My top two fave chickaliterature books?

1. The one that started it all --My Dear Sophie for Miss Becky Bloomwood in Shopaholic (proof I lurve her)

2. My Sweet Emily for Something Borrowed and Something Blue

I am really not shallow. Promise! I have morals. and standards. and real thoughts that aren't about shopping, boyfriends, and OMG! moments--I just choose not to read about them. :) I look forward to reading everyone else's book choices. I need some new books to fuel my addiction.

BOOM. Chicka Lit Time.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

baby it's not you

IT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, let me voice a tish of frustration. Remember how my lovely lump of 8 month cuteness HATES napping and would only do it for a decent amount of time for The Nap Whisperer? Well APPARENTLY everyone was trained in Nap Whisperer 101 except for dear old mum.
::gnashing of teeth::

Allow me to explain. This week, my first week of freedom, has been spent taking a final grad class to get my lovely dovely teaching licence, that expires this December, renewed.
P.S. The only other professions that REQUIRE this kind of continuing education are doctors and lawyers. I'm just saying...Anyway, Lilly pants has been shuffled among my friends to save some moolah. 1.) I have great friends. 2.) They are succckkkerrzzz for Lilly w/crazy hair.
Okay, back to my point...

Saturday-Nap Nanny {laura}= 30 minute screamfest followed by a 40 minute nap {unacceptable}
Sunday- Nap Nanny {laura}= 30 minute screamfest followed by 1 hr nap -improvement, yes,but still {unacceptable by mommy standards}

Monday- Nap Nanny {dad}= 10 minute screamfest followed by 2.5 hour nap {acceptable and applauded, 2 gold stars}

Tuesday- Nap Nanny {holly}= no screamfest followed by 1.5 hour nap {acceptable, fluke?}

Wednesday- Nap Nanny {angie} = no screamfest followed by 1.5 hour nap {acceptable, WTF?}

Thursday- Nap Nanny {alissa} = few minute whimpers followed by 1.5 hour nap {oh shoot moment, realizing that it's ME}
BABY, it's MEEEEEE NOT YOU! She will nap for everyone with ease and charm, but for momma? SHE. BRINGS. THA. RUCKUS.


That her hair is ridiculous.

That we definitely need to lower her crib.

That she's adorable when she's refusing to nap.

That I'm a bigger sucker than mah friends.

Yes, my baybee gets two naps. Adding those details woulda just made this a long, tedious, boring, drawn out post. Stop your tsk...tsking, mommaz!