Monday, June 14, 2010

Imma Imma Big Diva

Fact: I've been blogging A LOT lately.

Opinion: You love it.

Top Two Guilty Pleasures
1 and 2.{because they are THAT huge}


Ooooh give me  sequins, a catchy hook, syncopated rhythms, and a glam squad and I'm yours!. I don't like slow songs. I despise them really. I love all my ladies.
oooh yea, Lillaroo is  a diva. Today, during nap breakdown, I  was able to view lilly's 8 month pictures. {God said, Laura...calm your freak down! Here, look at your gorg baybee!} 
 My gal pal from college is UBER talented and I. love. everything.
Check out miss lilly pants in her 8 month glory
Look at them pictures and tell me she's NOT a diva. She's gonna be huge.


  1. Fun pictures and I have to agree!

  2. Those pictures are ahhmazzing! I need to book an appt with her asap! I love her work!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it - love the design and colors...oh and the divas :)

  4. Is that Britney Spears?! How great did she look?! Ah, back in the day... Ya know, I looked lots better before I had kids, too. Bummer...

    Still loving your blog to pieces!

    We are struggling with naps over here right now, too. I can't stand it.

  5. Cutest pictures everrrrrr!!! Will your friend please come to KC and take pictures of Clara now??? :) Nope...okay well I tried! :)

  6. She is standing?!?! and she is so beautiful, cute outfits and majorly cute photos!

  7. Laura, you're the best. I'm glad you love your photos...when can we do more? :-) And DANG, Britney did look good. Never marry a K-Fed.

  8. Came across your blog from Top Two Tuesday and I love it! Also love your diva pick! Love my divas :) Look forward to following you! Your daughter is adorable!