Monday, June 21, 2010

poison control

The Grand Idea.

Lilly will give her father on his FIRST father's day her very FIRST painting.

ready? one. two. three. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
My thoughts EXACTLY as I was wandering the aisle's of JoAnn's with my gal pal Alissa.  ::hi alissa! started yo blog yet?::

So I gathered my supplies at home while basically pinning the I'm the best mother in the world with the most thoughtful father's day gift button on my shirt. and taking pictures of it. No really, I took pictures because I thought "Oh! Blogworld will most def wanna see this!". Here you go.

canvas? check.

brushes? bingo.

paint with text in german? richtig

color mixed to match bedroom paint color? newborn artwork art wall? BRILLIANT!

Revelling in my crafty awesomeness yet? Questioning why ON EARTH I WOULD LET MY 8.75 MONTH OLD HANDLE ACRYLIC PAINT? good.

Well,  excited mommy got Lilly up from her nap and stripped. her. down. At least I had the common sense to do that...right? Plopped her on the kitchen floor handed her the canvas and with a moment of artistic glee allowed My Little Miss Picasso go to town. Seconds 1-4 of paint covered nugget fingers? Wait...I better help her and hold on a little before this gets outta control. real fast. Smart mom--held her fingers, until the maniac decided to kick the canvas.

Clearly still in the  "oooh bloggy world needs to see an action shot" moment.
I was at a crossroads.
Save the painting and risk catastrophe?
 Let thebestideaever get ruined and allow lilly to cover my kitchen floor with yellow paint in the process?
I chose to save the painting.
In the split second that I let go of one hand to grab the canvas as it spun to the ground, of course lilly decided to discover this yellow goop on her fingers with her 11th finger (her tongue).
after an all time freakout and waves of water from the faucet forced upon dear old yellow mouth-- poison control was called.
NON-TOXIC. whew HUGE crisis averted.
lesson learned. poison control number on the fridge. laura must now sleep on all "genius" ideas before implementing them with 8.75 month old.
Lilly Picasso Paint Licker's Father's Day Masterpiece

Father's Day 2K10 was fabulous. Scott didn't call CPS on me. He looooooooved the painting. Lilly looooooooooved spoiling him all day. You know it's times like this....where I tell my husband about something that he had every right to start world war III over. My rash impulsive thinking  really coulda ended with a trip to the ER and my daughter's stomach being pumped. He didn't get mad, he was concerned. and then he laughed. and told me that's why he loves me.
and they all lived happily ever after
.....until craft christmas present ideas start tinkering around in mah brain.


  1. awesome idea and your daughter is clearly a budding artist! i'm totally laughing at your "11th finger" concept .... so true :)

  2. You poor thing! You must have been so scared!!! But shes so stinkin cute!

  3. the painting is precious! i'm very glad that the paint was non-toxic, i'm pretty sure i would have panicked as well!
    i'm glad lily gave Scott a wonderful fathers day:)

  4. Hey, I'm a new follower from The Undomestic Momma (found you b/c we're both listed under blogs she follows)

    I love the idea of having your LO paint a picture for father's day! And it's definitely something that he will treasure for years to come!

    Your little girl is so adorable!

  5. Aww, I think the painting is incredibly sweet! What a great idea! I would of saved the paint too without thinking ahead. So glad that a trip to the ER was not needed!

  6. Aww well it was a wonderful idea!

  7. rofl....i have yet to call the poison control w/the kids. now that i typed that i will. were u even coherent on the phone w/them?

    they'd prob be w/me..

    "M'am please calm down...we can't understand you"

    joking aside...great idea...cute pic and adorable father and baby lilly photo!

    "blah blah blah paint blah blah"

    "M' something else there to talk to"

    haha that's me for ya

  8. This is the most adorable first fathers day gift I've ever seen. How creative, I bet Lilly will love growing up knowing she made that as a baby! :)