Friday, May 27, 2011

bzzz bzzzzz the pretty bee {giveaway!}

TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. BYE BYE KIDDIES!!! Hellowww  full time MOMMY  and Lillypie. I'm stoked. STOKED! Teachers always cry on the last day of school.  We tear up genuinely for two reasons.

1. We WILL miss your kids...occasionally.  It's fun to see them grow and sad to see them move on.

2. We are crying tears of pure JOY. Joy for the fact that we now get to spend the next two months relaxing and recouping and rejuvenating ourselves back into feeling human again. tears are dried and ...I'm in the partying mood. and I have the perrrrfect gal to help me celebrate.

Meet Kelly from The Pretty Bee

(Kelly) am a stay at home mom of a busy little toddler boy, and a professional violinist. After my son was born I realized that I didn't want to be away from him! My mom suggested selling my jewelry online. Selling on Etsy has been a great opportunity for me to work from home. I still do a few musical gigs, but designing jewelry has allowed me to stay home and be the kind of hands on mom that I want to be. As a bonus, I get to be creative every day! It's so fun to think of my designs being worn and enjoyed by people around the world!

My shop, Linkel Designs features colorful handmade jewelry with whimsical touches, like bees, bicycles and flowers. My blog, The Pretty Bee is where I share recipes, craft projects and home decor inspiration. I also post outfit pictures from time to time.

overcoming obstacles
I would say the biggest "yes" moment for me was about a year after I opened my Etsy shop and was slammed with orders during the Christmas rush. It was exciting and also scary to have to fill so many orders at once. Making it through that season was a big accomplishment and gave me confidence that I could really do this full time!


Two of these statements are true about Miss Kelly--one is a bold face LIE. Guess the LIE as an entry to the giveaway and if you get it right? You get 5 EXTRA entries. Woomp!

During my pregnancy I craved Cinnamon Life cereal and Chicken Tikka Masala.

My parents had a cat named Margarita and a chihuahua named Tequila when they were first married.

I'm petrified of flying.
Kelly is giving away $25 shop credit to one of my lucky party-lovin readers!!
Here is how to enter :)
To enter, simiply visit Linkel Designs shop and leave a comment telling me what your fave item is! That's it!

for those of you who would like extra entries here ya go!

{please leave a separate comment for each entry}

1. answer the two truths and lie question! You guess right, you get 5 extra entries!!

2. follow Kelly's  blog

3. tweet about it! please link @lauralillypie and @theprettybee

Here is an example to copy and paste--

Check out a great giveaway from @theprettybee  hosted by @lauralillypie. It's beeeeautiful!

Thanks, Kelly!!
Giveaway ends June 3rd  at midnight EST!

oh...and if you love lillypie? you might want to visit Kelly's blog....i'm hanging over there with a saweeet giveaway as well. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi Navy, Meet Chartreuse

 Oh hello gorgeous color combination perfect for late spring/summer!
These colors were meant to be friends.
You know,they are a lot  like you and your best friends. One is classic, clean, easy going, and organized. The other is crazy, bold, energetic, and spirited.

The perfect pair--balancing out the friendship and life. Ahhh....just like my new friends navy and chartreuse.

charming and FUN!

Are you inspired?

I was----and whipped up some navy ruffle shoe clips. 


You can find em here!
Now If ONLY I had some green shoes! How FUN would that be?
all images via pinterest. :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

meet the name--lorelei

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Time to meet another little darling!

Do you enjoy meeting these little cuties as much as I love talking about them? I sure hope so. I also think my friends have FABULOUS names for the littles. I can't put them on my future name list, you know GIRL CODE and all, but YOU can! Luckiesss.

Here is my Lorelei. My best selling headband...ever. I must make at least 15 of these a week--and for my little biz and little hands-that's A LOT!

Lorelei's mother is a good friend of mine who also happens to be a co-worker. I know--I'm lucky to work with some amazing women that are bursting with adorable-ness! This year we got to teach the same grade level together and it was super fun...and then--she had lorelei! She's pretty much adorable...and totally headband-naming worthy.

Here's Lorelei from the eyes of her momma!

What is your daughter’s name: Lorelei Elise
umm...time out--it's me. 1. adorable sleeping baby. 2. THIS CHAIR! ::swoon::
How did you decide on her name?
Being a teacher I knew I didn't want anything too common and there are just some names that are out of the picture for me. I found the name Lorelei in a fabulous book called A is for Atticus which is a compilation of great literary names. The moment I came across it, I knew it was perfect! I loved that Lorelei was unique and original without being weird and had a sing-song quality to it. My husband had to get used to it before he agreed. Elise was another name I really liked and I thought it flowed nicely with Lorelei. I also liked her initials with Lorelei Elise.


One word that describes your daughter. GO!

Sweet--I've been saying that since the day she was born. She's just so sweet!


Surprising--She's full of surprises, in fact, she's been surprising us since the day we found out we were expecting! 

Okay, now tell me a bit more about your wittle punkin.
The girl LOVES to smile. Her smile lights up her entire face and her eyes get all squinty. Lorelei also loves to talk. When she talks, she melts my heart! She loves to use her hands. She never kept her hands tight fisted like most babies, she constantly has her hands splayed out, uses them to grab at things, or likes to fold them together. She loves pushing with her feet and standing up straight, sitting in her Bumbo seat or bouncer, and sitting up on the couch. Lorelei also loves to be outside. She loves to sit on our laps 
and look around when we go out on the porch and sit on our rocking chairs.  Lorelei doesn't like to miss out on things. A lot of times when we go places, she is wide awake with these big eyes taking it all in. Lorelei is quite the charmer. She likes attention and will smile and behave for most people. (She usually reserves her melt-downs for home or the car. Lucky Mom and Dad!)  Lorelei is a girl on the go! She doesn't like to sit still for long, whether in the car, her stroller, or when someone is holding her. She needs to constantly
be moving. Lorelei HATES getting nasal saline drops or her nose cleaned out with the snot sucker. (What baby does?) She really doesn't like having her mouth wiped or tummy time. Right now, some of her favorites are the ceiling fan, lights, looking at our fireplace and big clock, and mirrors. She likes looking at patterns and contrasts. Lorelei likes music, singing, and dancing too. She has really gotten into looking at books lately. She will sit on the couch and look at the pictures for a good amount of time. Her favorite toys are the animals on her bouncer seat, Sophie the giraffe, stuffed animals (anything with a face and eyes), tag blankets and lovies with silk edges, her toy keys, and anything that plays music. She loves getting and giving kisses. (She
should, my hubby and I kiss her all the time!) She has the most delicious kissy cheeks and full lips. When we lean in to kiss her, she opens her mouth in anticipation. She is just so much fun and brightens each and every day. My Lorelei girl is my world and I just can't imagine life without her!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

20 months + zoo = joyful exhaustion

 Lilly is a busy 20 monther. Busy at home. Busy playing. Busy reading. Going to the zoo? BUSY. Recently, our family ventured to the zoo for the first time this season. Last year, she was a stroller baby. This year? She's a BUSY baby argh! Toddler. Waah.

I love 20 month lilly. She's wild. crazy. full of personality. 
everything gives this girl joy
snacks. bubbles. golf balls.
spending time with daddy.
The joy of a little one is contagious. I find myself getting really excited about little things now--much like Lilly. I know she's watching me and learning from me all the time--it's evident when she repeats things muttered in the car (whoopzz).  But as much as she's watching me, I'm watching her--and learning to find joy through the eyes of a child. It's healthy...

and  really refreshing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Product DEBUT {the SaraMarie)

 I have a new necklace to show you today. It's my new favorite. I combines everything that I love--ruffled posies, chiffon, light reflecting beads, faux pearls, and bronze chain. BOOM. :)

It's name is the SaraMarie. Sara is a friend of mine who also happens to be a co-worker as well. We're both teachers and it just so happens that we'll both be teaching 2nd grade next year. WOMP! She's a strong, sensitive, caring, bright and sunshiney, resilient working momma. Us working moms are tough--and she represents what I strive for lillypie to be. 

miss saramarie
 --the model--the teacher--the momma-the awesome--

This necklace is available in three color combinations right now--but look for more in the future. I'm really wanting to try a navy and chartreuse color combo {more on those amaze colors later}.

So what do you think? What color combination would YOU like to see?  I'd love feedback on this new design. Perty please? ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Massive Coupon Codes and SWAG swappin'

I love shopping. groceries. diapers. clothing. anything in target. I generally just love spending money. You wanna know what I love MORE than shopping?  SHOPPING HANDMADE. and I triple love SHOPPING for FREE.

Leonora and Amy set up Swag Swap--shopping HANDMADE for FREE for artisans to trade goodies and promote each other's shops. (YESSS! and Yessssssss!!)  Swag week is this week-hoorah!  While I'm scoring some goodies for free--you might be thinking and sticking out that bottom lip --{no fair. No Fair. NO FAIR!!!} Well friends, it is fair---cause ALL of the participating shops are offering discount codes. ALL OF THEM.  So you get to shop HANDMADE  with a DISCOUNT.

Check out my favorite  finds and then travel on to the bottom of this post for the codes!  The codes are good for one week--so procrastinating is not your friend--this time.

and ME--lillypie


I know, right?  Great items --and you can get ALL of them at a discount this week.

Here are the codes....
aPearently Sew--(Score yourselves some cuties at 15% off by using SWAG15)
Marine Parents (The Shop) (All her goodies are 10% off! Use SWAG10 at check out)
Love is Rising--(hate shipping fees? Use FREESHIPSWAG for free shipping!)
Paper and Pigtails--(10% off all your party printables with SWAG10)
 Boogaboo Handmade--(Nab some swag at 15% off using SWAG15)
Paint me a Picture--(Super Savings! Use SUPERSWAG at check out for 15% off!)
Lillypie Accessories--(Get some pretty little thangs at an extra 10% off with SWAG10)
My Sunshine Handmade--(ya ready for this?! Ashley is offering 20% off the ENTIRE shop! Use SWAG20 at check out)
Made by Jewls--(Awww Yeaah! 15% off your order by using SWAG15)
Come and Knock--(Come and Get 10% off your entire purchase with SWAG10)
Yellow Heart Art--(awesome art for your walls and neck! HOLLA! 10% off by using SWAG10 at checkout)

Now tell me friends, didn't this just make your MONDAY soooo much better?

Which shop are you planning on snatching up some swag from?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Audrey and Madrin {winner}

Isn't that the truth? So cheers to being happy today! Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I have a winner to announce. I went to a local art fair this weekend and snatched up some lovely Madrin Designs earrings for myself! I just love her designs. Hopefully you fell in love too and consider her shop when looking for trendy and unique pieces for summer.  

NOW! Here is our winner!! Thanks to everyone that entered. I have some more giveaways lined up in the next few weeks. So hang around. :)
Congratulations Caitlin!

If this is your and your pretty comment---shoot me an email and we'll get the Madrin necklace to you soon.

Be happy today. It'll make you ever MORE beautiful!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


this post was deleted Friday with all the blogger issues. Reposting it. :)

being a mom is my favorite.
Mother's Day 2011
Linking up with Emily today!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I believe in a cup of coffee and a McDonald's Diet Coke EVERY DAY.

I believe middle of the night snuggles when you have bad dreams.

I believe in love.

I believe in true forgiveness.

I believe  that the Lord has bigger plans for us than we can ever imagine.

I believe that living without sunless tanner would be a disaster.

I believe that accessories make an outfit.

I believe in the love of family.

I believe in breaks, specifically summer ones

I believe in miracles. 

What do you believe in?


I also  believe you  don't want to miss out on the Madrin Designs giveaway from last Wednesday. It's a great way to build your summer accessories bin! The winner will be chosen on Thursday! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Madrin Designs {giveaway!}

Summer is coming. It's almost here! I'm ready to celebrate, are you?

Over next few weeks leading up to my summer break--(holla!)  I'll be hosting some great giveaways to get you in the summer state of mind. I also want to say THANK YOU for sticking with this little blog! I adore your comments and appreciate your support. I am a little bitty blog--but I have the heart of a big one. So, let's pull out our flip flops and sun dresses and win some amazing summer goodies!! Woooot! I can't wait for you to meet these gals and the fun and fresh goodies that they make! Seriously--amazing and if I could enter my own giveaway I totally would--that's a little weird though and prooobably not good blog etiquette.

Meet Kristin of Madrin Designs!

My name is Kristin Trautmann Johnson. I am a wife and mother. My husband has lived out of state because of a job change since September, so my kids and I have been flying solo these past months. My kids, Maddox and Marin are 6 and 2, respectively. We live in Greenfield, IN right now, but we’re moving to Antelope Valley, California in 3-4 weeks to be with my husband. We have 3 dogs, Sophie, Lola, and the puppy, Dexter. Aside from all of that, I consider myself an designer and assembler of jewelry.

 What is your business all about?

MadrinDesigns is a handmade jewelry company I started in May 2008, after the birth of my daughter the previous November. One day, I was at Michael’s and saw the lovely and colorful bead row and was hooked instantly. I had no idea how to make jewelry, but knew I wanted to try. I bought a couple of how-to books and got started. It turns out people thought I was good at designing all of the pieces I made, so I decided to make a go of a business out of it. I named my business after my two children, by combining their names. I started off selling to friends and then decided to apply to my first show that was only one month past when I decided to do all of this in the first place. I continue to sell my products at fairs, festivals etc., while also consigning to several boutiques over the years.

My jewelry is really all about ME! Shocking to say, right? I literally only make things I would personally wear. This was my first thought when I was making an informal business plan. I didn’t want to cave to what was popular at some of the first shows I did. We’ve all seen what I’m talking about: earrings for every holiday, necklaces that look like they were put together by my 3 year old and stuff only my Grandma would wear (no offense, Grandma!). I wanted to make jewelry that my friends would want for gifts and what I wanted to see at the festivals we’ve all been to. I was aiming my designs towards the 18-30ish market that I felt was desperately under-represented by handmade jewelers. Around the same time, I found out about Etsy and claimed a piece of the uber-successfulness of theirs for myself.

Who/What is your inspiration?

Inspiration: color, clothing, art, texture, my mom, the list could go on forever. I do find inspirations in the strangest places sometimes. A sign with an interesting color combination inspired a necklace once. Vintage anything inspires me, especially the 1930s, 40s, and 50s! I said my mom inspired me because she is one person I see everyday usually and loves jewelry! I make things for her sometimes just to match a certain suit she wears to work (she’s a little matchy-matchy for me, but I defer to her choices once in a while). I love looking at any clothing from haute couture to what my friends wear to take the kids to school. Anything can spark my imagination creatively. I open myself to it.

Any big future plans for your business/shop?

As for the future of MadrinDesigns, my first step is to make the big move to California. I want to concentrate on my Etsy shop while we’re there. And if I could find some small, local shows to do, even better! I want to keep making jewelry as long as people are still buying it and I keep my passion for it. Because that’s what it’s all about: love, passion, desire. Those things keep you happy and constantly advancing in your life.

Any advice for those who want to start a handmade biz?

For those that want to start a handmade art/craft business, I say this: Do what you love and others will love it too. Always follow your instincts and trust your gut, hasn’t led me astray yet!

Amazing styled jewelry right? Grab a tissue---wipe the drool, I'll wait.

Kristin is a doll and is generously giving away a necklace of hers to one of my readers. If you're a public follower of this lil blog, this silver love necklace could be around your pretty neck this summer! There are so many things to love about summer...and nothing will remind you more of those things than wearing the word around yo neck!

To enter, simiply visit Madrin Designs shop and leave a comment telling me what your fave item is! That's it!

for those of you who would like extra entries here ya go!
{please leave a separate comment for each entry}
1. like Madrin's facebook page!
2. follow her blog
3. tweet about it! please link @lauralillypie and @madrindesigns
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Check out a great giveaway from @madrindesigns hosted by @lauralillypie. It's perfect for summer!

Thanks, Kristin!
Giveaway ends May 18th at midnight EST!
Good Luck! <3