Thursday, May 19, 2011

20 months + zoo = joyful exhaustion

 Lilly is a busy 20 monther. Busy at home. Busy playing. Busy reading. Going to the zoo? BUSY. Recently, our family ventured to the zoo for the first time this season. Last year, she was a stroller baby. This year? She's a BUSY baby argh! Toddler. Waah.

I love 20 month lilly. She's wild. crazy. full of personality. 
everything gives this girl joy
snacks. bubbles. golf balls.
spending time with daddy.
The joy of a little one is contagious. I find myself getting really excited about little things now--much like Lilly. I know she's watching me and learning from me all the time--it's evident when she repeats things muttered in the car (whoopzz).  But as much as she's watching me, I'm watching her--and learning to find joy through the eyes of a child. It's healthy...

and  really refreshing.


  1. I need to meet this adorable face :)

  2. I bought that dress from MJ too!! Unfortunately it didn't fit Makenzie well so I had to go with a dif one, but SO SO CUTE!!!

  3. what a sweet post! i LOVE the zoo..and it looks like Lilly does too. thanks for sharing :-)