Wednesday, October 20, 2010

accessories make an outfit

Some of you know that I have a little side business. This little side business is fun. This little side business allows me to be creative. I don't have to grade papers while doing this little side business. THIS LITTLE SIDE BUSINESS IS NOW ON ETSY!!!! Woot. Woot!

I started lillypie.accessories back in June. Remember?  I started on facebook and took custom orders through email. In a few short months I have made over 400 headbands/clippies/accessories. I've gotten this tiny bit of success from friends telling friends. I'm so appreciative!!!

I'm launching my etsy site tomorrow. THURSDAY! :) and to celebrate all my designs are on sale. ALL!! I have  headbands going for 2.50. TWO FIFTY!!

 I'd love for you to take a peek at my shop. I have lots of diverse items. I have accessories for newborns, infants, toddles, grade-school gals, and mommies!! I design headbands, clippies, shoe clips, and statement necklaces.

If you're browsing and like what you see...consider 'hearting' me? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
Let me know what you think. I'm dying for some feedback. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

the post where I get what's coming....

I'm about to divulge you all in a nasty dirty evil secret of mine. Come closer. Promise not to tell anyone else? Pinky promise with a kiss? Okay.

I used lilly as an excuse not to go somewhere. I lied and said she wasn't feeling well.

AHHH!!! I knoooooow!!

Two Saturdays ago, I was supposed to meet some folks downtown for an afternoon. I was a tag along. A last minute ( like the day before)  add to a stroll. They wanted to meet Lilly. was for a charity. Ahh!! This sounds so awful. I'm definitely getting black marks in the book of good and evil up in heaven. Peter wrote this down with two LARGE RED MARKS underlining my name for this.

RE: This Chick Needs to Learn a  Lesson ( again)
Your child- Laura --- used her baby daughter as an excuse not to walk for a charity 10/9/10 (Good Lord Above Side Notes: make sure she gets whats coming to her ASAP) Peter--thanks for the update.

I cancelled. Using the excuse "Lilly isn't feeling very well, I don't know if having her outside all morning is such a great idea."

You know you've used it before.

Right? Or am I the only evil damsel around here.....

I JUST WANTED A SATURDAY AT HOME WITH MY FAMILY. We hadn't had one in 3 weeks. It was a gorgeous day. I wanted to go to the park. swing. swipe mulch out of her mouth. slide. prevent her from walking up the slide. You know...normal family things. I didn't want to go walk downtown. Find parking. Walk her in the stoller worrying about if she's hungry or WHERE I'm going to feed her.  I just didn't have the nerve to say no in the first place. So I did the passive aggressive "Sure I can come" knowing very well that I would back out. Ahhh. So bad.

Anyway... Let's get to the part where the Good Lord sends down his lightening bolt and sends this sinner a lesson. Sunday night. Lilly begins to run a fever. Monday=fever, Tuesday= fever, cranky butt, constant crying, Wednesday= FEVER. CRANK. CRYING. NO DRINKING. NO EATING. MISERABLE. SCARY. URGENT CARE.

Wednesday-Friday?  A blur of Lilly sickness. It's safe to say she was the sickest she's ever been in her 13 month existence. She's only just now starting to act like herself again.

Like my friend Earl would say,


Dear God,

Learned my lesson.  Love you. Sorry. Never doing it again. KThnxBai.


She's better now. And WALKING everwhere.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

new product! shoe clips.

thought i would get crafty creative. screwed up the template. apologies.

shoe clips. adorable no? the hand-sewn baby silk roses are attatched to a small sturdy clip and then attatched to shoe. they are removable. attatch them to the front of shoes. the back/heel of shoe. transforms a plain flat into a one of a kind embellished gem. i'm in love. i wore these for our fall  family pictures last saturday. i wore minimal jewelry to make up for the fact that my shoes....were awesome.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

milk. from cows.

The moment your baybeeee begins drinking milk is huge. HUGE. and mind blowing. for several reasons.

1. Babies don't drink milk out of sippy cups. TODDLERS do. Gawhh!

2. Organic? Regular? Organic? Regular? 6.00? 3.00? My thought process--Hormones=bad. Boobies early because of  said hormones=extra bad. Attention because of early boobies from boys = WORST THING ON EARTH!!!! We aren't an organic home. However I'm really pro-organic milk. I know, I didn't drink organic and I'm fine. I also didn't have the type of schooling that I  am required to give. Things are different. Yep, I'm about to compare cows to kids. Chemicals and hormones are pumped into our produce and meat and milk to produce more more!! more!!!!. Teachers are required to bend over backwards for little pay and forced to push push push and assess assess assess and no science. no fun. no arts. no play time. IT's ALL ABOUT producing more more more. Get the standardized tests higher. 100% success. Everything is about more these days. It's a business , just like the superintendent of public schools...and business that's focused on the bottom line, not always what's best for the kids, the teacher, the cows, the babies. I digress.

 Am I being ridiculous? Maybe. Over the top? Probably. It helps me sleep at night though.

Do you do organic? Am I being crazy? Doesn't this gal have MAD volume? hehe.

negligence, appologies, gifts to readers, and fall gems.

Hi Friends--

So sorry for my long absence and negligence with this blog. Don't worry you're not alone....I've been ignoring my other one too.

BIG CHANGES for Lillypie! Lillypie accessories is growing and expanding. I will be launching the etsy site for Lillypie in a few short weeks. Once the website is launched, this blog will be a place to see new product, get insider deals, awesome giveaways, and previews of upcoming pretties.

I get most of my items wholesale from places like ebay and etsy supplies. It's great and it has allowed me to be creative.  However I've come upon a downfall. OUT OF STOCK-ness. I am currently out of stock of many colors of flowers including the INSANELY popular shabby pink color. EGADS!

Unfortunately  a lot of my lillypies are currently out of stock until spring. It's okay in my opinion. I have the style idea that if the flower isn't grown naturally in that season, it shouldn't probably be worn. Because don't you really want your little bayyybbeee to look like she was just frolicking in the garden and oh-just-so-happendly had a precious flower fall into her hair? hehe.

Because of my out of stock boo hooos...I've gone to hand sewing each flower that I create. THAT way they will NEVER run out...unless my hands fall off. :) I've posted some  pictures of what I am currently creating at the bottowm of this post. I say currently because my ideas and taste seem to change with each passing week.  I love these sewn baby silk roses. They are perfect for fall and I find myself wearing one either in my hair, on my purse, or on my cardigan (helloooo...i'm a teacher...cardis are the new apple jean jumper.) .

Thanks for hanging in there with me. AND checking this blog. I appreciate it. My business has grown because of word of mouth. SO THANK YOU. THANK YOU. You are allowing me to do what I enjoy. YOU are supporting a mother with BIG CRAFTY SWIRLY DREAMS.

As of today I have 16 public followers. ::waving to my friends!::  I'm giving you gals 30% off any order between now and November 1.
If you become a public follower. I'll give you 20% off any order between now and November 1.

Are you wondering what the heck a public follower is? Go to the right side of the blog. Click on follow this blog. Click public follower. Bam boom. You're done. :) When you are a public follower you can get updates right to your google reader.


the ellie $3

the delaney $5

the ellie $3

the sophie $5

the harper $6

a collection of claires $6 each
the claire is a bobby pin/pin for the non bib wearing gals. :)

Fall goodies!

email me at to get your thank you!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday partaaaaay!

Lilly's birthday was super fun. We woke her up singing happy birthday. Her face lit up when we sang and she started bouncing in her green jammies. Her already outta control hair was EXTRA outta control on her birthday.I contemplated putting product in it, but then realized that crazy hair = lilly. So I decided against it. Here are some{read--A FRICKIN ton} detail and party pics of Lilly's birthday. No theme. I found a dress at Target {lurve} and planned the party around the color scheme. I later cut up that dress and made her bib and onesie.  I made all the decorations and had a blast doing it. I was really inspired by all the party blogs. YEA....PARTY BLOGS. My faves? Hostess with the Mostess and Kara's Party Ideas. I had so much fun making stuff.  No. REALLY. Like too much fun. Like I wanna be a 1st birthday party planner. NOW. 


ahm one. eye rock.
door sign

 lilly bears, baby cakes, and lil' sunshines
I tried to name everything with a nickname that I use for Lilly
You know, since the day was all about her. :)
cupcakes: TARGET
Target has my heart 100%. They were fab.
tiered tray and cake stand: 50 cent plates  and candlesticks from goodwill (scrubbed and scoured...don't fret!)  spray painted and glued together using E600.
addicted to doing this now.

 I hung tissue pom flowers and white laterns from all the ceiling fans in the kitchen, living, and sun rooms.
They really transformed the space.
Tissue paper + martha stewart= love
oh hi flag banner!

a friend  of mine, whose name just happens to be Lilly, made this cake for Lilly. PERFECT. She's so talented.

 I was so glad that I did this. I took a month picture of lilly in the same chair with the same bear every month. I loooove looking at this. I might continue it even though the year milestone is passed. "Lilly sit in your chair!! This is your 8 year 4th month picture!!!!"

drinking glasses + ribbon+ cheapo crazy daisies= modern splash of color for centerpieces

Lilly clearly had a great time.

She decided to take her first three steps at the party. Towards clothes.
Atta Girl!


 her cousins adore her....and she adores them.

 I covered Dora party hats from the party store with scrapbook paper I had leftover from the flags.
It was a good idea in theory. Apparently kids HATE party hats. Who knew?

Happy Birthday toooo meeeee!!!

I tried my derndest to get a good family picture.


I believe everyone had a great time at the party. I love getting together with family and close friends. I love that my family is growing. I love that my friends are becoming more like family.

I tried to take a moment to step back during the party to really soak in the fact that Lilly is ONE. It was a birthday to me too ya know. My first year as a mom.
I survived.