Monday, October 18, 2010

the post where I get what's coming....

I'm about to divulge you all in a nasty dirty evil secret of mine. Come closer. Promise not to tell anyone else? Pinky promise with a kiss? Okay.

I used lilly as an excuse not to go somewhere. I lied and said she wasn't feeling well.

AHHH!!! I knoooooow!!

Two Saturdays ago, I was supposed to meet some folks downtown for an afternoon. I was a tag along. A last minute ( like the day before)  add to a stroll. They wanted to meet Lilly. was for a charity. Ahh!! This sounds so awful. I'm definitely getting black marks in the book of good and evil up in heaven. Peter wrote this down with two LARGE RED MARKS underlining my name for this.

RE: This Chick Needs to Learn a  Lesson ( again)
Your child- Laura --- used her baby daughter as an excuse not to walk for a charity 10/9/10 (Good Lord Above Side Notes: make sure she gets whats coming to her ASAP) Peter--thanks for the update.

I cancelled. Using the excuse "Lilly isn't feeling very well, I don't know if having her outside all morning is such a great idea."

You know you've used it before.

Right? Or am I the only evil damsel around here.....

I JUST WANTED A SATURDAY AT HOME WITH MY FAMILY. We hadn't had one in 3 weeks. It was a gorgeous day. I wanted to go to the park. swing. swipe mulch out of her mouth. slide. prevent her from walking up the slide. You know...normal family things. I didn't want to go walk downtown. Find parking. Walk her in the stoller worrying about if she's hungry or WHERE I'm going to feed her.  I just didn't have the nerve to say no in the first place. So I did the passive aggressive "Sure I can come" knowing very well that I would back out. Ahhh. So bad.

Anyway... Let's get to the part where the Good Lord sends down his lightening bolt and sends this sinner a lesson. Sunday night. Lilly begins to run a fever. Monday=fever, Tuesday= fever, cranky butt, constant crying, Wednesday= FEVER. CRANK. CRYING. NO DRINKING. NO EATING. MISERABLE. SCARY. URGENT CARE.

Wednesday-Friday?  A blur of Lilly sickness. It's safe to say she was the sickest she's ever been in her 13 month existence. She's only just now starting to act like herself again.

Like my friend Earl would say,


Dear God,

Learned my lesson.  Love you. Sorry. Never doing it again. KThnxBai.


She's better now. And WALKING everwhere.


  1. aww poor girl. but thats so funny you mentioned karma. my son is becoming obsessed with the whole thing. don't worry i've used the same excuse before!

  2. Oh girl! You are a momma! You are allowed every excuse known to man! :)

  3. Man, I must have missed the boat on this one. I totally thought that reason for having kids was so that you could use them as excuses to get out of things you don't want to do...



  4. Sorry that your sweet girl was sick though. That's no fun at all!