Tuesday, November 20, 2012

lillypie sale event ((black friday hollleerrrr!!))

Biggest sale in lillypie history is about to commence. Whooo buddy it's going to be big. Fingers crossed that this turns out to be a good business decision. Ahhhh---tis the season.

Here is the schedule. Be sure to follow lillypie accessories on facebook to get updates and info on the flash sales and giveaways.

I'd be so honored if you chose lillypie as a gift to a friend, mother, sister, or daughter this year.  Your purchase supports my family. Your items are all handmade by me. I love my job and I'm so thankful for my customers who allow me to do what I enjoy. Shanks! ;)

Lillypie Accessories Coupon Codes
30% OFF  Thursday-Saturday  COUPON CODE: BlackFriday
50% OFF 8-10AM  (est) Friday  COUPON CODE: EarlyBird

Flashsales and Giveaways on FACEBOOK ONLY

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sparkle Collection ((holiday shine))

eeeks! So excited to show you  my new collection. Kelsey Clark of Apples and Honey Photography contacted me a week ago wanting to do a fun styled glitterfied shoot showcasing my Holiday Sparkle Collection. I'm ALWAYS down for fun photoshoot so I happily agreed!

I met Kelsey during my photoshoot for LolliPOP last spring. She and her daughter were two of the gorgeous models. I quickly fell in love with her. She's a former teacher persuing her dream in photography. She's oh-so-talented.  Her attention to detail was amazing! She was so patient with the little models ( our daughters!!). All of the ideas for the photostory came from her creative soul. It's so fun to find someone who clicks with your personality and shares a geniune love of artistic creativity. I'm so happy to have made a new friend. She's amazing,  here--I can prove it to you. :)

Go fall in love with more of Kelsey's work!

Introducing Sparkle Collection--my fancy schmany collection.

fallen in love? you can purchase all designs in my shop.

Thank you to Allie Warner for being our gorgeous model. You are beautiful and your personality matches your rockin hair and sparkling eyes. So happy to have met you.

Thank you also to my little Lilly and sweet Hallie for playing nice and smiling for your mothers. ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

so big. ((three months))

 Not only do I have a three year old with singed hair I also have a three month old. That's right gals, little Noah has continued to grow, get bigger, louder, and stronger despite his momma demanding him stay a squishy little newborn. unfair.

He's my bubba---and it's true, I couldn't imagine my life without him. I don't know if it's because he's the baby and *maybe* my last baby---but I seem to be clinging to everything baby. He's still in our room and I have zero intentions of moving him anytime soon.

We moved lilly into her room at 3 weeks because she was so. very. loud. We couldn't sleep because of her. diva. and here we are with noah--at three months still cozied up next to our bed. I'm just so attached to him.I don't really want to move him out. I absolutely love waking up in the middle of the night hearing him breath next to me. I enjoy being able to roll over and peek at him. I'm obsessed with the comfort of him so near. I was never this way with lilly--or at least I don't remember it.

He's outgrown two sets of clothes. How have I already packed up all the newborn AND 0-3 clothes?  I forgot how exciting and sad it is to place the cute, soft, and loved clothes that your little one has been discovering the world in into a bin to be stored. Sad because he'll never be that small again---but excited because each new stage brings fun and exciting adventures.

Little Noah is sweet. Oh--is that boy sweet. His flirty smile makes my cup overflow. I want nothing but the best for my little boy and all lilly wants him to do is to "do sompfing noah, play wif me!" The little newbie melty snuggles are gone---but a big life with big sister lilly is on the horizon. ah--can't wait.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

transparent honest and real ((those are scary words))

You know me. I'm a stranger. You knew me once. I'm someone you relate to from behind a screen. You have no idea HOW you got here thanks to a random google search.  Regardless, thanks for being here.

I've almost stopped blogging many times. Yet each time I say to myself that I don't NEED to blog--I find myself missing it and I come back. I don't know how many people read my posts.  I enjoy sharing my life. I find happiness in allowing others into my heart and mind in hopes that I can do the same with them.

I'm messy---really messy. Occasionally dirty--but always messy.

I love lillypie. LOVE IT. I find so much happiness in creating--even if it's just a little headband.

I have no business plan. I have no idea where I'd like lillypie to go. I always adapt it to my season. I do what works for my family and I. If I'm content with the amount of time I'm devoting to it and I have happy--returning customers then that's how it will stay. I would LOVE to do more wholesale in local boutiques.

When I saw a baby elephant nursing at the zoo I got jealous. Really jealous. I wanted to nurse so badly and for one reason or another my body wouldn't allow me to. 

I get angry when I see on EVERY. FORMULA. CAN. "Important notice: Breastfeeding is best". I don't see the need to remind mothers every time they open their formula can that they aren't doing what's best. I believe it enhances mommy guilt and pressure on women to be an ideal "perfect" mother--which none of us are.  The LAST thing a mother needs is to be slapped in the face with BF notices when the entire reason they have bought the formula is either they have CHOSEN to use it or are FORCED to use it.

I've struggled with Post Partum Depression with both my children. I hate it and wish I didn't have it--but I believe with every fiber of my being that the reason I have it is because the Lord wants me to help other moms going through it. I don't bring it up very often but I'm not shy about talking about it. I want to help other mothers dealing with the nasty beast that is PPD. I don't have much advice when dealing with PPD because I am still in midst of it---but I do want to provide the comfort that Yes, it's real. No, it's not forever. No, this isn't you. Yes, it sucks. Yes, you can handle it. Yes, the meds are important.

My husband and I make really adorable chicken nuggets. Proof?

it was   reeeaaaallly windy that day..obvs.

I don't know how women/mothers functioned before the Crock Pot. Seriously. I think I could get rid of my oven at this point. It's used for making brownies and pizza. Hmm....and I'm  pretty sure I could find a crock pot brownie recipe on pinterest.............

I often feel like I'm failing---but I know I'm not. I'm a good mother.

I'm most inspired artistically by color. I get excited about color and gravitate towards jewel tones. I think it's pretty rad that they're everywhere these days. I love pairing colors together and my favorite combo this moment is a reddish coral with a raspberry pink. Ughhh...swoon. I would love to talk colors and pairings with someone for long periods of time but haven't found anyone to do that with yet....

I'm crazy about my family. My perfect evening is when Scott gets home early and we have dinner together (from the crock pot of course). We take turns holding our wiggly Noah while Lilly plays in family room. The TV is off and phones are in the other room. A fire is crackling and a cup of coffee is in my hands. We read stories, do puzzles, play a game of candy land, laugh, dance, and sing. and my favorite moment of those evenings?? When Scott and I catch each others eyes and smile knowing that our life is pretty awesome. Our kids are ornery and fabulous. and we truly love each other.  Ahhh---wish those nights happened more often.

see that terrible carrier?? dont buy it...got a new one. the. next. day.

I'm happy you're here. I share my life because I love doing it. and also in hopes of creating new relationships with some of you. and I'm not just saying that.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

She's smokin ((lilly turned three))

Two hours after my little gal turned three her hair caught on fire.

And so far---that moment has set the tone of this being three business.

It was the typical family birthday cake setting. Homemade box cake slathered in uneven pink frosting in a 9x11 pan. Rainbow sprinkles and three proud candles  made the cake the perfect way to ring in three fun and crazy years.  Happy as a lark she climbed up in her chair and asked on repeat " it's time for happy cake now?? now? NOW? NOW!?!?????".  Little did she know that a simple happy birthday celebration requires many things.

1. moving her in front of the window for good lighting in photos.
2. shushing and bouncing the little brother that likes to steal the spotlight.
3. finding the derned lighter that shows up in random places in random times.
4. keeping the cake out of arms reach of an overeager three year old
5. explaining  several times that we have to SING to her before you can actually blow out the candles.

A sweaty mom and 15 minutes later we were finally ready to celebrate our girl. Scott brought over the cake, we both sang, I took pictures, and our little gal GLOWED.  She beamed and even sang the song herself. She was proud to be three. This was her day. She was a BIG GIRL.  She leaned over to blow out those three amazing candles lit. for. her. and Whooosh. Up in flames.

The right side of her hair was glowing like her smile. I dropped my camera and screamed. Scott started slapping lilly to stamp out the flames. She started crying that we didn't let her blow out the candles. and Noah joined in the freak out party by promptly losing his mind.

She's fine. You can't even notice the crispy hair. After 24 hours the stench of burnt hair left our home.

and lilly felt the need to  announce that "Next time? I be SUPAH careful. We don't light our hair on fire, do we."

No lilly, we don't.

This girl is taking on three and blazin it up.

smiles. shrieks. twirls. " i do dis by.myself momma.", tantrums. whining. kisses. i love  yous. one more hug and kiss. flailing. "you take ponies away if I don't listen", "I did that last years", we don't potty our panties, you need help--yes or no. You happy? I'm happy. dancing. princesses. dinosaurs. my little ponies. care bears. super why. glitter. markers. stickers and fruit snacks. oh  and fire safety.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Latte Da Collection ((is here!!))


Latte Da is here! :)
all designs and goodies are available in my shop.
Take a look and go pick out something nice for yourself. It's Friday, you deserve it. I said it was okay. :)

A week ago I met up with some friends downtown for a quick lillypie coffe shop styled photo shoot. I worked with Jessica of Lemongrass Photography.  She was a doll to work with! I enjoyed meeting one of my internet friends out from behind a screen and was really impressed with her style, demeanor, and enthusiasm for her art. Oh, and she brought her beaaaauuutiful 2 week old son with her. Yes, you read that right---she was out working TWO WEEKS AFTER giving birth. Wowsa. :)

so, here's my fall/winter collection.
((nervously shuffling my feet))


Biiig thanks again to Jessica of Lemongrass Photography. Weren't these images caauutte?!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Behind the Scenes ((Latte Da Preview))

Latte Da is coming ya'll!!! In just a few short days!! Snaps if you're excited to add some fall lillypie to your wardrobe!!

I thought I'd share a little bit into the process of coming up and designing Latte Da.  I'm a small business but it's a lot of BIG work to create new designs and products each season.  I'm not a professional. I didn't go to school for this. This is what inspires and works for me---so I'm sharin'.

I always start with sketches. I grabbed a sharpie and just started. I'll tell ya that not all my sketches made it into the collection. I'm saving a few for later because whoooo lordy I don't have goobles of time here.

After the initial sketches I started picking out fabrics and a color scheme. I've found the best way for me to decide on colors is to pick two or three BOLD colors and then two or three NEUTRALS.  My bolds this collection are vintage amber, persimmon, and plum. My neutrals are ash, neutral, and dusty aqua.  When I go shopping---I always go COLOR when picking out accessories---ESPECIALLY if it's expensive. If I'm going to buy something that is more than 20 bucks I want it to stand out. If I'm being transparent here---I want it to get compliments ( do you do that too?).  So---next time you see me? Compliment me on my rust red scarf?! hehe.

However, not everyone has that same idea when it comes to shopping for accessories. Lots of ladies love the neutrals--if you're going to spend money on you or your daughter you want LOTS AND LOTS of use out of it. You want to get your money's worth annnnnd get compliments on your style and taste. Two thumbs up there too.

I've got both types of ladies covered. I split the collection down the middle and made sure to have equal bold and neutral pieces.  YAY!

Latte Da also has a lot more baubled beauties. I don't want to stray from my roots of headbands that are meant to be shared but good golly I loooooooove making necklaces ((and now bracelets!!!)). I wanted more necklaces in this collection because selfishly they are lots of fun to make!

Being a new mother again I've got this lovely extra LOVE hanging around my mid section. Thanks, Noah.  Someone once told me that a big statement necklace is the best way to draw the eye UPWARD and I agree. So I make lots of them. and I wear lots of them. Lattteeeee da.

So after sketching, scooping up pretty fabrics, piecing together new headbands and necklaces, I come up with a name for the collection of designs--because it's fun. Fall 2012 is boring. Latte Da is fun.

Sipping hot chocolate with your littles on a crisp fall day is fun. Gathering for some girl time in local coffee shop sharing your heart and life is necessary. Soaking up a moment for YOURSELF with a cup before the crazy begins is important. Enjoying the spontaneous fun moments in life is glorious. Latte Da!

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY YET?! Scootch back a post!! Free manicure and two free lillypies to a lucky lady!!! GO....GO now!! :)