Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lillypie and EM Studio Salon ((GIVEAWAY))

 The past month has been FULL. Full of baby. Full of toddler. Full of dishes. Full of laundry. Full of fun days at the park. Full of My Little Pony. and FULL OF LILLYPIE!  :)

My new collection launches on October 5th. Mark your calendars ladies---lots of wonderful new accessories are wanting new homes. Eeeep! More on the new collection later this week.

In between designing, creating, and photographing my new collection I also began working with the wonderful owners of EM Studio Salon in Brownsburg, Indiana. I've been a fan of the salon for a long time and frequent a certain chair every 6-8 weeks. :) I adore everything about the salon and the sweet ladies in it. The ladies at EM want to empower their clients to feel their best. They want each and every person that walks into their wonderful, little, chic salon to feel even more beautiful than they already are. Amen, Hallelujah, Rock On---right?! Those of you in the Indy area should really check them out!

EM Studio Salon is now carrying my full Fall/Winter collection and I'm just OVER THE MOON excited.

To celebrate our wonderful friends who love and support us we decided to reward a lucky lady  with a FREE EM Studio Salon Manicure, a Black Dot Necklace (latte da 2012) and Vintage Amber Brooch/Clip (latte da 2012).

You can be entered to win by completing this Rafflecopter giveaway. Those of you who've never used this before--SUPER easy. I always log in as facebook because it's super easy--but you can also just use an email address! 
Best of luck friends! Thank you for supporting EM Studio Salon and Lillypie---we adore you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway