Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW...the helland necklace

Happy Monday.
To get you through a case of the moooooooooooondays I'd like you to meet someone.
The newest addition to lillypie!

..the helland necklace..

This necklace is really FOUR accessories in one. FOUR.

::totally justifiable by ANY means::
You're not just buying ONE beautiful's FOUR

{would saying HOLLA right now be tacky? mmmmmmmmmmm?}

This necklace features a 26" silver chain threaded with beautiful  satin ribbon. This necklace does not have a clasp to allow layering on neck or wrist. Attached to the chain is a 3" ruffle flower brooch and hair pin. The flower is made of layers of baby silk that is cut, bunched, and layered to create a delicate and whimsical flower. The flower has a intricate center of pearls and violet czech glass beads.
let my beautiful friend Alissa show ya how to ROCK it. :)
 ....As a layered necklace with flower attached to chain asymmetrically

...As a simple silver chain with ribbon detail

.... As a hair pin  ::okay, this one is me...::

... As a brooch --attatched to a cardigan, shirt, scarf, or purse

The fun spring accessory, no?

isn't alissa soooo pretty?!?  she makes lillypie look gooooooood.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

seven and sooooo excited.


7 years ago I graduated college and COULD NOT wait to be outta class and into a classROOM of my own.  I was done with papers. Done with rubrics. Done with professors. Done with projects. and cramming. and procrastinating. and flying by the seat of pants.

7 years later? I AM THRILLLLLLLLLLLED to be going back. Back to projects. Back to lessons. Back to learning. Back to absorbing. Back to networking. Back to collaborating. Back to a LOT less tuition!!

In 7 days, I'm a student again. Indie Business 3.0 starts in one week! HOLLA. I am bouncing off the walls with excitement. I can't wait  to challenge myself and my business. I am so anxious and plan on  soaking up all the goodness and loveliness that is LA, Lisa, and Jill.

I have some goals for myself for this class. Wanna hear em'? Course you do. :)

1. Learn more about myself--I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone. I'm taking a little leap of lillypie faith. Could I one day make this a full time job? Can I juggle family, teaching, lillypie, and a social life?  Am I talented or creative enough to compete?

2. Develop a business plan-- No-- my notebook coded with doodles probably isn't the best organizational tool.  Hearts for "shipped' and stars for 'paid'  --while endearing and semi-adorable WILL. NOT. CUT. IT. anymore.

3. MEET NEW FRIENDS--creative crafty color loving friends. If you're stopping by from the Forum...HIIII!!!!!! ::waving with a cheesy grin::

Get excited friends. Lillypie is ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER!


oooh. almost forgot. I'm featured  over on The Anderson Crew. Emily is  hosting a crazy amazing giveaway and it ends Wednesday. Go see!! and enter!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

happy fresh new year

Happy Monday! Lilly said Mommy this weekend. Nope, not  ma, mah mah, moo, muh {all acceptable forms of mother for her and me} but a full blown "mommy". So this girl ------------------------------>
had a great weekend.

Quick update. I AM READY FOR SPRING. Spring  feels like the real start to the new year. I think it's the fact that everything is new, fresh, bright, and sunny. Friends come out of hiding. Germs get busted outta the house from the soft breeze stemming from open windows.  Toes and ankles freeze because 50 degrees is TOTALLY sandal and crop weather. :)  We put away the bulk and cozy and bust out the bright and flowy. We soak up vitamin D. I FIIIINALLY get motivated to clean the house. We're not there yet...but we're close to a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Here are some lovelies that are SURE to get you in a fresh spring mood.
Love these items as much as me?
Go to their shop! All of them are FULL of all things fresh, wonderful, and spring

From Left to Right--Top to Bottom
Three Red Apples, Gingersnappz Wristlet Key Fob, Tag....You're It Mommy Necklace, TAMAR necklace

For the Love of Joy Hoop, Butterfly Mobile by KhammWhisker Graphics print, WHOOPS! Twice!! :)

Oh Snap Wallet by Knitty Bitties, Honey Pie Designs, Wreath by Itz Fitz, Pretty Pearls by JessicaNDesigns

Linking up with this amazing fun gal today!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things on my blog  are a  bit of a mess. So sorry. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. That's how you learn, right?

Friday, February 18, 2011

President's Day ::SALE::

In honor of our dead presidents...

lillypie is have a sale. because honestly? president's day? to me? is about SHOPPING and SALES. you can get some great deals at the malls this weekend and you can get some great deals at LILLYPIE this weekend!

The ENTIRE shop is buy three get one free!

find this sign for purchase ::HERE::

Purchase ANY three items from my shop and receive a fourth of equal or lesser value for FREE!
Necklace + shoe clips + pins= headband FREE

::golden glow rosette shoe clips::

::regatta ruffle flower necklace::

thanks the presidents and get ready for spring.


i'm excited. are you?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

here comes the bride :::shop update:::

here comes the bride....all dressed in {lillypie}

Love is in the air, my friends.   My little shop has been ah-buzzing with beautiful brides snatching up goodies for their special day. I thought it might be fun to showcase some of my designs that are PERFECT for weddings--whether you are main attraction, a maid, a guest, or a crasher. hehe.

Here are a few product peeks of new items that have just been  or will be added to my shop. 
{soon. pinky}

bridal hair piece
white organza. dainty pure white feathers-vintage lace

pretty. pretty. pretty.

perfect for the maids. and all those classic black and white weddings.

ruffle shoe clips.
snazz up those bridal shoes!
ruffle up everyone.
I've made these in red, white, cream, raspberry, and eucalyptus....WISH I woulda snapped pics!!
<3 <3 <3

ruffle flower headbands.

ruffle hair pins.


Brings me back to the days of spending countless hours on The Knot.

and just for fun.
five years ago this april. love him.

Friday, February 11, 2011

February loves Amethyst --and so do I

 February's birth stone is the amethyst. A pretty pretty  shade of purple. Which I happen to love. A LOT.

I love it so much, I make a LOT of stuff using it.
Like these:
eggplant ruffle flower hair pins

and all this!

Come visit my shop to see even more amethyst love.

What's your favorite? Who knows...the February Amethyst fairy might deliver one to you!
Never heard of her? Shame...

:) happy weekend.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

discovering crayola...again

New to lillypie...

 Crayola Prints by Lilly for home, office, or refrigerator

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh crayon being used for the first time.
Well, except watching your daughter make that same discovery....

Yes Lilly,  drawing is super fun. I love it too.


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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

more than a pair of shoes

 Lillypants spent the day Saturday with her gramma and grampa and came home with these:

To you they look like some snazzy sparkly sneakers.
To me? They are a little bit more.

My mom was the daughter of a shoe shop owner in a small small Indiana town. When I hear stories of my mother's childhood, the setting is most likely always the shoe store. My mother and her dad would close up shop to grab a Coke. He'd show her how  to measure the  proper size.  The lovely smell of leather. Good times. Hard times. This shoe store shaped my mother's life.

My grandfather and this shoe store passed before my time.
I've always enjoyed hearing about my grandfather.
I know my mother wishes I could have known him.
I know him more than she may realize.

On Saturday she did more than buy Lilly a pair of shoes.
Sometimes a pair of shoes aren't just shoes...they are memories of the past.
They are a glimpse into a childhood.
They are a connection between generations.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

C'mon Get Happpppyyy

 So.. We got a lot of dis stuff this week.

Oh, you did too? NO WAAAAAY!

After being cooped up inside for three days. I've decided, that winter is over. I'm done with it.

You are too? NO WAAAAAY!

While Lilly was napping ,  I browsed my favorite etsy shops and found some lovely things in my favorite color.  Yellow.  Be prepared to get happy.

now...where to find these yellers. :) from top down left to right.
 linen ruffle necklace:pretty things by meg, : yellow vintage frame: nicolesuder:   Nom Mug Cozy by :KnitStorm :  Summer Lovin Camera Strap Cover by Mel[V] Designs  Yellow Pillow by Joom, Yellow Ruffle Flower Necklace by ME! :) How'd that get there? hehe Spring Mix Bobby Pins by The Brass Hussy,  You Are My Sunshine Print by Wheatfield  Slouch Hat by YesJess,  Recycled Wood Sign by OhDier! Ocean Jasper Necklace by MT Designs and the same beauty from Alissa Jacobs. {I really love this clutch}

Visit these lovely shops. and tell them how happy their art has made you.

Raise your hand if you love yellow!
::or maybe leave a comment?::

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011



i'm 28.

birthday truths about laura.

1.  Earlier this year I had a senior in HS work in my classroom with me. I didn't consider myself that much older than her. I felt like I was not THAT far removed from HS. FALSE. I'm old and I know I'm old because I thought that.

2.  I still shop at American Eagle, mostly the jewelry section...but still. I've been wearing their clothes for 13 years. HOLY CRAP.

3. I watched Beauty and the Beast with Lilly on Sunday and cried during the song when they are dancing in the ballroom and she was wearing her yellow dress because I started to think of Lilly falling in love one day.

4. I don't want to give up the nighttime milk. It's bad enough I gave up the nighttime bottle (it's now in a sippy) but I crave that last cuddle before bed. CRAVE.

5. I put lilly to bed early on Monday nights so I can be on the couch. in pjs. with a snack before the bachelor starts. ;)

6. my craft room? is my kitchen. and it looks horrendous. like a bomb went off. a bomb filled with satin and embroidery floss. BOMB.

7. my daughter is dramatic. she's. just. like. me.  

8. If I had to eat the same meal everyday for every meal it would be.... Chic-fil-a Number 1 extra pickles with Polynesian sauce and a Dr. pepper.

9. I love coffee creamer more than the coffee.

10. E! news is the only news I watch and I'm ok with that.

Happy 1st of February! :)
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