frequent questions

How long have you been blogging?

I've been blogging since 2008 when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was searching for mommy blogs to see how other women were doing the whole "being pregnant thing". I loved reading others stories and eventually started my own. It's evolved so much over the years. It's been a pregnancy journal, mommy blog, creative outlet, behind the scenes look at my handmade business, a place to connect with other moms dealing with anxiety ( like me),  and a place where I scarily began to document my weight loss.  Blogging is a hobby that I love.

Soooo your name isn't Laura Beth?

Well, yes and no. My full name is Laura Elizabeth. Now I want you do to something for me. Pretend you are angry and frustrated---now trying saying my name quickly with a firm tone. Did you get tongue tied? Yep, mom didn't really think that out so Laura Beth was created. To this day, if you want my attention---I know the moment I hear Laura Beth it's go time.

What happened to Lillypie Accessories?

I closed the online business that was Lillypie Accessories in the winter of 2013. You can read all about my decision to walk away from something that I loved here.

Will you ever sell Lillypies again?

Yep! and I do! I sell them four times a year ( think seasonally)  through my facebook page or instagram pop up shop. It's always super successful and a great way to stock up!

What methods did you use to lose weight?
The short version--- GodFit and Weight Watchers Online and Running

The long version--check out the tabs My Before and Weight Loss

How did you start running?

Slowly! At first all I did was walk. First one mile then I would turn around and walk home. After several weeks I would jog the length of three mailboxes and walk the rest. I gradually increased the mailboxes until I was running one mile and I would walk home. After a month I could run two miles at a time. Each week I added on mailboxes until I reached three miles. I began to love the feeling AFTER I was done running. I always hated the actual running and sometimes still do. The feeling of exhausting myself and emptying myself of doubt, stress, anxiety, pain, and annoyances felt great. After a run I began to feel like I could be "filled up" again with the good because I had just "run off" the bad. I began running in 5K's and eventually signed up for a half marathon. Running has become a part of me and I look forward to the evenings where it's just me, my Brooks, the pavement, and the Lord (annnnnnddddd Beyonce can't forget her).  You can see all my posts on this topic in my running tab.


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