Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Promise...

Dear little Noah,

I promise....

to be a strong, confident mother who always has your best interest at heart.

to love you unconditionally.

to love your father at all times whether it's easy or a choice.

to teach you how to treat others with respect.

to save your life on multiple occasions from your helping big sister.

to NOT show the general public pictures of you after lilly has dressed you up.

to tend to your every boo boo.

to let you SAVE ME from every snake, bug, and creature.

to not give  your "part" a weird nickname that you assume is normal terminology.

to sing to you every night.

to hold you a *little* bit longer.

to show you how to open doors and say yes mam.

to cheer on your every move.

to read to you every day.

to be amazed by you.

to give you a wet-hair fauxhawk, snap adorable pictures, and know that you are by. far. the cutest little baby with that 'do.

to pretend that the farting and belching is disgusting ( even though I think it's funny too...)

to expect extra hugs and kisses cause I'm the momma.

to be involved in your life and present during our conversations.

to see you as an individual and not to compare your every move to your sister's.

to teach you about Jesus' love for you and allow you opportunities to see it daily.

to tell you how strong you are.

to not expect perfection.

to encourage you to try new things.

to NEVER allow socks and sandals, negative message shirts ( sister for sale,  dog ate my homework, here comes trouble..), or sweatpants to school after the age of 7. Don't worry buddy, the fashion rules for sister are MUCH more lengthy..

to be your advocate

to show you how proud I am of you.

to allow you to be "all-boy" but not allow "boys will be boys" as an acceptable excuse for poor behavior.

to love you for always.

My world was  forever changed with your first cry. Thank you for letting me be a mommy again. My heart is joyous and full. Welcome to our family!  Our God has  big plans for you, little one, and I'm honored to get to see how they unfold. 


click here to see my promises to lilly almost three years ago. gah.


  1. Aw...Laura, these pictures and promises were beautiful.
    Your little one is very blessed to have you and you are very blessed to have him.

    This was precious.

  2. sweetest post ever. love these beautiful pictures. :)

  3. Totally made this soon-to-be-mom-again-after-13years tear up. I can't wait! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am about to have a boy. I loved reading this. :)