Wednesday, July 25, 2012

meet mr. noah ((his birth story))

I have a little someone I'd like you to meet. :)

Say hello to Mister Noah Hayden!

He was born July 7th at 6:35 pm. He was 8 lbs 13 oz and 20 in. long.

Side note? Why do we always feel the need to share the birth stats? Pretty sure the only people that care about them are the parents and nanas. So--that's for you nana and mom! :)

On the day Noah was born I woke up in a great mood--which was a pleasant surprise to my husband because prior to this day I'd say I woke up in a  foul and sour mood 75% of the time. I  consistently "don't do mornings" and REALLY don't do mornings when pregnant.  I had a fun ME morning planned --target, iced coffee, and hair salon. SLAM DUNK, right?  This morning was my gift to myself--Noah was scheduled to appear in 4 days via c-section and I wanted to soak up some last minute  of SELF INDULGENCE.

After a GLORIOUS morning with frequent minor blips of contractions I headed home to family. I'm sure you'll be sarcastically surprised to hear how HOT it was outside but I vividly remember looking at my car thermometer and it reading 106 degrees and thinking GOOD LORD I CANNOT DO ONE MORE BLIPPIN DAY OF THIS MADNESS.

I pulled in the driveway, walked in the house and my water broke.


Having my water break on my own answered several prayers for me. One of my biggest disappointments with lilly's birth was that I never got to experience any of the natural childbirth symptoms. When my dr. ordered a repeat section for Noah I was once again just a little bummed about the thought of birthing two babies and not really feeling the "pains of childbirth".  So when my water broke on my own I was freaking out and praising God. It was kinda fun to  say the "'s tiiiiimmmmeeeee".  I'm so grateful for that moment and I thank the Lord for that.

I immediately went into  Bad Mambajamba Go Mode while Scott frantically BEGAN to pack.  I remember kneeling down to tell Lilly that  her that her baby brother was coming--she looked up at me and with big eyes said "We better get READY!!" and she proceeded to pretend to paint my toenails with a q-tip while I finished up packing. I'm so happy she has her priorities straight.

We arrived at the hospital around 1:00 and waited for my doctor to drive home from chicago. I cannot speak enough praises about my OB. SHE DROVE HOME FROM CHICAGO------to deliver my child. I would have her baby if I could.

I've always been a creature of control. I like to know what's going on, how I'll feel, what comes next, what happens later, and  so on. I thought for sure this second section would be a breeze. I KNEW what to expect and there weren't any foreseen surprises. Maybe it was the thoughts of my life changing drastically, or the unexpected feelings of "WHAT HAVE WE DONE" to our family, or even the fact that the anesthesiologist was just a liiiittttlleee creepy looking--but when I walked into the OR I kinda freaked. And  let me elaborate by saying  kinda---i mean I started crying uncontrollably.  I was so embarrassed. I'd DONE this before.  But for whatever reason I had a little freak out sesh right there on the OR table. I'm a fool to think I'm the only one that's been a little anxiety ridden before having a baby---but I expected myself to be stronger. Once Scott was able to enter the room again and hold my hand I was immediately calm again.  I needed my baby daddy. ;)

Noah was born squawking and screaming just like his big sister at 6:35.  At birth he looked remarkably like his sister only a full POUND AND A HALF HEAVIER. He lovingly earned the nickname tank from the nursing staff and we have kissed those chubby cheeks ad-nauseum since meeting him.

Lilly was so excited to meet her little brother. However did not want to leave the waiting room to meet him because SOMEONE brought her the mother of all sticker books.  And honestly neither would I---700 Melissa and Doug stickers---seriously, Aunt Angie?!?! :)

Once the tears stopped--she was happy to hold her baby and snuggle in with her new family member. The first thing she said to him was "awe he so chute" and she says that same phrase repeatedly 20 times a day. A cute reminder of the day three became four.

We are home and completely smitten by our little man. We are also reallllllllllly tired.


  1. Congrats!! He such a cutie!!

  2. he is ADORABLE. and love the birth story! congratulations mama :)

  3. This is so gorgeous!! SO SO happy for you my friend. Im coming out to KY this weekend :) We need to meet up when things settle down for you :)

  4. Congratulations! What a little doll! Hope you are resting well!

  5. Congrats, he is gorgeous...I loved seeing the photos of his/her room a couple weeks ago! He shares my birthday except I got the year too (7-7-77) =) With those lucky 7s and a big sis to look out for him he should have a pretty blessed life!

  6. What a wonderful day!!!!!! It couldn't have been planned more perfectly!!!!!! I am so happy for you and for your family of FOUR :) He is beautiful and so is Lilly. The smile on her face in the pic of her with her arms out waiting to hold him is just priceless. You have a gorgeous family!!!!!

  7. Beautiful! Who took your pictures? Will they do mine ;)

  8. Love the story! He's adorable.

  9. He IS so chute, and those pictures of big sis holding him, especially the one of her with her hands out expectantly, made me teary. Congrats...and I LOVE his name. :)

  10. Such a sweet story, Laura. Congratulations! I can speak from experience...boys are fun :-) Have fun nom-noming those cheeks!

  11. Congratulations sweetie!! He is such a cutie and I love the photos of Lily him!! How sweet!! xoxo

  12. What a precious birth story! Congratulations to you and your family. He's just perfect!