Thursday, March 25, 2010

happy .5 my deary!

six. months. SIX! SIX MONTHS YOU GUYS!!!!!!! ::whaaaaaa??::

When did this happen? Lilly is the big .5 today. Holy mother. I could go into the whole "they grow up so fasssttt you guyzz!" but I won't....I'm just thinking it. Those of you bout to have babies, HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE. Your life will seem like its on FF. the THREE arrow kind..not the one arrow. The one where you try to stop it and go to far and you think CRAP! I gotta rewind again. Yea, that kind.

Here are the babes stats:

15 lbs

25 1/4

Eating Habits!
Just started regular solids. Night one of green beans could be summed up as an EPIC FAIL. She gagged, cried, and spit up/vomited them. Fingers crossed that night dos goes better. I've heard it takes a few nights. She usually eats bottle and cereal in am. lunch bottle. snack bottle. cereal and bottle for din. and a bed bottle. She drinks about 6 oz every meal.

Sleeping Habits!
Sleeping a solid 10 hours! Bed around 8ish up around 7:30ish. EXCEPT for the past two nights when Lilly was apparently invited to a late night bash starting about 3:00 am. She has woken up squealing, giggling, and being an all around doofus. Praying the late night raves stop.

mirrors! cereal! mommy! daddy! bubble kisses! links! chuck! (her animal that Scott and I can't agree on whether it is a chicken or a duck). swing! (weaning...) smiling strangers! flirting! singing in the car! tags! trying to fly off the changing table!

green beans! napping in her crib! universal health care!

She's a rolling fool. Alllllll over the living room. CHOO CHOO steamroller Lils is coming! I now am FORCED to vacuum a lot more. ::bummer:: She also does the " ahhmm gunna flii ov dis blankee rih now mommeeee, watch mi flaap!" movements. Flippin hilarious.

She is such a flirt. She will smile and squint those baby blues at ANYONE who passes. It's adorable. She will lift her head out of her car seat and look around smiling as if to say " Uhh-hello!! Beautiful baby here with a big pink bo-ohw! Do you see how cute I am? Gimme attennnnntttiiiiooon!" and it always works. "Suckkerrrzzz." She is most of the time a happy and LOUD giggling little gal. However, when she's mad or sad...holy cow watch out. She arrives like a hurricane and can ROCK. YOUR. WORLD.

I love my bebe and I'm so glad she's mine.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Two Tuesday- i love my life edition

Top Two Tuesday! Two things you can't live without
I'm gonna go all sentimental gushy mushy on this one. The two things I can't possibly live without in pictures....

I love these two. I can't live without these two. They make me crazy. They make me laugh. They make me cry. They make my world.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

best invention.evur.

you'd think we woulda thought of this earlier.......


Longest nap at date. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


I'd looooooooooove a new, fun, fabulous and quirky blog header. Anyone have any ideas about where I could get one/make one? I've always done mine in picnik before...and now I'm feelin like I'd like something more FRESH.

Oh and I need to pay buckoh bucks this week to fix a bad highlight job ::insert wide eyed-jaw dropping-ooooohhh that's not natural and is in the color family of Gaga at the grammy's face:: so preferably on the cheap side.
Help me, ladies! KThanks!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A dose of I love Jesus.

Dedicate. verb To devote wholly and earnestly as to some person or purpose.

We had Lilly's baby dedication last Sunday. It was something I had been looking forward to since she was born. Becoming a parent has brought new pressures. New questions. New joys. New celebrations. Sometimes I look at her and think "How on Earth is she mine?" The Lord has given us an awesome gift and with this gift comes an awesome responsibility. One that weighs HEAVY on my heart and spirit. Unfortunately, in my profession I see first hand the results of parents who do not take this responsibility seriously. I see children who grow up abused, neglected, and whose lives are void of unconditional love and boundaries. Seeing this--scares me. I'm sure they didn't set out in the first few days and weeks with their little ones and think "Well, I'm gonna just screw this one up...." They most likely had the same weight on their shoulders like I do. It just happens. Life gets in the way of your good intentions if you let it. It's impossible to do things perfect and on your own. The world around us can drag you down at an alarming pace.

God is needed. He's in full control ( now matter how hard I try to pull it away from him!). Knowing what peace and guidance comes from the Lord made the decision to raise Lilly in the church and in a Godly house easy. I've tried living on my own terms and without Him. I made a true mess of things...and hurt a lot of people. Including myself.

So Sunday, after stressing out for waaaaaayyyy too long about what to wear, we stood at the front of the church and made a promise. A promise to God, Lilly, our family, and our congregation to raise Lilly with a firm foundation in the Truth we believe. To be held accountable by our family and friends should we ever stray.

It was a celebration to dedicate her life and ours as a family to a life modeled after Him. Hopefully, many years down the road Lilly will one day make the decision to follow Christ on her own. She'll learn the things that Scott and I know and believe it for herself. We'll be able to welcome her with open arms and know that her decision did not come by chance. We'd made a promise waaaaay back in 2010 that we were going to pray for this day for the many years to come.

Lilly is a LOVED child.

Woah, long one.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd if you're wondering.....because I always do. No, she didn't scream or throw a fit. I threatened to make her eat that yucky cereal the rest of her life. She knew better and didn't make a peep. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

breaking the addiction 1.5

So I've found a temporary solution. Pretty sure I'm breaking SEVERAL of the "never do's unless you want your baby to stop breathing" rules. Bumper, TWO blankets, and a quilt over the top of the crib to shade out the BRIGHTNESS that is her room. Sunday we got 3 30 minute naps in the crib. Baby steps.

Lilly: 1

Mom: 1

Later in the evening she fell asleep on me and I just COULD NOT put her down. She nuzzled on me! She squeaked in her sleep! The red carpet was on! She slept for 2 and a half hours on me.



Shucks. This is definitely a work in progress.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

breaking the addiction part one

HI, I'm Laura, and I have a daughter addicted to napping in her swing.

Lilly won't nap in her crib

and I'm afraid its alllllllll my fault. You see, I'm addicted to her swing. It works so fast. She sleeps so soundly. She sleeps so long!! But she's outgrowing it. Fast. and I'm already screwed.

Crib naps are short, restless, and are a drawn. out. process. So because I took the easy way out for 5 months, Lilly will not nap in her crib. She'll sleep 11 hours in it at night, but zero during the day. Dang it, Laura!!!

Today we declared war. Both parties put up a gallant fight. Lilly hollered and whined. She wiggled and threatened to suffocate herself with the blanket. I gently patted her belly and "shhhuu shuuuushhhhed" the darlin till my teeth tingled. I walked in. Walked out....waited. Thought surely this chick will cave soon. OH No....this gal can CRY IT OUT for over an hour. What the heck FERBER?!?!?!?!?

Then........and THEN she brought the big, fat "MOMMY DON'T YOU LOVE ME???!?!!?!?" tears and it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll over.

Lilly: 1

Mom: 0

She napped in her swing. She HAS TO NAP! I can't have a cranky baby all afternoon because she won't nap in her crib! I feel at a loss of what to do with this child. I've created a swing addicted monster. She has two two hour naps at her sitters in a pack and play. She doesn't nap in the swing there. WTF Lilly? I really felt like calling the sitter today to ask her how she gets her to sleep. Isn't that awful? I feel like my sitter knows more about how to get my daughter to sleep than I do. That makes me wanna cry. Yep, crying.

She won the battle. I'm HOPING I win the war.

If you can't tell, I'm kind of a hot mess right now. Any advice??

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I realllllly want these!

Mrs. F over at As the Forest{e} Grows is hosting a giveaway of some mmmaaaaahhhhvelous flowered bows. Yes, I realize Lilly doesn't have much hair yet. But she will SOMEDAY!! annnnnnd she really needs these cute flowers. If you blog about her giveaway you get extra entries to win. These flowered bows would make her look sooooooooo cute....even when she's soooooooooooo sick like she is now. She needs them. I need them. The End.

Go over to her blog to check it out!!