Thursday, March 4, 2010

I realllllly want these!

Mrs. F over at As the Forest{e} Grows is hosting a giveaway of some mmmaaaaahhhhvelous flowered bows. Yes, I realize Lilly doesn't have much hair yet. But she will SOMEDAY!! annnnnnd she really needs these cute flowers. If you blog about her giveaway you get extra entries to win. These flowered bows would make her look sooooooooo cute....even when she's soooooooooooo sick like she is now. She needs them. I need them. The End.

Go over to her blog to check it out!!



  1. Those are just adorable! I am going to check them out now :)

  2. I saw these yesterday morning too! I just love them :) Lilly would be so adorable with them on her cute little head!

  3. Oh my goodness! These bows are too much!! My Bug doesn't have any hair either, so I am right there with ya, but they will one day. :)