Sunday, July 6, 2014

Guacamole Made Me Do It

It's fitting that it's the beginning of July and I'm typing these words. It's been a complete year since I aligned my head, heart, and body and truly got serious about making myself healthy. Last July I was obese for my height, I was uncomfortable in all my clothes, I was dreading going to the pool, and was really at a low point with my self esteem and overall self confidence.

I hit my goal in January and celebrated big. How fun was it to make a goal and meet it! I didn't want to stop there so I made a fitness goal to challenge myself. I began to fall in love with running in September and decided that a half marathon was my next goal. I worked very hard and crossed the finish line with a best friend by my side and tears in my eyes.

and then I took a break.....

this is where things get all sad and wonky.


I decided that the rest of my summer was maintenance. I'd lived for 10 months counting points, measuring portions, and telling myself that I craved bananas instead of chocolate. So I took June off and I did whatever I darn well pleased.

and it was a flippin blast.

My husband and I went to Mexico on our first vacation together since 2007. No kids. and it was glorious. the weather. the company. the guacamole. the chips. the icecream. the guacamole. the guacamole. the guacccccaaamooollleeeee. I enjoyed every indulgence on that trip. Upon returning I planned on returning to my healthy lifestyle.

Only I didn't. I stopped running (it was hot...wah). I got lazy with meal planning ( chicken nuggets and mac n cheese with the toddlers).  Ice cream here. Brownies there. McDonalds fries. Dr. Pepper. and now I feel so bloated, dehydrated, and cranky from my poor habits that the thought of running makes me wanna fall over dead.

I currently have three pairs of pants that no longer button. I worked hard for those pants....and now they don't fit.  I feel like I am RIGHT BACK AT  MY LOW POINT.  and I'm totally discouraged. and sad. and royally pissed off. I've gained weight and I know it. I haven't weighed myself  since June 2nd.....and honestly I'm frightened.

So it's obvious that I need some realignment here. I've messed up. I know what happens if these habits of over eating, over indulging, and not exercising continues. Weight packs on, pants don't fit, and I go back to feeling weak and sorry for myself.

I've decided to return to my roots, where it all started. I want to remind myself how far I've come (because gaining 15 pounds doesn't derail everything I've worked for), get back to what works for me (weight watchers online), and give myself some grace ( because punishing myself will do nothing). I'm going to go back through the 6 week devotion study, GODFIT that I did a year ago. Realigning my devotion to the Lord and giving him my struggles (choosing healthy foods, making wise choices) is the only way that I can keep up. Would you like to join me? You can purchase the YOUseries through the GODFIT website.  It's fifty bucks for the manual, workout video library, and shirt----and its yours to utilize. I'm going to post weekly about the devotion topic, workouts, and my own personal thoughts. You should totally join me. We can do this together. Please introduce yourself in the comments below and we can continue a conversation there.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

5 Tips for a Knockout Fix every. single. time

Stitch fix. Again. Friends, you love you some stitch fix posts. They are hands down my most read writing. When I read other posts around this styling service I always love them too. It's like a great big snoop sesh. What'd they get? What'd they keep? How'd they style it?  It's the same reason you wanna know what's in your friends closet. It's interesting and it's a peek into someone else's life. And we like to be nosey.... and lucky for you I like to share. :)

What is stitch fix? Click Here!

Maybe you've tried this service once or twice and weren't blown away. I understand that. I have friends who were just ehhhh about the whole process. I'd consider myself a Stitch Fix veteran now after just finishing my 6th fix. I'm getting consistent fixes that I love and I believe this is why.

1. I've curated a killer pinterest style board that is ME and only me. Here's mine! I've linked it in my style profile and I update it frequently. I pin images I am drawn to and delete ones that I'm on the fence about. If it's in my style pinboard---it's me. Last month I was really loving the bright florals I was seeing--baddabing badda boom....this showed up in my fix.

2.  I'm not looking for specific items--that's called online shopping. I'm looking for an experience that helps be determine my personal style. Why is style important to me? Plain and simple I see it as a way of expressing myself. I love color and pattern--and I believe that feeling my best on the outside helps me feel better on the inside. I'm more confident when I take time to style myself in a way that boosts my self esteem. This doesn't mean name brand pasted all over. This doesn't mean that I don't feel confident in sweats. It means that I enjoy wearing things that are beautiful, interesting, or inspiring.

3. I mention my style esthetic in each 'comments for my next fix'. I pick a celebrity style crush or familiar brand store to reference in helping my stylist find something that I would love. Currently I love everything that Julianna Hough is photographed in. I mention her in the comments. I also mention that I belive my style is a healthy mix of JCrew & Anthropologie. I love classic lines and silohettes but also enjoy a bohemian edge to my tops. Whether or not you can afford to shop at your staple style stores ( I cannot!) I pick them because they are style specific. Target and Old Navy aren't style specific. Examples could be  Madewell, Banana, Ann Taylor, or Free People. Try referencing them each time.

4. I pass on the accessories-- Use this service to build your wardrobe with eclectic and fun pieces. I ask them not to send accessories anymore. Each fix I want clothes......and only clothes. Looking for phenomenal accessories? All my jewelry in these photos is from Stella & Dot. This stuff can't be beat. I named the accessories I'm wearing in the photo caption.

5. I only keep my favorites. It's no secret that the items sent will be more expensive than your target/old navy/F21 pieces. That's okay for me because I know that in order to keep it---it has to be PHENOMENAL. I'm getting rid of all my clearanced tops that don't fit well, are a funky color, or wayyy to trendy. They were $10, yes----but I don't love them. Having a closet filled with 15 $10 crap shirts  doesn't do me any good and I still feel like I have NOTHING to wear. Right now I have 5 tops that I LOVE and rotate each week. I'm much happier. Ahhh---clarity that comes with being in my 30s.

My January/February/March Fix
My April Fix
My May Fix

As usual I feel it is important for you to know that if you want to try Stitch Fix I'd love if you clicked through the below link. A great way for Stitch Fix to get the word out about their service is through happy customers. I'd consider myself one of them and to reward happy customers who refer others they give you $25 credit for each referral. It's really great!

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