Sunday, January 30, 2011

HB Photography ::Feature::

 I met Becky through facebook. Then we met at the Starbucks in Target. Then she introduced me to Alissa Jacobs. Then she took beautiful pictures of my lillypies on little darlings. Then we became bffs. :)

No really, Becky is super talented. Proof? Scroll down! or visit her website HERE!

I gave her a few of my most recent designs, and last week I got a cd with some gorgeous images on them. Ready for some girly girl caaauuutteeeness??

honeysuckle pink ruffle

 I. want. her. hair.

so sweet.

baby squishhhhhhhy!!! this darlin's name is Collette.
Collette = now on my list for future baby names
Precious name.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

custom design LOVE

 Have I ever mentioned how.much.i.LOVE doing this?! Not yet today? Well I do. I love everything about this small handmade business.

I love making custom pieces for people. Some of my favorite designs have been thought up by others. I simply brought their ideas {or if we wanna get warm and fuzzyyyyy "dreams"} to life.

I have this friend. She wanted a headband. Her requests:
shiny pink fabric

all together.

My first thoughts?
that's a lot of bedazzlings on one headband.
I don't know if one head can handle all that outlandishness.

So I got to work the other night piecing together all the shineys and  fuzzys and pretties into her headband and as I'm working.
I    realized that I was 

and I decided to add pearls. I did this because it was the ONLY embellishment not used. The pearls felt left out. Can't have that.

Many thanks to my awesome customers who continually blow me away with the creative custom orders.

I knew you'd love this one so much ...

that I already listed it in my

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I just love this headband.
and Miss Alissa for modeling it. outside of school. on a swing. in the freezing cold. AFTER teaching all day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The word of the day is: 
how fun is this necklace? find it @ piano bench designs

What I really wanna do  is write everything out. I want to complain  {wah!} and freak out  {argg!} all at once. however, I'm a lady { or at least trying to be} so I'll save my melt downs for my amazing husband. I don't want to scare off any new friends, just yet...

So instead of wallowing in the junkalunk that was my day, I went searching for pictures of my favorite things. 

on days like these, I am reminding myself of the things I LOVE. The little things that make me happy.

sparkly nail polish, braided hair, inspirational  prints by wheatfield
fresh peonies, fabric frilly clutches by allisajacobs, coffee
turquoise beads, moccasins, and keeping a journal

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad.
I simply remember my favorite things; and then I don't feel so bad.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


my wildest dreams have come true...
i have a maid. and she babbles while she works.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the tithe test

 I'm a child of God. I believe in Jesus and He is my savior. SAVIOR. He saved me from myself. He has gotten me through the storms and has blessed my life beyond measure.

Tithing? Makes me skirmish. Our household chooses to tithe as an act of worship. Why? Cuz God sed tuh...der.  Mostly because of the way we were raised. It's what you do. Go to church. Dress nice. Tithe. It's habit. Like pizza and football on Sunday nights.

We are creatures of habit.  Once we had Lilly, I realized how blessed we really are. See, God gave us this gift. Lilly is amazing. She truly is the LIGHT of my life. How did God know? He knew the desires of my heart and gave her to me {yay!}. Tithing doesn't seem like such a chore anymore. It's more of a THANK YOU and a way of honoring Him. Now, we choose to have it automatically withdrawn each week. And PTL for that. It's hard. There are some weeks where we could REAAAAAAAAAAALLLY use the extra cash. Can I get an amen?


 I don't tithe my lillypie money. It's MY money right? My etsy money. My target money. My "ooh that shirt is cauutteee money. My one day I'll stay at home money. NOT GOD's MONEY.

This week it hit me.'s God's money. and I'm selfish.

Lillypie was a a fun hobby over the summer. God's blessed me because my sales have grown over 200% since July.  Lillypie  has evolved into a handmade business. {yay!} A source of income.  {yay!}A creative outlet {yay!} A passion. {yay!}  God has blessed me with this new adventure and in return I am thanking and giving HIM the glory by giving 10% back.

I'm not a scholar, but I venture to say that there are not too many times in the Bible that the Lord gives us the go ahead for testing him. Well, here I go. I'm putting tithing to the test.  I've given my life. I strive {read, struggle}  to give him my love and devotion daily.

I promise to give at least one tenth of lillypie profits to the Lord.
there, it's on my blog. now i have to do it.

Interested in this tithing journey? Interested in testing yourself and/or your business?

I'm excited. I'm ready to grow. I'm ready to learn.

I'm anxious to document my journey.

Do you tithe? What blessings have you seen? Want to hold each other accountable?

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Friday, January 14, 2011

::psst! awesome necklace promo::

 Have you been eyeing a necklace?  Like disa won?

Well, sister, now is the time to buy. This weekend ONLY 

Buy a NECKLACE from my SHOP

and get any ruffle headband for FREE!

Yes, this will apply to multiple necklaces. holla.

Treat yourself! Necklace ruffles for you. Headband ruffles for baby! again.

Simply visit the lillypie shop, pick out a perdy, and put in the notes to seller section which ruffle headband you would like. ESPECIALLY the color.  It's that easy.

happy weekend, friends!

the POUNCE tournament is this weekend. That is a big honkin deal for my fam.
Curious? Come back monday.

{I'm so mysterious}
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

plain to shazaaaam flower

So I saw this flower the other day on I AM MOMMA HEAR ME ROAR. It's actually from TREY AND LUCY.  ::p.s. she tells ya how to make one!:: I fell in love with this flower.  GORG, right? I think it's the combination of stiff broadcloth fabric and delicate folding and wrapping that makes it just so beautiful. I had EVERY intention of making one of them this weekend. BUT--I couldn't seem to peel myself away from this gal.

and  Saturday my hubby went and turned 30
 I finally had some time to create today. Here's mine. I AM IN LOVE.

The possibilities are endless for this beauty. I added it to a hat my roommate in college knitted for me many moons ago. . PLAIN to SHAAZAAAM. :)

I attached a bar pin to the back so that I could move it all around. I placed it on a pillow to see if I wanted to sew one on a plain pillow. I think I should add another layer to make it thicker. Right?

I'll be adding some of these flowers to brooch pins soon and adding them to my shop.  Would you like one? Where would you put it?

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Monday, January 10, 2011


This year one of my goals is to learn to shoot this sucker in manual. I’ve read some amazing blog posts by CLICKIN IT UP A NOTCH and she’s really helped me. I think my lillypie pictures are getting better. See?!

So that’s my goal-- GET BETTER. I have a HUGE admiration for natural light photographers. The time and patience it must take to get the **perfect** shot is unreal. They really are artists. I have a buddy named Sarah, who happens to be one of those. She takes the cutest pictures of my lillypies. Here, take a gander…

Baybeeeeeeeeeeeeee squishy cuteness!!
Sarah-Beth Photography = super talented no? yes!
Check out her blog if ya like!
If you’re a photographer and would like to work out a swappy swap let me know! I’m always looking for you talented artists to take pretty pictures of my designs. I’m getting better when they are on a table in front of a window, but put those suckers on actual kiddos?… they turn out like this:

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