Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spring Colors bring Spring Weather!

That's how it works right? bah.
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I'm really loving Pantone's Spring 2011 color palette!
The first time I heard of pantone? Was from this darling little blog. I've become minorly  majorly obsessed with the fun colors.  Who picks these colors?  Fashion designers  get together during NY fashion week and pick the color trends! HOW FUN!

My favorite? Regatta.

lillypie is officially {on trend}.

What's your favorite color for spring 2011?  I'd love to know!

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  1. I love love LOVE Blue Curacao. Then again, it's one of my favorites year round. Particularly for spring, though? The pretty, pretty Lavender!

  2. I really want one of your necklaces!!! If you ever wanna do a giveaway on my blog I would love it :)

  3. I really like Blue Curacao and Silver Cloud together! ...and that necklace is gorgeous! I think I'll have to treat myself to one of your necklaces with my next paycheck. :)

  4. the spring palette is absolutely gorgeous. all the colors go together brilliantly I am just loving it. I just found your blog and adore it. I am your newest follower.


    ps Loving that blue necklace that you made! Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I die for this necklace. And thanks for explaining the Pantone thing. I have always known that the Pantone colors were supposed to be "the" colors for the season, but never knew who actually got to choose them!

    Do you think the weathermen of america get together and decide on the weather patterns of the season? Hmm...

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