Sunday, January 30, 2011

HB Photography ::Feature::

 I met Becky through facebook. Then we met at the Starbucks in Target. Then she introduced me to Alissa Jacobs. Then she took beautiful pictures of my lillypies on little darlings. Then we became bffs. :)

No really, Becky is super talented. Proof? Scroll down! or visit her website HERE!

I gave her a few of my most recent designs, and last week I got a cd with some gorgeous images on them. Ready for some girly girl caaauuutteeeness??

honeysuckle pink ruffle

 I. want. her. hair.

so sweet.

baby squishhhhhhhy!!! this darlin's name is Collette.
Collette = now on my list for future baby names
Precious name.
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  1. I love Becky! She rocks, both personally and professionally...she's my neighbor, our kids are buds, and we've done a few shoots together! She's a gem with true talent. And I love, love, love all of your accessories! Fun!

  2. So precious! What great models. I LOVE your headbands!