Wednesday, January 5, 2011

winner winner

 Good evening friends!

Jessica from JessicaNDesigns who said:
I would use the credit toward the Regatta Turquoise Ruffle Flower Ribbon Necklace! LOVE IT

Congratulations!  You've just won 15 free buckaroos to lillypie! Email me @ and we'll work out the details.

Thank you to all that entered. I'm super stoked about some new friends and followers.  :)
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  1. OMG I WON I WON I WON!! I am so totally excited you don't even know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so so so much!

  2. hi i just found your gorgeous blog. i love it. Im a new follower :) x

  3. Girl, I a have not been blogging lately:(

    Your blog is looking awaesome! So excited for your new necklaces, BEUUUUTIFUL!! Love them. Would love to buy one one day, promise I will try:)

    So excited for your Etsy shop taking off, businees cards,and you got to have a display at a Craft store. Go You! You rock! How exciting! You will eb a stay at home before you know it with this success! So happy for you! You are rocking it girl!

    Umm how cute is Lils in her car. My mother-in-law got one for Nik for her 1st Birthday, and she was obsessed with it. Still loves it! Theya re the best!

    Our big gift this year was a kitchen, but I got it at at garage sale for 10$, so it wasn't a ritzy pink one like I dreamed of. Ah well!

    Seriously so happy for you. I have always wanted to get into sewing, almost asked my mother in law for a sewing machine three years in a row for Christmas, but I hate askign for things, ha.
    You are so crafty! So happy for you!


  4. these ruffle necklaces are so cute! congrats to the winner