Friday, January 28, 2011

custom design LOVE

 Have I ever mentioned how.much.i.LOVE doing this?! Not yet today? Well I do. I love everything about this small handmade business.

I love making custom pieces for people. Some of my favorite designs have been thought up by others. I simply brought their ideas {or if we wanna get warm and fuzzyyyyy "dreams"} to life.

I have this friend. She wanted a headband. Her requests:
shiny pink fabric

all together.

My first thoughts?
that's a lot of bedazzlings on one headband.
I don't know if one head can handle all that outlandishness.

So I got to work the other night piecing together all the shineys and  fuzzys and pretties into her headband and as I'm working.
I    realized that I was 

and I decided to add pearls. I did this because it was the ONLY embellishment not used. The pearls felt left out. Can't have that.

Many thanks to my awesome customers who continually blow me away with the creative custom orders.

I knew you'd love this one so much ...

that I already listed it in my

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I just love this headband.
and Miss Alissa for modeling it. outside of school. on a swing. in the freezing cold. AFTER teaching all day.


  1. You.Are.So.Talented, friend. I may have to snag me up one of these gems :)

  2. So I think it's possible that you are just getting better and better at this as you keeping going and growing your little business!

  3. Oh my GOSH. Girl, you have talent! I love that headband! Just happened upon your blog and i totally love it.

  4. I {heart} doing custom designs too! There is something SO rewarding about bringing someone's vision to reality! :) I'm your newest BFF from the Slumber Par-tay! ;) M*

  5. visiting here from the slumber party, just wanted to say your creations are beautiful. I am just starting in this blog world. Love your stuff and your blog...if you dont mind check out my blog when ya get a minute

  6. love love love it! hey I remember that you wanted to do a giveaway but I dont think we ever set a date. Let me know if your still interested :)