Wednesday, January 12, 2011

plain to shazaaaam flower

So I saw this flower the other day on I AM MOMMA HEAR ME ROAR. It's actually from TREY AND LUCY.  ::p.s. she tells ya how to make one!:: I fell in love with this flower.  GORG, right? I think it's the combination of stiff broadcloth fabric and delicate folding and wrapping that makes it just so beautiful. I had EVERY intention of making one of them this weekend. BUT--I couldn't seem to peel myself away from this gal.

and  Saturday my hubby went and turned 30
 I finally had some time to create today. Here's mine. I AM IN LOVE.

The possibilities are endless for this beauty. I added it to a hat my roommate in college knitted for me many moons ago. . PLAIN to SHAAZAAAM. :)

I attached a bar pin to the back so that I could move it all around. I placed it on a pillow to see if I wanted to sew one on a plain pillow. I think I should add another layer to make it thicker. Right?

I'll be adding some of these flowers to brooch pins soon and adding them to my shop.  Would you like one? Where would you put it?

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  1. It is beautiful Laura. I love the shot of you in the hat! I would put one on my jacket or it would look great on one of my purses!

  2. Gorgeous! I might stick it in the corner of my bulletin board in my office or attach it to a mirror or something! It'd pretty anything up :)

  3. the picture of you in the hat is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! just wanted you to know. and of course the flower is fabulous. i think i LOVE the idea of putting it on a hat to spice it up a bit. you are so stinkin creative

  4. That's gorgeous! I'm in love! And are beautiful in that picture! Frame-worthy, hello! Hubs needs that one! And speaking of hubs, Happy belated b'day to him! (Are those donut holes spelling out 30?)

  5. Could you put it on a headband!! I would totally wear it!!