Wednesday, May 26, 2010

crawling, crawling.

and now she's CRAWLING crawling. Yes, there is a difference. Before she was scooting crawling. Then she was army crawling. After that she combo'd the scooting and crawling so that it looked my trying to do the worm intoxicated. NOW, she's crawling crawling. Knees. Arms.

Currently she's "under the table and clapping" <---yes, that was a bad attempt at a Dave Matthews play on words.

It's a little funny, right?

p.s. I'm not trying to brag or talk about my daughter too much. I really hope no one takes my recent posts that way. I promise I'm trying not to fall into the "well, my little one started doing *fill in the blank* at this age" game/comparisons. Seriously, I'm just documenting it for fun. I know kids do things at different ages and stages. I still don't know all my math facts and my daughter currently thinks our kitchen table leg is her dinner. Which is ironic that she is trying to eat wood, since it's rather hard for her considering she's 8 months old with ZERO teeth. We have a lot of work to do....

:) Still friends?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slow down, sister

I can't handle this.

Lilly....SLOW DOWN!!! Stop with this speeding on to the next big thang bizznass. It's unreal. Ohh, about a week and a half ago, I was looking at our adorable non-mobile girl thinking " Dang, she's so cute. Wonder when she'll start scootin?" I didn't think it would be the NEXT FLIPPIN DAY!

So I did what any rational mother would do.... "Grabbbb tha cameraaaaa!!!!!!!! Quiiiiiiiiiiiick! Before she stooopppppzzzzzzz!" hahahhahah that's a funny word. stop. stop? right. hilarious. kinda like the word NO at our house right now.

I was puffing out my chest and beaming with pride at my little army crawling fool. I captured it on video for all to see. I was planning on uploading this last week when I had some time. Because I know EVERYONE wants to see tha ahhmazzing Lilly crawl like she doesn't have legs {right?}. I needed time for this because for some reason I'm a video uploading nin-com-poop. It takes me at least 45 minutes to figure it out. I feel like a granny with a computer..."Now you do whaaaa? with the black cordy thingy??"

Slow down, baby. You're moving too fast. I haven't baby proofed my house yet. There is danger and clutter lurking everywhere that you'll fall in love with!

Things to do this weekend:

*vacuum more

*put a bottle of carpet cleaner in every room ( girlfriend STILL spits up like it's cool)

*make a note of NOT just throwing bobby pins on the floor when I take them out for the night ( bad, I know)

*try to keep my baby from killing herself

*work on the whole "No" thing

{Lillers and I on mother's day. Obsessed. }

Monday, May 17, 2010

house divided routine

I like routine, don't you? So nice. So predictable. So constant. I don't like EVERYTHING to be in a I hate the laundry routine, the" I don't have my homework because YOU didn't teach it to me " routine, and the "I'm broke" routine. BUT!! every morning I drive to Lilly's babysitter, --the only person to get Lilly to nap longer than an hour-- therefore getting the name of The Nap Whisperer --and most days I have a good routine. It's a good twenty minute drive and it ALWAYS includes:




and This.

The last one confuse you? Don't fret, I plan on explaining. Every morning since I've been back to work I pass a red Honda Odyssey van on my way to the Nap Whisperer. I started to notice this van on a daily basis on week two of theihategoingbacktoworkanddroppingofflillykins era. This mid forties-esque brunette woman passes me everyday going south while my journey takes me north. On the front of her van is the lovely house divided plate. I have begun to gauge my "i'm going to be lateness" based on when I see this darling woman.

As I'm turning into the nap whisperer's neighborhood= Going good you ON TIME girl, you!

Going through roundabout 2 outta 2= Still on time but ONLY if I speed on Ronald Reagan Pkwy.

As I'm rushing through roundabout 1= Ummm.....depends.End of the month? Slow down and go the speed limit and accept the lateness. Any other time? Pedal to the metal girl! Lilly, hold on to your paci!!!! Your momma is capital L*A*T*EEEE.

and then this LOVELY, RAINING, COZY, GLOOMY, Last 10 days of school, teething daughter (WOE!) MONDAY morning happened.

Today? I passed her AS. I. WAS. LEAVING. MY. HOUSE.

Yea, this teacher is ready for summer. All routines go out the sunny open breezy window then.

Monday, May 10, 2010

casa dreaming

Dream house. hmmm.......

I really like our house right now. It's our first HOME. However, there are some things I've been dreaming and scheming about for our next house. Taking into consideration we bought a TWO bedroom ranch...we will be outgrowing our house sooner than expected. Back in 2007 when we bought the house we were on the " we are most definitely waiting at LEAST 5 years before kids plan" Then this little booger showed up. Stinker.

I'm typing this post in our "office" known to others as the recliner by the front door. Nice. Right?

NON- NEGOTIABLE for the next house--therefore making my dreams come true.

WHITE trim, at least 3 bedrooms, open floor plan, NO VINYL FLOORING, fireplace, wood flooring, basement, white kitchen cabinets, and LOTS of windows for natural light. Until then....I've got my mind set on making my living room resemble these lovely pictures from DecoFabulous' home tour

::sigh::: Gorg.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

You were my strength when I was weeeeak.

Thank You

{ blogging note: to get the FULL effect please begin humming your favorite celine ballad, mine is "Because You Loved Me", but I won't judge.choose your own...}

for pushing a melon through an orange.

for thinking I was beautiful with my cone head and tang-esque skin color.

for not giving up and placing me in a moses basket when I cried because I was hungry. Cried because I was tired. Cried because I was wet. Cried because I pooped my panties. And Cried for NO apparent reason at all.

for adoring every smile.

for singing me to sleep.

for loving me and believing everything I did was the CAAAUUUTEST!

for the love you showed me by meeting my needs, by giving me a brother, by giving me boundaries, and by giving me great life experiences.

for the card you put on my bed when a high school boyfriend !!!who was my soul mate!! dumped me letting me know that it was okay to be sad. {celine fist pump}

for taking a beach vacation when you probably wanted to go to the mountains.

for not getting call waiting because we all know that I would have NEVER gotten off the danged phone.

for singing Disney in the car.

for worrying and caring about what kind of friends I had.

for taking me to church.

for putting up with my shenanigans and going all the way to TEXAS for a competition when we all knew I did it for the boys. :)

for loving me when I hurt you. {celine fist pump}

for not following up on the "I brought you in, I can take you out".

for listening to me even though you can't understand me when I talk and cry at the same time.

for enjoying my drawn out dramatic stories and thinking I'm funny when I tell them.

for praying for me. {celine style-touches her heart and closes her eyes and does the oooohohoooo's}

for going to my tennis matches even though I didn't count toward the team total because I was not very skilled.

for Gloria Estefan and Whitney Houston.

for the love, tears, hugs, disagreements, frustrations, and advice.

I love you, Happy Mother's Day!!

{I'm everything I ammmamamammmmm, because yooooooooooooouuuuu lovvveed me oohoohoooooooooooooo}

{end song}

Sunday, May 2, 2010

that remax balloon is a real friend getter

Driving home Friday I got stopped by a train. Every time I take this dern route I get stopped. And because I'm brilliant, I always justify going that route again because THIS TIME I won't get stopped. Well, whattaya know.

Anyway. Not the purpose of the story.

Sitting behind a long line of other unfortunate commuters I peek back at my babe in the backseat. She turns to look out the window and the legs start kicking and she smiles her big "am thuh cutesssttt wuuuuun" grin and does her suck in her breath excited squeal. Usually she saves those- I'm going nuts because I'm a chubby baby- routine for when she sees her favorites. You know mom, dad, glow worm, powercords, bottle. I was puzzled as to who or what she was smiling at so I peeked out the window to see what it was.

IT WAS A HUGE BILLBOARD OF A REALTOR!!! Right in her view. That Remax realtor was smiling right at her. Apparently she made a new friend. Could be useful when we sell our house. :)