Wednesday, May 26, 2010

crawling, crawling.

and now she's CRAWLING crawling. Yes, there is a difference. Before she was scooting crawling. Then she was army crawling. After that she combo'd the scooting and crawling so that it looked my trying to do the worm intoxicated. NOW, she's crawling crawling. Knees. Arms.

Currently she's "under the table and clapping" <---yes, that was a bad attempt at a Dave Matthews play on words.

It's a little funny, right?

p.s. I'm not trying to brag or talk about my daughter too much. I really hope no one takes my recent posts that way. I promise I'm trying not to fall into the "well, my little one started doing *fill in the blank* at this age" game/comparisons. Seriously, I'm just documenting it for fun. I know kids do things at different ages and stages. I still don't know all my math facts and my daughter currently thinks our kitchen table leg is her dinner. Which is ironic that she is trying to eat wood, since it's rather hard for her considering she's 8 months old with ZERO teeth. We have a lot of work to do....

:) Still friends?


  1. aww yay! and no you dont sound like a bragging mom! I try not to be that way either!!!

  2. you don't sound like a bragging mama at all, you are a proud mama that is ok! Hey shoot me an email and let me know when we can meet up I would really love to borrow that. Midline comes out tomorrow so I will be a fully functioning human being again after 3:00 p.m.!!!

  3. You should brag!!! That's all we moms have right? Our little ones to brag about?!? :) There is a difference between being a proud momma and annoying are not that!

  4. You get to brag love its your blog :)