Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slow down, sister

I can't handle this.

Lilly....SLOW DOWN!!! Stop with this speeding on to the next big thang bizznass. It's unreal. Ohh, about a week and a half ago, I was looking at our adorable non-mobile girl thinking " Dang, she's so cute. Wonder when she'll start scootin?" I didn't think it would be the NEXT FLIPPIN DAY!

So I did what any rational mother would do.... "Grabbbb tha cameraaaaa!!!!!!!! Quiiiiiiiiiiiick! Before she stooopppppzzzzzzz!" hahahhahah that's a funny word. stop. stop? right. hilarious. kinda like the word NO at our house right now.

I was puffing out my chest and beaming with pride at my little army crawling fool. I captured it on video for all to see. I was planning on uploading this last week when I had some time. Because I know EVERYONE wants to see tha ahhmazzing Lilly crawl like she doesn't have legs {right?}. I needed time for this because for some reason I'm a video uploading nin-com-poop. It takes me at least 45 minutes to figure it out. I feel like a granny with a computer..."Now you do whaaaa? with the black cordy thingy??"

Slow down, baby. You're moving too fast. I haven't baby proofed my house yet. There is danger and clutter lurking everywhere that you'll fall in love with!

Things to do this weekend:

*vacuum more

*put a bottle of carpet cleaner in every room ( girlfriend STILL spits up like it's cool)

*make a note of NOT just throwing bobby pins on the floor when I take them out for the night ( bad, I know)

*try to keep my baby from killing herself

*work on the whole "No" thing

{Lillers and I on mother's day. Obsessed. }


  1. Cah-UTE headband, girl!!! (You & Lils both!)

  2. Aw, so fun!! Addison is RIGHT behind Lils... she's up on all fours and bouncing forward and backward and tonight she went from reclined in the tub to sitting up!! GAH! She rolls like a madwoman and now that we'll be crawling in some form or another I need to get my butt to the store and buy some baby proofing stuff... I just realized that there are cords EVERYWHERE in this house and Addison wants to chew on them all...

    And I got another polka dotted outfit at Costco today. Hu-rah. =]

  3. Good job Lily!!! love love love the picture!!! so cute!

  4. Oh my goodness! That is so cute! She's going to get rug burn on her belly! haha! We stayed at the Marriot in We would love to go back!

  5. She is precious!! Watch out, before you know she will be walking to you! Love that picture of you and her, so stinkin cute!!

  6. I throw bobby pins on the floor all the time. Im so is too presh crawling yay lilly!!!