Monday, May 10, 2010

casa dreaming

Dream house. hmmm.......

I really like our house right now. It's our first HOME. However, there are some things I've been dreaming and scheming about for our next house. Taking into consideration we bought a TWO bedroom ranch...we will be outgrowing our house sooner than expected. Back in 2007 when we bought the house we were on the " we are most definitely waiting at LEAST 5 years before kids plan" Then this little booger showed up. Stinker.

I'm typing this post in our "office" known to others as the recliner by the front door. Nice. Right?

NON- NEGOTIABLE for the next house--therefore making my dreams come true.

WHITE trim, at least 3 bedrooms, open floor plan, NO VINYL FLOORING, fireplace, wood flooring, basement, white kitchen cabinets, and LOTS of windows for natural light. Until then....I've got my mind set on making my living room resemble these lovely pictures from DecoFabulous' home tour

::sigh::: Gorg.


  1. You have great taste. I love lots of windows I think its my obsession with natural light :) Great plan for a house lady!

  2. Great choices! And your daughter is beautiful! :-)

  3. I love that pic of Lilly! And I am dying to have white cabinets too! Im tempted to paint mine but it seems like a ton of work!!!

  4. LOVE the 3rd picture. You should totally paint your cabinets!

  5. Love the windows!! Great pictures and your daughter is such a cutie!