Thursday, July 28, 2011

learning to rest

I struggle with stress and fear--or the scary word of anxiety.

It's not healthy--but it's not uncommon
--especially in women.(me!) with small children (me!) who are passionate--read emotion-led (meeee!)
Are any of you gals with me on this?

I've chosen this life--it's mine. it's blessed. it's enjoyable. 

Since I'm 28, and therefore wise {wink}, I've learned to acknowledge my anxiety and not to ignore it.
My anxiety is thenproduct of not trusting in the  Lord.  Often the Lord is telling me something--and lately I feel like he is teaching me to REST.

I'm learning to trust instead of strive.

I'm learning to enjoy rather than push so hard.

I'm learning to focus on the moment instead of results.

 I'm contemplating  going "ready to ship" in my shop for a a while until I can get through the beginning of school ( hellloooo new grade level!!), and my first big show ( end of sept--two day sale--whomp!) and Lilly turning two.

What this means--
I'll post and list accessories that I have made and are READY to HOP out the door next day.  There will only be one and, for the time being, I won't be doing duplicate orders. When they are gone--they are gone.

I'm thinking this will only be temporary while I am gearing up for busy fall--and learning to trust God more and to REST. Going full speed ahead is really fun--until you hit the wall. or in my case worry and stress out about hitting the wall---and then hit the wall. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

fall color report----to cool you off!

 So it's flippin HOT where I live. Like--too hot for the pool hot.  Too hot to want to wear clothes hot. I wanna shave my head and put ice cubes in my shirt hot. BUT--pantone, my pretty color friends--are thinking fall.

Since it's HOT (did I emphasis this enough?), I'm okay with thinking about fall for time being. They released the color report to tell us what colors we're going to love--they're always right. I'm still seeing honeysuckle ( color of the year) poppin up all over the place.  :)

I'm crushing on bamboo and orchid hush...baddddd.
What about you?  If you had to vote for the //it// color for fall, what would you choose?

Friday, July 22, 2011

trends to try {glitter nails}

I am trendy.

subtract elementary teacher
subtract mom of a toddler
subtract living in a 'burb
subtract being a  little soft and cushy in the middle,legs, and arms
subtract being almost thirty
subtract being on a tight budget


I am quasi-trendy.

I love fashion. I love styling. I love color.  I love being semi-daring with my clothing. I love my style. but I'm not breaking any rules and rocking the world with my choices.

I'm somewhere between mom jeans

Aren't we all?
I'm not going to be on cutting edge of fashion; But I try to make myself feel pretty everyday. Sometimes I believe it, sometimes I fake it. :) 
Trends are fun to try and easy to adapt to your own personal style.
Even for the diaper bag haulin mommas.

I'm going to try and embrace some trends.  I'm going to try and make them work for my lifestyle.
Try them with me?

The first trend that I've been wanting to try is glittery nails. I love the sparkle. I'm really enjoying muted pastels and nude shades and was super excited to try this trend out. How FUN!!
you can find the images and web links  via laura gambrel on pinterest :)

I really liked the idea of doing glitter on only one nail on each hand. I feel like it's more of my style and a little fun and spunk among classic and pretty--like me. heee.

I followed this tutorial pretty much as written.

it's not perfect; but i'm hardly a perfectionist. and i. love. this.

Wearing this around the house for a few bit got me thinking about how my fun summer is almost FUN OVER. How could I adapt this to a more school/work appropriate shade?

I kept playing. Took a lot more pictures. Made some more fun combos using the aquamarine and gold glitter.
and then my kitchen started looking like a
Ke$ha music video.

I've only been glitterfied for an afternoon, but I'm loving this.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!
Go **accidentally** buy some glitter and have fun!

linking up with my friend Jessica. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

new design {limited edition}

I have fun  new design to show you tonight. Whoomp! I love it and have been wearing my sample pretty much everyday--even in my family pictures.

I found this gorgeous scarf and the creative bug told me that it was not meant to be a scarf---but a fabulous brooch/hairclip/ headband (don't cha just love that little creative voice?I just love when he shows up!)
What a gorgeous floral pattern, right?
 reds,corals,deep purples, olive greens, mustard yellows

perfect for the indian summer season
great for those nights you'd love a pretty accessory to add the finishing touch
It comes with a bar pin and alligator clip attatched to the backing.
It also comes with a skinny metal  headband  that can be used when clipping the flower to it.
I've worn it all three ways....this week. :)

This design is special---only a few lucky ladies will get to have one.
I only have enough of this gorgeous fabric to  make a few.
When it's gone---it's gone.

**just listed in the shop**
It's almost deserve it.  ;)
layered with a burlap brooch
///sneak peek///

Friday, July 15, 2011

identity crisis.

So this blog and I? We've been having issues. 

Am I a  handmade shop blog?
Am I a mommy blog?
Am I  nuts?
Am I doing this all wrong?

My answer to all ?   uhh.....YES and no.

You see, I have a handmade shop and here is where I blog about new products, sales, giveaways, inspiration, etc.  I enjoy creating, sharing, and growing my business.  I  have big dreams for lillypie. However, lillypie is only a small fraction of my daily  life. 

a new necklace--available soon!

A large slice of my life is my family. Lilly is 12 kinds of hilarious right now and I just love writing about our adventures with my toddler-esque ways of parenting ( think meltdowns, tantrums, and naps....).

2011 Christmas Card Perhaps?

And then there is another portion of my life that remains mostly  hidden from this blog--my career as a teacher and my faith.

So while pondering  this blog I've made a decision. Why would I segregate part of myself out of my content expression when it’s such an integral part of how I do my work and live my life? I don't compartmentalize my life and my work .  My life's work encompasses all that I do.

This isn't a handmade blog.
This isn't a mommy blog.
This isn't a teaching blog.
I'm not doing this all wrong.

. Lillypie is ME.  and I'm different everyday. 

Have a wonderful {sunshine-filled} weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

giveaway winners {womp!}

First of all, THANK YOU!!  So happy with how the giveaway went. Happy. Happy. Happy. I appreciate all your support and well wishes. I read EACH and EVERY comment and enjoyed the fun introductions and quirky facts. You guys are A LOT more interesting than me. ;)

Thank you for helping me celebrate! Aren't the shops and  ladies behind them amazing?! Thank you for supporting them!!! Christmas will be here before you know it, maybe remember them when shopping? Did I just say Christmas? Whaat?

Now for the winners.  

The winner of the 10 shop giveaway grand prize is

Jessica@ Cotten Tale


and the winner of the $100 lillypie shop credit is

Sarah@ Everyday Easy

Is this your name? Did  you click on the link  and realize you were at your. own. blog?

Email me soon! cursivelaura{at}gmail{dot}com
REALLY soon! If I don't hear from you in 48 hours I'm picking a new winner. Rules is rules.

Congratulations ladies. You have a lot of gals reallllly jealous of you. and secretly hoping you don't check this blog  before 48 hours.

" haterz"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY {{haaaauuuggeeeee}}

 Oh my goodness. TODAY IS THE DAY!! I don't know about you, but ever since these adorable shops started agreeing to do this group giveaway I've just been giddy about it--and I can't even win! Bum!

Thank you for hanging out with me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for the comments! I just love them and appreciate you taking your time to write me a little note. So sweet! This giveaway is for all you lillypie lovers out there. THANK YOU for allowing me to succeed and dream and be me! Okay enough  of the sentiments--time to celebrate!!

This giveaway is open to my public followers of this blog.  Why is that? Well, by clicking the google friend connect "follow" button over to your right, you are showing lillypie your support. Supporters = friends and friends = a reason to celebrate! Basically, because you make me feel loved. :) Awww shucks.

One lucky lady will win ALL of this handmade goodness.

Here we go!

 First up, my dear friends Kelsey and Brodi of Tag...You're it.  They sell adorable hand stamped jewelry and I wear mine EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I {might} never take it off.


Jessica of JessicaNDesigns is super woman. The girl makes beautiful jewelry ALONG with various garden and home decor items. She has three adorable children and writes a pretty kick butt blog. SUPER WOMAN.
"The place you call home says a lot about you, make sure it says the right thing." Amen sister. Alissa, makes adorable and classic wreaths to decorate your home. She's an amazing woman with IMPECCABLE style that oozes out of her like hot fudge. ;) mmmmm..... and her wreaths are adorable too.
How can you not be inspired living in Hawaii? Lindsay of Aisle to Aloha Studio takes and makes gorgeous pictures. I love her use of color! You can really see her love for all things beachy in her paintings. Having one of these beauties hanging on your wall is sure to bring endless smiles.

Next up is Jessi--a fellow Hoosier--of Two Seaside Babes. Jessi crochets adorable hats, beanies, headbands, and accessories for baby, children, and adults. Lilly wore one of her buckle beanies all winter long--it kept her warm and adorable. What a great photography prop for you mom's with itty bitties!

Maria, is a girl that you see and think DANG IT, she's gorgeous. Because she is, and not just on the outside, she's extremely sweet and very creative. She is the gal behind M.T. Designs and has been designing jewelry for years. She makes one of a kind pieces that will sustain seasons and trends. Gorgeous girl. Gorgeous jewelry.

I've always wanted to be a California girl. Lindsay let's me live out my California dreams through her blog. I have enjoyed getting to know her the past few years and we both have little toddler divas who we are sure would become fast friends--given the 900 mile difference in location.

Nicole,of the Lovely Poppy makes a plethora of pretty things--camera strap covers, posie necklaces, brooches, pins, on and on and on!! She sports them well, doesn't she?!

Amber of Starfish Jewelry Designs makes keepsake jewelry. You know the kind that is near and dear to your heart because it's made JUST. FOR. YOU. I love that about all her designs. I recently won a giveaway on her blog and I am over the moon happy with my new necklace.

I met Amy during the phenomenal swag swap earlier this spring. She's so much fun and all of her goodies in her shop, Come and  Knock , reflect her love of life and vibrant personality. How cute is the brooch pictured below?

Someone ELSE will win some goodies from ME!
That's right! $100 smackaroos!!

So let's recap shall we?
One lucky follower will win all swag from the ten FABULOUS shops


A DIFFERENT follower will win $100 shop credit to go shopping at lillypie


To enter:
Become a public follower of my blog and say hello if you are new!
To all my faithful friends, just tell me something about yourself so I can get to know YOU better!

Looking for extra entries?
Go support the lovely ladies and their lovely heart felt shops--make sure to tell them hello!
{click on links below}
or scroll up...doesn't matter to me.

Leave separate comments for each entry. mmkay? thanks!

M.T. Designs Facebook ( she's only a few away from a giveaway of her own!)

Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 12th @ midnight {et}


Sunday, July 3, 2011

OOPS!! Accidentally hit publish instead of save! Giveaway day is on Wednesday. Sorry bout that!! I'm just soooo excited!!! a;lskdnavieapweanlweailunlkkjsdafdlyyry!!!!! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

after the fireworks.
and annoying popper things.
and jello cake decorated like a flag.
and the burgers.
and the sparklers.
and the fun times.

COME ON BACK and CELEBRATE with ME. Big THANGS going on here.