Thursday, July 21, 2011

new design {limited edition}

I have fun  new design to show you tonight. Whoomp! I love it and have been wearing my sample pretty much everyday--even in my family pictures.

I found this gorgeous scarf and the creative bug told me that it was not meant to be a scarf---but a fabulous brooch/hairclip/ headband (don't cha just love that little creative voice?I just love when he shows up!)
What a gorgeous floral pattern, right?
 reds,corals,deep purples, olive greens, mustard yellows

perfect for the indian summer season
great for those nights you'd love a pretty accessory to add the finishing touch
It comes with a bar pin and alligator clip attatched to the backing.
It also comes with a skinny metal  headband  that can be used when clipping the flower to it.
I've worn it all three ways....this week. :)

This design is special---only a few lucky ladies will get to have one.
I only have enough of this gorgeous fabric to  make a few.
When it's gone---it's gone.

**just listed in the shop**
It's almost deserve it.  ;)
layered with a burlap brooch
///sneak peek///


  1. Laura, those are gorgeous!! I'm a HUGE fan of scarves, but I am glad you transformed it because those lovies turned out great! That picture of you and your little sweetie is adorable! Thanks for sharing!


  2. You are so pretty! :) LOVE the new design!

  3. This is gorgeous! Love that you can wear it so many ways. :)

  4. SO pretty, and I missed it! Boo! Let me know if another sneaks up!