Friday, July 15, 2011

identity crisis.

So this blog and I? We've been having issues. 

Am I a  handmade shop blog?
Am I a mommy blog?
Am I  nuts?
Am I doing this all wrong?

My answer to all ?   uhh.....YES and no.

You see, I have a handmade shop and here is where I blog about new products, sales, giveaways, inspiration, etc.  I enjoy creating, sharing, and growing my business.  I  have big dreams for lillypie. However, lillypie is only a small fraction of my daily  life. 

a new necklace--available soon!

A large slice of my life is my family. Lilly is 12 kinds of hilarious right now and I just love writing about our adventures with my toddler-esque ways of parenting ( think meltdowns, tantrums, and naps....).

2011 Christmas Card Perhaps?

And then there is another portion of my life that remains mostly  hidden from this blog--my career as a teacher and my faith.

So while pondering  this blog I've made a decision. Why would I segregate part of myself out of my content expression when it’s such an integral part of how I do my work and live my life? I don't compartmentalize my life and my work .  My life's work encompasses all that I do.

This isn't a handmade blog.
This isn't a mommy blog.
This isn't a teaching blog.
I'm not doing this all wrong.

. Lillypie is ME.  and I'm different everyday. 

Have a wonderful {sunshine-filled} weekend!


  1. I have this SAME issue with my blog! Good to hear that others struggle with the same issues. :)

  2. So right!! I love hearing about all parts of your life and seeing crazy pictures such as that one of your spunky Lilly (it is so fun! Lydia is there right now too) They would have so much fun together.

  3. I agree girl. Some days its hard to decide. Follow your will never steer your wrong!

  4. I love hearing about all parts of people's lives no matter what "Type" of blogger they are! It just shows us even more how special of a person you are!