Sunday, February 26, 2012

little babe ((20 weeks))

oh hai. :)

So it's been a bit  and I thought I'd pop in for a little update! Things are chug-a-lugging along here in my corner of the world.  This month has been a wonderful month and here are some quick highlights.

1.  Baby is growing healthy and loves camping out on my sciatic nerve or SI joint which means time usually spent blogging is now a date with my heating pad. ;)

2. We started Financial Peace University and it's really changing my life. in a good way!

3. I've been doing lots of lillypie dreaming. There are some big changes coming this spring that I'm excited about.

HIGH: Purchasing new maternity clothes! Any reason to shop at all is fun for me, but after reading Little Twig's No Brainer Wardrobe, I've really enjoyed adding to my maternity collection.  I've had few instances of a closet explosion and cursings of "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAAAAAAARRRRRRR WAHHHHHHH"" this pregnancy. I'm really trying to be cost, season, and style effective with my purchases.

LOW: Baby is quite literally getting on my nerves. Lots of back pain and unfortunately lots of complaining....which had led to lots of ice cream.

WOAH: I'm half way done and that in and of itself is CRAZY to me.  Perhaps it's the two year old running circles around me, or my busy work day , or the lack of 2nd trimester energy, or the fact that I'm much happier this go around but goodness gracious this little one will be here soon. Woah.


  1. you are such a pretty pregnant lady :)

  2. Still stylish as ever. You look beautiful girl!

  3. you look so great! i would love an excuse to go shopping ;P

  4. You look cute! Oh, the SI joint, what a pain! If you can do some core strengthening (very mild of course) that may help it stay in place. It's a bummer, I know!