Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a lovely locket ((february exclusive))

My grandma gave me a heart shaped locket when I was seven with a picture of my parents in it. It was  my first "real gold" and was the most expensive thing I owned until I lost it when I was eight....

I remember that locket because it was special to me. I opened and closed that thing until my fingers hurt. I even remember my second grade teacher, Mrs. Reed, announcing to the class that " Whomever is making the clicking noise repeatedly needs to stop". I was caught and my clicking locket was to blame. I think I was red with embarrassment until recess. Of course it was my PARENT'S fault because I was looking at their pictures.

Anyway enough stories--I stumbled upon a handful of gorgeous vintage lockets back in December and snatched them up. I've been holding onto them until now and I'm so excited to share them with you. Here's why I've held onto them.

February=Valentine's Day= Love= Jewelry= Lockets= looking at those you love all day= Awwww = Valentine's Day = February

Makes sense right?

I  have a  ((very)) limited number of these lockets available during February. What a great gift for or from someone you love! I added vintage moonstone and turquoise charms to accent the oval locket. I also tied some mulberry satin ribbon to add a pop of color and variant texture. Charms can be added or removed according to your taste.

Dainty. Vintage. Romantic. Darling. :)

I love the locket layered with other shorter necklaces. I placed it over one of my new necklaces from my heart strings collection in this photo.

I was only able to get my hands on a limited amount of these lockets. Don't wait too long or they'll be gone!

Ready to shop?! Here's a link!

**but my valentine doesn't read your blog!!! or know you exist!!! Go to etsy. Heart it. Email the link. and politely tell him that flowers die and you'd rather wear his handsome face around  your neck anyway. ;) it for yourself. February= love. Even if it's self love. ((wink))


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