Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seven Pretty Things ((on sunday))

Gussy does this every week and I just looove spending my early sunday morning before church sipping coffee ((decaf these days...)) and looking at pretty little things. I looovvee her series that she's done for a while now, so I thought I join the fun.  Seven pretty things on a  Sunday. Because I enjoy looking at pretty things and I'm betting you do too. :) Happy Sunday, ladies!

~old old old antho necklace--wish I could get my hands on it. alas.
~prettiest little mug I've seen in a long while.
~a GREAT DIY idea from pinterest. Maps ((where you met)) ((where you were married)) ((where you honemooned))
~necklace from my friends at Tag...You're It. they just launched their new mixed metals line and I love it.

~ ombre everything. instantly fell in love this this dresser. i have plans to create my own version for baby #2.
~such a great reminder and a pretty print from Naptime Diaries

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tantrums in Church ((learning to draw near))

((deep breaths))

Watching my darling sweet toddler have a full blown meltdown in the foyer at church on Sunday surrounded by strangers, friends, and everyone in between I realized two things.

The first being that this little one could very well have a career in the dramatic arts. Girl can turn. it. on.

The second being that there is no way that I can do this on my own. Or even that Scott and I could do this on our own. We are hopeless as parents. Hopeless in the fact that despite all the "gut feelings", reading, Super Nanny watching, crying to my parents, asking advice from others--we'll never get it perfectly right.

I know, I'm being a real downer right now!I can go there real fast. :) But stick with me....

What I've known for a while yet not really committed to the idea is that despite all our love and good intentions--there is no way to perfectly parent a toddler. I'm convinced it's impossible. Just like getting her to put her pants on in the morning without a chase or two around the bed.

This week I've been taking the "i'm going to test your boundaries two's" way too personally.  I was allowing myself to think that I was the reason she was testing me. I should've done something different. I let this happen. She was laying on the floor showing her messy cry in the house of the Lord--on the sabbath because of me.

How am I going to survive living like that?!

I struggled with PPA after Lilly's birth and it was like a twinge of that nasty self-hate voice was back whispering in my ear. and Ohhhhh...heckkkkk NO I'm NOT going back there. So I went to the Lord about that.

Here is what He's teaching me...

Yup, I can't do it alone and I'm not DESIGNED to. No one is.  I was designed with the purpose of RELYING and TRUSTING in Him. I can't do it alone without epic failure. He wants me to come to Him. He wants me to love and trust Him. With those things I WILL be the best mom I can to Lilly.  When I draw nearer to Him rather than relying on my own ways ((which recently is crying and googling)) I still feel overwhelmed--but it's no longer 100% my problem.

We're not designed to handle battles and struggles on our own.   You have  worries. family turmoil. unrest. anxiety. self doubt. messy house. crying infant. demanding work.  or failing relationships. You're not alone. And there's a loving God that doesn't want you to be.

It's a lesson I'm learning.  :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heart Strings ((a NEW mini collection))

I've been a busy bee. I have a new mini-collection of necklaces that I'm giddy for you to see!

My inspiration for my little necklace collection are the imaginary strings that tie you to a person. The feeling that your hearts are connected regardless of your location. The idea that this person fills your heart with so much joy and love that you're tethered together at the heart.  A delicate desire to be near.

Those of you that have been to my shop this week might have seen my new little gems. The whole shop got a little update!

All the designs are  intricate, soft, and whimsical. All stones and pendants are vintage 1970's pieces. The perfect combination of new and old, delicate and strong.

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All pieces ((with the exception of the locket--coming soon!)) are available for hearting, pinning, and purchasing right now in my SHOP (( 

What do you think?

My Adorable Winter Package friends should be REALLY excited because they have one of the brand new designs en route to their house as we speak. ((yaaaayyyy!))

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Swag Swap 2012 ((major discount codes))

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Showing Love ((facebook fest))

Good Evening!!
My facebook fan page is a great way for me to connect with my customers and friends. I've found that I'm able to connect with potential customers in an easy and friendly way through posting sneak peeks, product descriptions, pictures from my photography sponsors, and personal updates. I also really enjoy sharing shops that I find inspiring and I realllllly love meeting other shop owners--because we're all cut from the same crazy. :) I'll go ahead and say it--but I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be lillypie wise. My growth has been slow and there are some months where I wonder *if* I'll ever get to my goal. I get caught up in numbers and find myself comparing and downright coveting other's handmade *success*. It's terrible and actually one of my resolutions for 2012. Love more. Compare less.

In an attempt to love more, I'm joining Nicole from the Lovely Poppy in her 2nd Facebook Fest. It's all about showing facebook *love* to others and helping each other gain new exposure. It's really easy and a great way to find new shops, connect with other handmade girls, and grow. Sign me up, right?

to enter: -link up your facebook page below -”like” the five hosts (this will guarantee new “likes” back from all of us) from your personal account (numbers do not show up from business pages) hosts:
the lovely poppy | little blue feather | lilypie accessories | j & m's eye candy | little miss nerd girl

And hey, if you're really into this idea, you could always pin it on pinterest!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

full {heart, head, and hands}

I'm FULL and it's not because I'm eating for two. I wish this little one would LET me enjoy eating again.

Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! As bloggers and as women it is SO NICE to hear congratulations and happy wishes from others.  I feel like I've got little friends smattered all over the country and my heart is totally full.  

My head is FULL of ideas for new spring line. I'd like to try my hand at more jewelry. I'm really fond of gold, muted pastels, lace (surprise), lockets, quartz gems, and moonstone. I saw an article on moonstone in an  InStyle magazine  article and fell in love. I ordered a gaggle of gems from my online supplier and am waiting for the creative lightning to strike.  I'm thinking my mood board for this collection will revolve around the theme of unconditional love between mother and child. Those invisible strings that BIND us together and tether our hearts. Gears are still turning--I'll be sure to keep ya updated. ;)

 and lastly, my hands are FULL with my toddler. Holy moly---- She goes from smothering me with kisses one minute to challenging my patience to the extreme the next. Maybe it's because she's a girl. Maybe it's because she's MY girl. Oy. She's a free spirit who has an opinion. She's gorgeous and passionate. She's stubborn and headstrong. She hates bedtime.


on a totally unrelated side note---who else is searching for the blog of the crazy bachelor chick from this season. I'm DYING to see her blog since her profession is "blogger". Did you find it?   On another totally related side note--yes, she was a hot mess on national tv....but I've totally felt that way a bunch of times. I could kinda relate to her crazy ramblings and being upset for being upset rantings. Poor thing.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

FOUR {an annoucement}

and my husband says I stink at math....pshh.. ;)

13 weeks and VERRRYYYYY excited!!

It feels SOOOOOOOOOO good to have that secret out.  I SUCK at secrets.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 highlights

Happy New Year friends! I'm spending the day cuddled on the couch with my two favorites eating popcorn with our new air popcorn ( go get one---great entertainment for a toddler and delish fresh popcorn for everyone else) .  We *might* have had some almost every night since the 25th. I would say WHOOPS! but instead I'm gonna say SCORE!

Earlier this week I went back through my year's worth of blog posts. Blogging is great for my business but even more so it's a great way for me to journal my life. It's a lot easier than filling up journals like I did as a younger gal. Back then I locked them up and hid them--now I publish them on the internet. Hmm....

I picked out a few of my favorite posts to highlight today.  These are writings that I enjoyed reading again--perhaps you will too. Or hey, maybe it's your first time! :) Either way, I'm grateful for you because you listen. Whether your a silent supporter or a dear friend I've met along the way. Thanks for reading. I wish you happiness and JOY in 2012.

The Tithe Test--In January I realized that Lillypie was going to be MUCH more than a hobby. It became a source of income for my family this year and I promised to tithe a 10% of my earnings to  the Lord. I wish I could say that I was very consistent in this goal, sadly I did not give with fidelity. Tithing to the Lord from my lillypie money is once again a goal for 2012.  Definitely not perfect.

In February I turned 28 and celebrated by writing out some Laura Truths. My favorite? E News is the only news I watch on a regular basis and I'm okay with that. I know I'm not the only one and no matter how much I say I don't care....I HAVE to know what the Kardashians are up to. :)

In the spring I debuted my first legit collection. Up until this point I had mini-collections of a few pieces but never really dreamed, detailed, constructed, photographed, and advertised an entire 20 piece collection. My first collection was called Pocket full of Posies and I still love most of the items. Pocket full of Posies did amazing things for lillypie and really pushed my business and time management skills!

The Lord created emotions. He created us to feel and be compassionate....and when he created me? He SPARED no expense.  I'm an emotional woman and in this post I write about the things I feel. Emotions are the BEST part of me--and  I have to  remind myself of this often.

I moved into my new studio this year! I wish it was this clean right now. Sadly, it's not. Oy.

I met Leonora, Amy and some other WONDERFULLY talented shop owners during the Swag Swap of 2011. It was and is a GENIUS idea and I'm realllllllly realllllly reallllly looking forward to this year's swap. Lots of swapping for handmade biz owners and KILLER coupon codes for you non-etsy-ers. (wink!)

This summer I slowed down lillypie. I soaked up my time as a stay at home mom for a few months. I still took orders, but slowed down on the production time and this blog started to be more family posts. We went to Nags Head NC with extended family. I adore the memories made and cherish our photos. 

This is a lifestyle blog and I really enjoyed sitting down and writing out lilly's birth story for her 2nd birthday.

I also tried some new trends this year. I love fashion and dressing in a style that is unique and my own. This fall I chose two trends--glitter nails and braided crowns and LOVED them. I'm not sporting glitter nails this winter, but I do braid my bangs at least 3 times a week. Perhaps it's time for a new trend....

I enjoyed reading this next post again mostly because of the amount of pride involved. This year I tried and succeeded at my first major show. It was more work than I ever imagined and it was also a great big ball of fun. I can't wait to try more shows this spring and summer!

I adore my new Logo designed by leonora and look forward to the year ahead, both with lillypie and my family.

Happy New Year, friends!