Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heart Strings ((a NEW mini collection))

I've been a busy bee. I have a new mini-collection of necklaces that I'm giddy for you to see!

My inspiration for my little necklace collection are the imaginary strings that tie you to a person. The feeling that your hearts are connected regardless of your location. The idea that this person fills your heart with so much joy and love that you're tethered together at the heart.  A delicate desire to be near.

Those of you that have been to my shop this week might have seen my new little gems. The whole shop got a little update!

All the designs are  intricate, soft, and whimsical. All stones and pendants are vintage 1970's pieces. The perfect combination of new and old, delicate and strong.

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All pieces ((with the exception of the locket--coming soon!)) are available for hearting, pinning, and purchasing right now in my SHOP (( 

What do you think?

My Adorable Winter Package friends should be REALLY excited because they have one of the brand new designs en route to their house as we speak. ((yaaaayyyy!))

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  1. YOU amaze me! These are GORGEOUS! I am in love!!

  2. LOVE THEM!! Good work as always :)