Tuesday, January 10, 2012

full {heart, head, and hands}

I'm FULL and it's not because I'm eating for two. I wish this little one would LET me enjoy eating again.

Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! As bloggers and as women it is SO NICE to hear congratulations and happy wishes from others.  I feel like I've got little friends smattered all over the country and my heart is totally full.  

My head is FULL of ideas for new spring line. I'd like to try my hand at more jewelry. I'm really fond of gold, muted pastels, lace (surprise), lockets, quartz gems, and moonstone. I saw an article on moonstone in an  InStyle magazine  article and fell in love. I ordered a gaggle of gems from my online supplier and am waiting for the creative lightning to strike.  I'm thinking my mood board for this collection will revolve around the theme of unconditional love between mother and child. Those invisible strings that BIND us together and tether our hearts. Gears are still turning--I'll be sure to keep ya updated. ;)

 and lastly, my hands are FULL with my toddler. Holy moly---- She goes from smothering me with kisses one minute to challenging my patience to the extreme the next. Maybe it's because she's a girl. Maybe it's because she's MY girl. Oy. She's a free spirit who has an opinion. She's gorgeous and passionate. She's stubborn and headstrong. She hates bedtime.


on a totally unrelated side note---who else is searching for the blog of the crazy bachelor chick from this season. I'm DYING to see her blog since her profession is "blogger". Did you find it?   On another totally related side note--yes, she was a hot mess on national tv....but I've totally felt that way a bunch of times. I could kinda relate to her crazy ramblings and being upset for being upset rantings. Poor thing.


  1. SUCH cute pictures of you all! I totally found crazy girl's blog the first night. I will email you the link. It's not even a great "blog". Ours are better :)

  2. Found it: http://theoveranalyst.net/