Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seven Pretty Things ((on sunday))

Gussy does this every week and I just looove spending my early sunday morning before church sipping coffee ((decaf these days...)) and looking at pretty little things. I looovvee her series that she's done for a while now, so I thought I join the fun.  Seven pretty things on a  Sunday. Because I enjoy looking at pretty things and I'm betting you do too. :) Happy Sunday, ladies!

~old old old antho necklace--wish I could get my hands on it. alas.
~prettiest little mug I've seen in a long while.
~a GREAT DIY idea from pinterest. Maps ((where you met)) ((where you were married)) ((where you honemooned))
~necklace from my friends at Tag...You're It. they just launched their new mixed metals line and I love it.

~ ombre everything. instantly fell in love this this dresser. i have plans to create my own version for baby #2.
~such a great reminder and a pretty print from Naptime Diaries


  1. Love it all! Especially that necklace!

  2. Love it all, love that dresser!! I am also planning on doing some more fun and mix matchy things for this next nursery :) how fun that we get to plan together!!

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