Thursday, February 3, 2011

C'mon Get Happpppyyy

 So.. We got a lot of dis stuff this week.

Oh, you did too? NO WAAAAAY!

After being cooped up inside for three days. I've decided, that winter is over. I'm done with it.

You are too? NO WAAAAAY!

While Lilly was napping ,  I browsed my favorite etsy shops and found some lovely things in my favorite color.  Yellow.  Be prepared to get happy.

now...where to find these yellers. :) from top down left to right.
 linen ruffle necklace:pretty things by meg, : yellow vintage frame: nicolesuder:   Nom Mug Cozy by :KnitStorm :  Summer Lovin Camera Strap Cover by Mel[V] Designs  Yellow Pillow by Joom, Yellow Ruffle Flower Necklace by ME! :) How'd that get there? hehe Spring Mix Bobby Pins by The Brass Hussy,  You Are My Sunshine Print by Wheatfield  Slouch Hat by YesJess,  Recycled Wood Sign by OhDier! Ocean Jasper Necklace by MT Designs and the same beauty from Alissa Jacobs. {I really love this clutch}

Visit these lovely shops. and tell them how happy their art has made you.

Raise your hand if you love yellow!
::or maybe leave a comment?::

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  1. I just book marked every one of those etsy shops. Please please please do more posts like this :)

  2. I love that "Shut the Front Door" sign ... I want it!! BADLY!

  3. Okay, this is now the second place I've seen the Shut the Front Door sign. Too cute! I love all your happies!

  4. I love all of this, I might have added a lot of these shops to my favorites on etsy :)

  5. First, love you blog :]
    Second, I need that Shut The Front Door sign! Like absolutely need!
    -Allison Kaye

  6. Hi there! I love your yellow finds! What a fun blog too! New friend via the slumber party! Yay!


    PS - I used to teach 4th grade too, and now stay home with my little man!

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for the comment and follow! It makes me so happy to hear that!

    That said, I love your blog, and I almost dislocated my shoulder to raise my hand to express my love of yellow!!!

    Your daughter is precious and you're cute as a button! Yay new friends!

    (sorry for the abundance of exclamation points, haha)

  8. Hi there~

    I popped over from Knitty Bitties and LOVE YOUR blog. I teach elementary school as weel {PE} so I totally "got" what you were saying on your "about me" page. Love teaching, but needed my outlet!

    Just watned to say HI!


  9. Nice to find your blog! I just ordered from your Etsy shop and no kidding just found 938402 yellow things on Etsy and blogged about it here

    Guess we're ready for spring! Xo

  10. I am loving yellow these days to!

    My next project is this:

  11. aww thanks for the feature laura! i too love yellow (and i too am wayyy over winter!!)

  12. Shut the FRONT DOOR!!! So awesome! I'm happy you found me through Indie. I'm super excited to begin. I think it's going to be brilliant. Love your blog!