Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW...the helland necklace

Happy Monday.
To get you through a case of the moooooooooooondays I'd like you to meet someone.
The newest addition to lillypie!

..the helland necklace..

This necklace is really FOUR accessories in one. FOUR.

::totally justifiable by ANY means::
You're not just buying ONE beautiful's FOUR

{would saying HOLLA right now be tacky? mmmmmmmmmmm?}

This necklace features a 26" silver chain threaded with beautiful  satin ribbon. This necklace does not have a clasp to allow layering on neck or wrist. Attached to the chain is a 3" ruffle flower brooch and hair pin. The flower is made of layers of baby silk that is cut, bunched, and layered to create a delicate and whimsical flower. The flower has a intricate center of pearls and violet czech glass beads.
let my beautiful friend Alissa show ya how to ROCK it. :)
 ....As a layered necklace with flower attached to chain asymmetrically

...As a simple silver chain with ribbon detail

.... As a hair pin  ::okay, this one is me...::

... As a brooch --attatched to a cardigan, shirt, scarf, or purse

The fun spring accessory, no?

isn't alissa soooo pretty?!?  she makes lillypie look gooooooood.  


  1. I love your items in your shop. I'm such a girly girl so this is perfect for me! I saw your giveaway on Jessica Designs and I'm hoping for a big fat WIN! I am also a follower!

  2. Lovely designs - you are super talented :)

  3. Gorgeous necklace! So feminine and pretty, I love it!