Wednesday, March 2, 2011

no need for a mood ring

"You wear your heart on your sleeve"

Yup--and I wear my mood on my sleeve. Quite literally.

Yesterday morning I woke up, walked wearily to my closet and thought.
"Today is going to be a good day, I'm going to wear my hot pink  Allora necklace."

happy necklace=happy laura
all day.
Well...minus a few teaching mishaps. You'll have that.

Other mornings, I drag myself to the closet and pull out the dullest and least wrinkled black/grey outfit.
Sometimes I like BRIGHT. BOLD. BEAUTIFUL colors.

Other times  I'm drawn to muted romantic pigments.

I believe that color creates moods. intensifies emotions. and drives creativity.

and in my case....allows me to be a walking mood ring.  :)

Every week/day/hour I'm inspired by a different color!  And this week-- I'm a rainbow of colors. Yesterday I was HOT PINK.
Here are some lovely items that sparked my interest and made me smile this week.
I hope they make you smile too.

What color did you wear today? Did it reflect your mood?

Linking up with Krystina again this week. :)


  1. I love all the etsy finds! I am wearing neutral colors today but I am feeling pink! It looks like Lilly Pulitzer exploded all over my desk at work :) Hello, Spring!

  2. hmmm....brown and black. but i'm in a great mood! for real! i think it's the rain outside...these colors seem cozy. :) happy wednesday! {the "woot" necklace is a...woot!}

  3. oh, i wish i had an allora handmade necklace. really! i need one in turquoise.

    and, the be kind print is also super cute. i think that lindsey from the pleated poppy bought one for her house! i fell in love with it then!

  4. i am so in love with giant dwarf right now! love her pieces. and love all your other etsy picks. my fav colors right now are jewel tones! happy wednesday! x0x0

  5. i think my mood is more reflected by the comfort of my clothes...rather than the color. if i'm feeling tired, lazy or run-down, comfy clothes it is. if i'm feeling sexy and confident, cute dress and high-heeled boots : )

    great blog! i'm your newest follower. glad i found you.


    ps i'm hosting an earring giveaway over at my blog

  6. i wore my mustard colored allora necklace:)))) the pink looks great on you. i rarely ever wear pink. i think i have one pink shirt in my closet. it's mostly grey, black and cream with some green. i love green!
    love your etsy finds!

  7. love all of your etsy finds. i have been into the mustard yellow color myself lately. thanks for dropping by the other day. i appreciate that. have a lovelee weekend!