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...Adoption... Fundraiser and Guest Post

God uses us in amazing ways.
He opens doors. He brings light on unknown situations and is just all around AWESOME. Can I get an AMEN? I want you to meet my friend Allison. Allison  is one of the many amazing women I know through blogging.

Check out her adorable family. Oh goodness! Is that a lillypie I spy on that presh head?! :)
I love her and she is very inspiring.

Allison and her family above. Adorbs.
Hello, Lillypie readers! My name is Allison from Life with Lydia and Our Journey to One Less. I am so grateful to Laura for giving me the opportunity to use her blog as an outlet to share a little about our adoption journey and how you can help us through purchasing Lillypie Accessories this weekend.

First of all, a little background on me and my little family. I am almost 26, married to an amazing man for 3 years this June, we have a beautiful daughter who turns 1 in May, 3 fur babies and now we are on the road to bring home our next child through international adoption from Ethiopia.

I can’t quite explain the calling for our family to adopt except that it’s exactly that, a calling, it was through completely opening up my heart and saying God I am listening, how do you want to use me to further your Kingdom here on Earth. Through opening my heart He broke it, He broke my heart that had already been transformed since becoming a new mom. He broke my heart for those babies, just like my precious Lydia, who do not have a family to call their own. They do not have a mom or dad to look at them and say you are mine.

Wow… break my heart into a gazillion pieces and stomp on it.

Why Ethiopia?

For us, to be honest, it was a program that we already qualified for at our age and income. The more we looked into it though it was clear that this is where we belonged; this was where God was pulling us. The statistics are staggering, the pictures and stories even more so. Here are a few that hit me the hardest, but you can check out a video on my blog that goes into more detail on Why Ethiopia?

*One in ten children die before their first birthday

* Malnutrition levels are among the highest in the world.

* Ethiopia is home to 4-6 million orphans alone (it is slightly less than twice the size ofTexas)

Adoption is not cheap, there is a lot of waiting, a lot of paperwork and a lot of unknowns but we are ready to completely trust God and put this in His hands. It is all about Him, it is all about following his call for our life and our God is a God who provides; that is what I put my comfort in. He is already opening so many doors and one of those doors is through Laura and Lillypie Accessories.

Laura has such a good heart and one that loves the Lord and she is so unselfishly helping us by giving the proceeds from sales this weekend to our adoption fund. I could not help but cry tears of joy when I got a voicemail from her with her ideas of how she could help us. God rocks, in case you didn’t know already.

 Laura and I went to High School together but are different ages, her brother was my age and I have known him since preschool, but blogging completely reintroduced us and now my old acquaintance is a good friend!

Thank you for visiting and learning about our adoption and how you can help out this weekend, you can follow our journey at Life with Lydia and Our Journey to One Less!


Inspiring. Thank you Allison for sharing your journey and heart with us!

Proceeds from ANY and ALL purchases made this weekend
from lillypie will go to Allison and her family to help them bring home their baby.

Would you consider helping this family save a child?

Questions? Want more info? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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